What are your thoughts on this and how does this relate to the christian alining up with God and Jesus plans? It may not line up it may have no connection.

I remember reading a long time ago about an man who stayed prayed up and when you came to see him you could feel the presence of God there and he would spiritually put you up in an spiritual play pin your spirit that is while he would work on your spiritual body first and than he would work on your physical body next and you must come an vist him for the first visit but after that you could call and then it would only take one or two calls.

I think it was called spiritual alinement and clearing or cleaning of all of the spiritual and physical bodies including your aura body.

I am just wondering does anyone have any more information on this Spiritual restucturing for the body and the spirit. Maybe you know of someone or heard of someone that has had this done and if so how did it effect them in an spiritual or physical way.

[Excerpt from the Deena Douglas website follows]

Your Spiritual Restructuring® treatment will apply Spiritual Healing to the following areas

**Body Alignment** - Gently and painlessly adjust your body's alignment. Adjustments are made energetically to the muscle, working with Spirit, so that they are not jarring to the body and are able to hold.

Muscle Release - Correcting shortened or lengthened muscles, brings relief by releasing tension being held in the muscles.

Cranial-Sacral Correction - The cranial plates can be out of balance from the birth process or from injury to the head. It is a major cause of manic depression/bi-polar disorder. The cranial-sacral correction is made easily and painlessly through SpR.

Parasite Removal - Parasites can get into the body from eating raw food that has the parasites on or in it. It is estimated that much of the population is unknowingly infected with parasites. Through SpR, they are quickly and easily removed from the body.

Spiritual Parasite Clearing - Spiritual parasites are causes that were established during creation. They are responsible for poor health conditions. There are three forms of spiritual parasites, affecting three different areas of the body: the head, the torso, and the entire body. People with Fibromyalgia often have all three forms of spiritual parasites present. They are very easy to clear with SpR.

Spiritual Healing of Hiatal Hernia, certain tumors, the cardiovascular system, the nervous and limbic systems, organs and glands.

Brain Restructuring - When the soul attaches to the fetus, it sets up a negative concrete base, consisting of four negative statements. These involve the soul's programs and unresolved past life energies, and are set up as challenges for the present life. With SpR, these negative programs are released and replaced with positive, life-affirming ones.

Crystalline Restructuring - Clear and balance emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Energetic Clearing and Balancing of the following energy fields of the body:

Transformers – points in the body where spiritual energy is transformed into a more usable form for the body.

Cloacals – communication lines within the body. Imbalances in the cloacals can affect the messages being sent from the brain to the limbs. Balancing the cloacals may help reduce carsickness, coordination and equilibrium imbalances.

Lymphatic System – It runs through the entire body and serves to filter and purify the body.

Chakras & Meridians – There are 25 major chakras and 700 meridian channels running through the physical body. The chakras are large energy vortices and meridians are electrical conduits or connecting lines.

Aura – An energy field that surrounds the physical body. It can accumulate energies that may cause an imbalance.

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Healing comes from within, so does your faith. If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed... How do we spiritually reconstruct the boby and soul? We start the process through daily devotion, fasting, and praying. We open our body, mind, and soul without judgement or question to accept the gifts of the spirit from God our father through faith.

In this state of consciousness and praying, the anointing of the holy ghost will fill our body, mind, and soul, and we will become one with this higher power. It is a feeling of a great renewal to the whole body, and soul. It is pure energy to the body, and soul to attain healing.

This energy flows through the palm of the hands into the body, and soul. The engery fills the hands, the hand is laid upon the sick body, and through faith, as the sick person believes in his heart, the healing is attained, through prayers, and thanksgiving.

The Bible teaches where two or three are gathered together in my name... The correct answer is: people are healed through the power of their own faith, their own beliefs, and as we know true healing come from within, the God within us.

We are all great healers of our body, and soul, whether we know it or not, for the Kingdom of God is within all of us. God created man out of clay, and he breathe his breath of life into man, giving man life. Who are we them, if we cannot through faith in the holy spirit that lives within us, believe in our heart the healing grace of God our father, and accept it. As you know, all men were created equal, and this is the work of God our father to create all men equal.

If you are sick, and you believe that you will walk again, through the power of faith, you will walk again; why, because if you believe in God the father, and you believe that he has gaven you this life to live. then, you will believe, that he will heal you from within.

Here is an old song: Only believe, only believe all things are possible, if you would only believe... Spiritual reconstruction for the body and soul in my opinion, is you doing your part in creating the healing in the Universe, by fasting, and praying, and allowing for the renewal of the living spirit that is within all of us.

Singing, Praying, laying of the hands, and chanting in the spirit of tongues will create an atmosphere for healing. But the true nature of healing comes from God our father,for no man has the power to heal of himself, except through the power given by God our father. "What are your thoughts on this matter?"


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Spiritual healing is remedial practices that cure someone through transmitting energy that works on body, mind and spirit which are considered as one unit that must bring together for good health. It is a broad term and for understanding it you have to first realize the unity of spirituality, body and mind. Today being spiritually healthy is also important, because it guides us on true way of life. The journey of spiritual health is connected with our mind, body and spirit or soul. You must visit http://www.universalonehealing.com for more information about the spiritual healing and spiritual health. Here all of your doubts will be cleared as this site provides great resource for spiritual mind, body and soul!


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