I met this idea into an editorial with other topic and it struck me. How much the more I think about, as much the more interesting becomes this idea for me. The God created us and the heaven, but we, the humans, maybe by primary sin + Ego, improved the kingdom of Evil? What you about?

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oh yea great question by the way bro. recenlty that same thought had entered my mind. good job:)

(13 Feb '10, 07:44) Mebb

from your profile, i understand your perspective on the ego. bashar has excellent conceptualization of the ego. Abraham's exposition in Great Awakening & Blending is also excellent. so many conceptual advances in the field of transpersonal psychology.

the ego is meant to undergo death as a caterpillar, metamorphosis and rebirth as a butterfly. from rigid to spontaneous (freedom to fly).

(23 Feb '13, 21:51) don

Thank you @don , just read Great Awakening , most informative :-)

(23 Feb '13, 22:00) Starlight

@starlight your appreciation is much appreciated. i just found the link to that short transcript.

(23 Feb '13, 22:27) don

Circus ponies are evil. Not ego.

(25 Feb '13, 10:11) CalonLan

@CalonLan Do you have a traumatic childhood memory you wish to share?

(25 Feb '13, 23:52) ele

@Ele, The point was, anything could be marked as evil. But it's irrelevant what we point our finger at and condemn. The real question is why does one feel the urge to do so?

It's always some insecurity within oneself that perpetuates desire to define and categorize. Obviously OP didn't feel comfortable with his own Ego. Thus notion to suggest it could be evil.

We talked about not judging so many times. And everyone is like "ye, ye, I know" and right after you read absurd questions like these.

(27 Feb '13, 07:57) CalonLan

@ele, all these needs to sort out the outer world, as in looking away from ourselves and worrying about something else - Even in this case, EGO falls into the outer world - is the result of some sort of insecurity within ourselves.

Something within us makes us uncomfortable, and we try to compensate for this uncomfortable feeling in form of defining and categorizing the outside world.

(27 Feb '13, 08:01) CalonLan

@CalonLan Dang, I should have went with my first thought! I kind-of figured you thought the question was absurd by your answer. I went with humor. Now I feel bad for messin' with your 1's. (Yay, that was me) Couldn't agree more with what you said.

(01 Mar '13, 03:35) ele
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In spirituality, and especially nondual, mystical and eastern meditative traditions, the human being is often conceived as being in the illusion of individual existence, and separated from other aspects of creation. This "sense of doership" or sense of individual existence is that part which believes it is the human being, and believes it must fight for itself in the world, is ultimately unaware and unconscious of its own true nature. The ego is often associated with mind and the sense of time, which compulsively thinks in order to be assured of its future existence, rather than simply knowing its own self and the present.

The spiritual goal of many traditions involves the dissolving of the ego, allowing self-knowledge of one's own true nature to become experienced and enacted in the world. This is variously known as Enlightenment, Nirvana, Presence, and the "Here and Now".

Eckhart Tolle comments that, to the extent that the ego is present in an individual, that individual is somewhat insane psychologically, in reference to the ego's nature as compulsively hyper-active and compulsively (and pathologically) self-centered. However, since this is the norm, it goes unrecognised as the source of much that could be classified as insane behavior in everyday life.



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agreed. great response Vesuvius. gleam you better give this guy the check, don't get no better then this baby lol. blesses

(12 Feb '10, 07:43) Mebb

Not having a well developed ego is the key feature of the insane. Sanity is defined as having a strong ego.

(25 Feb '13, 17:33) flowsurfer

Well the ego is born from division.(tree of knowledge of good and evil.)The ego serve the perpace of the watch dog against evil.The real question is do you always need it? It(the ego) is a security mechanism to protect you from evil and assure survival.But do you need to always be on the attack mode with every one?Ready to jump at them or run away because you are scare,or can you use it to serve the perpace that it serve when needed and try to live in harmony and peace with all your brother and sister(neighbor,Love the neighbor as thy self.)? Na evil is something outside of you,unless you are evil.But if you are evil then you are not living in harmony and peace,then do not be surprise that the evil things you do to other come back to you(You reap what you sow, to the mesure you judge also will you be judged.).Why do what you hate they will do the same.You are not alone in this world in other world also. So seek harmony and peace be merciful,in truth with a good and pure heart.You will live a better life,with people that seek the same.But it is your choice if you prefer to have a chaotic life doing evil things and people doing evil things to you.Thinking i have a strongh ego,and other people are insane to try to live a good life in harmony with other.

where do you want to live?


alt text

or there?

alt text

So let there be light, Be the light that you can be,experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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Sons of Cain... ? Eden was considered a garden... and Abel was the gardener of the family.

We were expelled from the heaven world? Or were we pushed out into our wide world to gain experience of Life, and the knowledge of Good and Evil?

The serpent is considered as the symbol of Wisdom in many cultures.

'Be as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove.' (The Bible, Matthew chapter 10 verse 16)


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Abel was not a gardener, he was a shepherd. Cain was the gardener.

(25 Feb '13, 17:32) flowsurfer

If by ego, you mean self-identity, then Ego was always in existence as God is the "I am". Having a self identity is not "evil" it is just individuality - unless you specifically choose to see individuality as an evil contrasting collectivism for some reason...


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It's more so of ego being a belief in the illusion of separation. Unity is the one from which duality separated.

Now all of the division is as a broken hologram, each believing it is separate from all others.

The ego embraces this thought. It exalts this thought to the point of not only separate but better or worse than.

In this classification based on judgment of self vs others comes the harm to not only one self but others.

It is more error or missing the mark of what is vs what is believed about what is. In this way ego can create nothing based in honesty as the trunk of the tree is based in error to begin with.

In this way we could say ego is evil however we would be missing an entire side of ego rarely thought about.

Ego inspires and motivates to move us to on to higher things. It is ego that says I can build this church, I can lead this sermon. I can find what I am looking for, I can handle this. It drives us, it can destroy us or build us. It is based in division but can be used to find unity.

Think of it as fire, fire can be very bad. It can burn down a house. It can burn up people, it can ruin everything. But fire can also, cook your food, heat your hone, light your path, so it can be used for either. Based on this depending on which facts we use we could say fire is evil or we could say for is good.

I believe ego is a tool that can be harnessed and used well to serve us.


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Bashar had a profound and highly practical answer to this:



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