Hello all. My name is Alyson and I am new to this site so if this question has been asked before, please forgive me, but I still welcome any insight you may provide.

My question is how to quiet my third eye? Let me explain what i mean by that. I beleive that all things have mass. Perharps technology has not yet discovered the tools to quantify this (although they are getting closer--check out Noetic science if your interested) This being said, I truly believe that our thoughts have mass. This is how we are able to be connected to others thoughts and feelings on a spiritual and for those proof seekers out there, a quantum level. So if thoughts have mass then they too have power to add to the spiritual well being of the universe, much like the the power of words.

Here is my issue, although I work dillegently at positive speak (interall and externally) I find that my thoughts just wont stop. Like constant noise and it just wont shut up!To add to this, I feel that because I have yet to master leading with my heart my chatter is "loud" and so many can Hear" it as its my third eye that is the most dominant chakra with in me. I meditate daily and am constantly working to tranfer my main "communicaion portal" to my heart, but Ive hit a wall.

Any ideas or similar stories out there that can help or set my on a different path. I would like to apologize in advance if this post is not the most clear and concise. This is an emotional issue for me. Thanks in advance

Love and light to all, Alyson

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Okay Alyson forgive me, but I'm not too sure I can see the quandary contained within your question.

For most, the "third eye chakra" is one they would love to open or expand, because it generally sees the bigger picture... so I'm not too sure I understand why you want to "quiet" it.? I would think anything coming through the third eye would be coming from a higher state of consciousness and could only enhance what wants to come forth from the heart chakra.

I realize that this isn't much of an answer, and maybe somebody out there can enlighten us both on this one.

One thing I omitted is that I was under the impression that our thoughts ( or monkey chatter ) come through our mind and not through the third eye... possibly you have a little confusion going on ??:)


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I apologize if my post was a bit unclear, but its not whats coming "in" my third eye that is my problem. Its what I put out there that concerns me. Almost like noise pollution only its thought pollution. Here is the thing about our thoughst coming from our mind. This is true but what I believe (and have "proved" at least to myself through experiments with my very patient friends) is that our thoughts ARE effected by the thoughts of others. like the example of you think of an old freind and then they call you out of the blue. You effected her thoughts. I want to minimize my thought footprint.

(10 Jul '11, 23:37) Alyson

Alyson...please don't believe that anyone , other than you, is responsible for the thoughts that come into your consciousness - if your friend called you then there's a reason for it :)

(11 Jul '11, 00:30) Michaela

I do believe it and in my emperical experience know it to be true.The billion dollar advertising industry is based on this fact. If the mood ever strikes you try it for yourself. The next time your with a freind or love one take a few minutes to focus your thoughts on a color, or animal or food. Then ask whomever you are with to say the first color, food or animal that comes into there head. See if the answer is the same this as what you have been focusing your thoughts on. Try it a few times let me know what you find. Also if you have some time research the Ganzfeld experiments.

(11 Jul '11, 03:20) Alyson

I think you're on to something Michaela. Check this page about chakras out http://www.threeheartscompany.com/chakra.html :)

(11 Jul '11, 10:53) Eddie

I know its may seem that I wont let this be but I am still thinking about it, pun not intended. Micheala, everything is inter-connected, and yes that means even our thoughts. If you have some time look up Masaru Emoto's work on the effects of consciousness and thoughts on water. If thoughts can have a tangible effect on water, it can have an effect on us. Peace

(13 Jul '11, 01:00) Alyson

@Eddie,thanks for the link.@Alyson I do understand where your coming from regarding the interconnectedness, but we always have a choice which thoughts we 'allow' to become part of our consciousness. I have looked at Emoto's work and I'm in full agreement of the 'effects' that thoughts have, I wasn't disputing that fact at all :))

(15 Jul '11, 01:25) Michaela
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I recommend reading Robert bruces books 'new energy ways' or 'energy work' which are all about developing the energy body and chakras. He does mention that developing the higher chakras or storage centres first a very unwise practise that causes an imbalance in the energy body which leads to emotional and psychical problems. The easiest way to quiet your mind is awareness belly breathing which can be done anywhere. Just breathe a little deeper from the stomach and focus on the rise and fall of the stomach.when your mind wanders bring it back to your breathing.there are a lot of different methods but I've find this to be the easiest.:)


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Thanks for the recommendation. I have actually heard that before and a close friend of mine who is a massage therapist often councels me (and her clients)in a similar fashion as you did. The hard part is fighting through when the monkey mind gets going. I will look into the book and get back to you on if it helps

(11 Jul '11, 00:06) Alyson

Try short direct affirmations like 'I choose not to think about that now' or 'my mind is calm and peaceful'. Sounds like your getting frustrated by it. This only makes it worse.try relaxing and accepting it first.:)

(11 Jul '11, 06:32) Satori

Good advice. The more aware you become, the more you exist in the present moment. Then your thoughts will slow right down = peace :)

(11 Jul '11, 10:55) Eddie

Yes the more you do this exercise the more you will be able to catch yourself lost in thought so your able to bring yourself back to the present moment:) peace:)

(12 Jul '11, 11:24) Satori
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well alison meditate experiance and enjoy. i know you find what i have wrote short and not helping but yes that is what you need to do to master yourself. if you start to walk and fall you don't like falling so eventually you will need to practice well experiance and enjoy.


answered 11 Jul '11, 03:23

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white tiger

I noticed that in my case falling in love helps immensely. The strain is taken off the head and the third eye, to be transformed into this sensation in my lower stomach, second chakra.


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When it comes to mind training, it is famously quoted that the mind if like a drunken monkey, swinging from thought to thought. Your problem is shared amongst every person, even the enlightened. The key is more meditation practise; not necessarily long sessions, but rather, short, more frequent sessions you can keep up for a lifetime. It is better to practise for 3 sessions of 10 minutes rather than one session of 30.

As said, you are not a unique snowflake with this 'problem.' Monks are not born monks- they all begin with drunken monkey minds. And guess what? They, you, I, we, all have the same style of mind wandering issues- it is the nature of our minds. What seperates a monk from an average person is their ability, through patience and training, to just calm the monkey down. They do not remove it's essential, annoying, frustrating wandering behaviour.


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Not to worry, even the longest road has an ending, so the Chattering will have to stop at some point, and I can assure you the chattering will stop when you are asleep!


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the easiest step to gain some control over the chattering is by doing yoga asanas. it will give some strength. then will come the practise of tratak. then pranayama. these are not steps, but u should do all three. chattering takes a long time to stop, and that too when u are at your most disciplined self. but the rewards are more than many. and u do not quiet the 3rd eye, coz if the 3rd eye is activated, your job is done. you have to quiet the MIND. and its not easy to quiet the mind, but its not impossible if u practise with immense enthusiasm and determination.


answered 28 Aug '11, 20:12

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abhishek mishra

@abhishek mishra- all this info is very useful but i am useless at yoga, could you suggest equivalent exercises using european style methods?

(29 Aug '11, 06:15) blubird two

@blubird - well, i dont really have much of an idea of the european techniques. but what i feel is that the chattering takes place in the mind, not in any physical part of the body, so the technique has to be something to do with the mind. but still, if u need something more simple and easy, to quiet the chattering of the mind, i will tell you what i have been doing for a few days now. and it really works. initially it will be boring, and you will not be able to be consistent, but after just a few days, it becomes second nature. just take any small sentence, an affirmation, anything, and.....

(29 Aug '11, 06:27) abhishek mishra

@ blubird.. continued... -- go on repeating it all through the day. you need not bring any emotions or visuals. just repeat it mentally, every time whenever you recall to do so. initially you will forget doing it, but later it will become automatic, and it will happen always. what this basically does is that it never leaves the mind idle. so no unconscious thought comes. and with time it starts giving you a greater control over the mind, because you have been putting in effort to work on the mind. here although chattering has not stopped, but still you are choosing what thought to come....

(29 Aug '11, 06:30) abhishek mishra

@blubird contunued...---this is very simple, very easy, has not really got to do with yoga, and another benefit is that the affirmation, even if they be weak as there are no emotions, are going into your subconscious mind. you can say anything like.. i am a singer, i am an actor, i m successful, whatever u feel like. in a week, you will see that it has become quite automatic, and that you do not need to put in effort. no matter who you are, you will always need something for your mind to hold on to. else the mind makes life miserable. here this practice acts wonders, and is very very simple.

(29 Aug '11, 06:35) abhishek mishra
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