I distinctly remember a day a while ago. I was driving in Illinois, where you can see from horizon to horizon in places, and the sky domed above me, blue with puffy clouds. I looked at it, and suddenly, I sensed the whole of it, and felt a Presence. I felt God; at least, that is how I interpreted what I felt.

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I now wonder just where that feeling came from- what in me felt God? Why did I interpret what I felt that way? Was it just a moment when my right brain took over, or was it a true mystical experience?

It felt to me that God was there, and that He was trying to speak to my heart.

When I was 24, I awoke to see a woman, glowing blue, next to my bed. I will never forget the feeling I felt as she spoke to me, nor do I doubt that she was real. (To read about the vision, go to this question here on Inward Quest, and I tell of what I saw there.) Where did she come from? Why did she appear to me? I am sure it was not a dream, for I tried to wake my then-husband of the time, but he would or could not wake up. Where did Mary come from- inside of me, or from heaven?

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Man has a long history of worshiping the spiritual world. There is plenty of evidence that this goes back many thousands of years. But was it God, making His presence known, or is it something within us that feels like it comes from outside...or both?

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Where does my spirituality originate? And why do I feel it in the first place?

All my Love,


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All good questions, and all ones I truly believe the answers are within you.

In the interest of Q&A, I'll reply with what I think.

I think (clearly) spirituality originates from within. Hence, I find it humorous to read a question like "Where did Mary come from- inside of me, or from heaven?" As I would have to reply to that with a "yep." I guess, it's very hard for me to understand a 'heaven' that is out there, over yonder. I mean, understand it within Reason.

Within us, I think, is everything that exists, that actually exists. Now, we can imagine that to be very small, as it could be tempting to think of 'all that' (or everything that exists, as existing) within a human body/mind. Yet, logically it follows that our perception of ourselves within a physical reality, as a human body, is also within us. And if we mistake our entire reality for only that which the body perceives, then we are projecting meaning onto existence from a very limited perspective. The non limited perspective is to experience or perceive things as they are, or allow meaning to be received beyond the projection of body perception.

So, I think there are experiences that induce that 'allowance' experience well. And being able to see oneself within a 'horizon to horizon' field that is vast, and tranquil, I think is type of experience where past projections simply won't capture what that 'is' for the part of mind that projects. Therefore allowing a greater presence (within) to reinterpret that as 'I am here now.' Or put another way, as if Creator is making Her Self known through me in this not so easily defined moment.

I do think of your Mary experience as one of encountering spiritual Guide within physical perception, that is clearly mystical. Can also be right brain, or simply physiological response. But I am one that believes, will discuss matters as if physiological experiences are, quite plausibly, mystical. Again, depends on the filter one is giving allegiance to in finding purpose and meaning within physical experience.

In response to 'why do we feel it in the first place,' I would say it is because we are spiritual beings in the First Place. I consider this Self evident. But also lacking evidence if said evidence must be found within physical existence, or that which is perceived as 'outside of me.' As the physical world is literally a displacement of reality, I ultimately think such proofs are folly, and do not matter. IOW, if it is felt, and felt as true, while offering no harm to yourself or others, then honestly what does it matter where it comes from, if there is doubt about 'where do we/I come from?' Or put yet another way, just go with the flow of Presence, er I mean, the Present.


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@Jman-I liked your answer, but did you not actually say that God is within and without? Or did I miss your meaning? Good answer, though! Keep up the good writing!

(28 Jul '13, 05:45) Jaianniah

Its all because you are a SPIRIT in the core! I will elaborate this point. You think you are what you see in the mirror—a physical form with a mind! But your body is a bundle of foods you gathered; and your mind is a bundle of impressions you gathered. What about the more important thing, something fundamental that holds both these things, something that still works even when you are asleep, the one you feel from inside, the real essence of who you are, something that is called by different names such as the pure essence, the pure I, the pure consciousness, the soul .. etc.? That substratum is the self that observes all the activities of our waking hours. At night too, when we enter the deep sleep state, the Self oversees all the activities of the body such as digestion, various circulations, separation of vitamins and waste, renewal of cells ... etc., and in the morning, reports to us on our dream-experiences and the blissful oblivion of sleep. That is why we are called human BEING! ( hūmānus, Latin, means earthly, from the ground; BEING means conscious existence.). Human is merely descriptive of our physical costume whereas BEING is the substratum on which the body exists! Hence substratum is more pronounced, more important than what is being sustained. This realization helps us to find out the answer to the greatest question: Who am I? Let us not speculate. Rather, let us start from what we know from our first hand experience! We all came THROUGH our fleshly parents—not from them! Take this backward indefinitely, your parents, their parents ....each one came through his parents, finally we will reach our Heavenly Father FROM whom we came! Hence we are actually the children of the Heavenly Father, THE SPIRIT. (John 4:24; Mathew 23:9) All the children of a Father who is THE SPIRIT are SPIRITual children, primarily spiritual, or same in essence for the simple reason that the effect (copy seed) contains the essence of the cause (Master Seed)! Hence we are all spiritual beings having a human experience! This means , in the core, you are divine, pure “I”, a pure consciousness. God, the Supreme Soul, is the Ruler of the macro universe, whereas every one’s soul is the ruler of the micro universe called body. The only difference is that Father who is the Supreme Soul is unlimited in His qualities, whereas His children are limited in qualities, just as each drop has the same properties of the ocean. This is what is called self-realization!
You don’t need to be a scholar to know this! Just close your eyes, and see what happens! Whether male or female, you all have the same experience. You will find a traffic of thoughts that are like clouds, which come and go. Now look at the gap between thoughts, and slowly widen the gap between them, then gradually go beyond your thoughts, and you begin to feel your true being, the substratum of your body. There you find that there is no longer thinking, and a great shift occurs in your feeling! So far you were feeling peaceful, but now you experience you ARE peace, happiness and bliss... and so on. You never knew these were already there deep within you—hence you were searching for them outside! These new experience is the expression of this substratum, the pure self or the soul. Anything that happens from the outside will change our feelings. If we wish, we can continue maintaining the same feelings and with our attention inwards, we will feel loosing of mine-ness, or will feel “poor in spirit,” (Mathew 5:3) or non-possessive and non-attached to our own body, assets and relatives (all of which appear, stay for a time and disappear after a while). At the same time, you will experience a richness as you feel now you ARE the very wisdom, purity, peace, love, happiness, bliss and power in miniature—the very “seven” highlights of your Heavenly Father (compare Revelation 4:5). You feel so relieved as you now feel a oneness—a feeling of one Father and one world-family; and you will see that your behavior changes automatically. That is, the “virtues” emerge and will begin to radiate from you for the rest of the day, making others feel they are in God’s kingdom when they are with you. What a blessed condition this is for you and others to be in! What is in store for him who thus effectively radiates the above qualities of his heavenly Father? He continues to live even after he has left his body, the physical costume, without experiencing a gap in between. (2 Corinthians 5:1-10) Jesus unequivocally declares: he “has crossed over from death to life.”—John 5:24. Supplementary proofs for those who want to know more! 1) Man is more than body; he possesses a spirit (or soul) which will continue to exist after death for the simple reason that he is made in the image of God, who never cease to exist. (Gen 1:26-27) God is a spirit, hence His children are primarily spiritual children.—John 4:24; compare James 2:26. 2) If man seeks fulfillment only in physical things of this life, then he is no better off than the beast. Such ones do not realize that “the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward.”—Ecclesiastes 3:19-21. 3) His immaterial part “soul” (nephesh) survives his body, declares Genesis 35:18; 2 Samuel 12:22-23 and 1 Kings 17:21-22. 4) Jesus declared to Saducees who did NOT blieve in the immortality of the soul: "Have ye not read in the book of Moses, how in the bush God spake unto him, saying, I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? He is not the God of the dead, but the GOD OF THE LIVING."—Mark 12:26-27. 5) God who knew Jesus’s disciples would desert him at the time of his agonizing trial, arranged for a strengthening session through the famous event called transfiguration, in which Moses and Elijah spoke to Jesus. They could not be ‘transfigured’ (changed in appearance) if their spirit were extinct at their death. And if it is only a vision with no real Moses and Elijah present, what encouragement can it provide to Jesus? (Mathew 17:1-3) Obviously they had to take fresh figure/appearance as their bodies had already perished in their grave. 6) If soul does not really survive the body, Jesus would be very careful in his teaching; and he will not even remotely hint at a possibility of implying soul’s immortality in his teaching. But in what a glaring way he declared that soul survies the body, even illustrating the point so clearly through the account of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) He did not start the account saying “I will tell you a parable or a story.” But he started: “There was a rich man .... and a beggar,” and “the time came when” both “died.” (Luke 16:19-31) If soul does not survive the body, this loud teaching of Jesus would definitely constitue a deservice to the very cause he stands for—the truth! No serious teacher would present such major subject as immortality of soul through parables, which are mostly used for moral teaching! If immortality of soul were unreal, how can the use of an unreal thing in a parable inspire listeners? Would this not mean that Jesus did not know what he was doing? 7) Every one should reap the consequences of his action—righteous and unrighteous. (Proverbs 22:8; Luke 6:24; 16:25; Galatians 6:7) And these verses will have no meaning if man does not have a soul that survives his body. Because many die too early without reaping the results for their action. Cause and Effect is not just pure science, it is also the RULER of all happenings in the universe. Hence denying the immortality of soul which is also at the root of Principle of Causation is closing the eyes towards the very truth. “If you want to know the truth, you can see it without anybody’s help; on the contrary if you do not want to know the truth, you can not know it even with external help.” Tdjaum “at” gmail.com


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T D Joseph

loved it..,vry beautifully framed, thank u fr sharing :))

(25 Jul '13, 10:40) supergirl

Yes, @T D Joseph, a very well-put answer, and just what I was seeking! Thank you so much. You have great Faith! Love, Jai

(28 Jul '13, 05:41) Jaianniah

We are spirit children of Heavenly Parents and we are here on earth to gain a physical body and to learn to live by faith. As part of the plan for our eternal progression God our Father in Heaven sends his spirit - referred to in the scriptures as the Holy Ghost to guide and comfort us. He can also send angels to give us guidance and help us understand his plan to bring us home to him.


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though our nature is truly
septenary our essence
be that of spirit, hard wired
for self conscious development


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