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Consider: and are you also search for yourself, if so what did you find? ( Taken from Sufi Proverb)

The idea and some of the contents for this question was from the Link Fairy Princess posted based upon the Book from PSI TEK “Jesus thought it too.”

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I miss Vee and the "consider" questions...

(30 May '13, 07:10) ursixx

@ursixx, those questions would be closed if they were posted today because they contain insufficient detail

(30 May '13, 07:29) Barry Allen ♦♦
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Well, what I have found, brought me to IQ. I was looking for God out there in churches. What I found was that the true message that Jesus had for us has been hidden away and lost. We have to rethink Christianity. The other day, somebody had a question and posted a link and now I am reading Dynamic Thought by Henry Thomas Hamblin. I didn't read the intro and had no idea what it was before I started reading it. I actually thought it was the Master Keys System, before I went back and checked the title. As I was reading it, scripture from the Bible kept popping into my head. It was like I was reading a study guide for understanding the Bible. Simply amazing. Many of the ideas here, I had all figured out when I was a child. Somehow I had to rediscover it all again. I went on a journey, checking out different churches. But what I found was that what I am looking for is within me and within you at the same time. I now understand the verse that says that whoever has, more will be given more and those that have not will be taken from them. It is about our thoughts. Good thoughts produce good feelings which produce good action and attract good things. Negative thoughts create death, pain and disease. We have a choice what thoughts we allow in our mind. The Bible warns us to be aware of the thoughts that we allow to take nest in our minds. God created man in His image. God has no physical form outside of His creation, therefore His image is a mental or spiritual image. God created man with His powers of creation. The early church knew this. This is why Jesus spoke in parables, because we have such power within us, that only people who are truely seeking will find. There have been 2,000 years for Jesus' message to be lost in translation and hidden by the Catholic Church. 2,000 years of the blind leading the blind. Surely there have been handfulls of people who knew the truth, but it is not what you find in Church. I still don't have all the answers, but at least now I know where to look. Well, I always knew I had to look inside, I just didn't know what I was looking for. Blessings to you and all of us!


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Fairy Princess

Wonderful answer! I say, "Ditto!" After reading your post, I am not sure just what I will have left to say...LOL! Thanks so much for sharing....We truly are the "Mind of God">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(13 Jul '11, 16:15) Jaianniah

@ Fairy Princess:Eloquently said thank you, and I truly believe this question was meant to open doors that have never been opened before to allow us to come to terms with our own spiritual self worth, and connections.

(16 Jul '11, 04:37) Inactive User ♦♦

Jai, your story surely is different than mine. I would love to read your answer to this. When you are ready of course.

(19 Jul '11, 13:55) Fairy Princess
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Search ,seeking,a journey. God is in the journey/search. Accept God is.and You are.''Seek and you shall find'' God is in the seeking. Stop seeking because you think found God/Yourself. You will find this untrue.
Think back ten years. Are you still that person? Things change. We change. The Journey, The Search continues.So put on your walking shoes take some water with you. And don't forget to have fun! peace' God is in the seeking. Stop seeking because you think found God/Yourself. You will find this untrue. Think back ten years. Are you still that person? Things change. We change.
The Journey, The Search continues.So put on your walking shoes take some water with you.
And don't forget to have fun!


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I agree that it is important to remember to have fun in whatever you choose to do, thank you.

(16 Jul '11, 04:42) Inactive User ♦♦

loved it.. :))

(30 May '13, 07:46) supergirl

Think of holding a flashlight in a dark room, you are looking for a flashlight. You'll never find it, the more you search you will still not find the flashlight. This is because you are holding the flashlight looking for the flashlight.

Christ said, "The kingdom of heaven resides within", the Buddha said, "The Jewel of the lotus resides within." Christ said, "You are the temple of God."

To search for something means you do not know you have it and therefore must lack it that it needs to be found or connected to.

Everywhere you look you will not find God yet everywhere you look God is there. The moment you need to find something is the moment you believe, you don't know where something is located.

So this is a lonely place to be within. But the loneliness is from the belief that you are alone and need to find God.

If you think of yourself as a torus of God you can see the entire universe of God can reside within, while at the same time you are within that entire universe of God.

You can not be without God, nor can God be without you, instead of searching, know and be in peace that there is no need to find God because you are within God the entirety, and God the entirety is within you.


answered 10 Mar '19, 23:22

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Christ is The Way, The Truth, and The Life, and knowing Christ is knowing God (Jobn 14:6-9). We are truly His Disciples when we live a life of putting aside selfishness and greed in order to Love Others because Christ Loves Others (John 13:34-35).


answered 04 Aug '19, 11:35

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