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How to improve confidence and make decisions boldly?

hi I have some problem from my childhood I want solution for the following problem. I feel shy and afraid while talking with others. I have very low self confidence. I cant make a decision, I have to ask others. During talk or seminar I afraid and cant explain my point clearly. I sacrifice everything to my friends or families. I dont argue with others. I believe them easily. so they can easily cheat me. Mainly I have inferiority complex also. I want some solution mainly for inferiority complex and improve self confidence.

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Wow. I just posted somthing about that. I am channeler and I also help guide people in meditation and give them sessions with my source. First things first. In order to stop others from taking advantage of you , you have to setr boundries and deffend them> It is GREAT that you are helping others and unconditional loving them. BUT, when you do thios you can show ones who do not share that kind of love to be able to take advantage of you and leave yourself open to that. If you want my help, i think i can help you find teh way my freind. Here is my facebook page, send me a request and let me know it is you. We can talk.


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