Hi I am 24 during my childhood I have pronunciation problem. so I felt shy to talk others this reduced my self confidence and due to this I cant control my mind till now I have these problems. I don't decide myself I will ask my friends to decide any issue. I don't argue with anyone if they asked to do a job that I don't like it I will do that. I am afraid to refuse their words.

Based on this condition I myself increased my negative confidence. I have some inferiority complex too. I want some practical technique to solve my problems so if anyone please help me to solve my problem. If you difficult to read this article sorry for inconvenience

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well done sudhan , i feel you're on the right track . recognizing the

problem is the first step to overcoming it . i too am hampered by a

slight pronunciation problem .

(13 Jul '11, 11:10) blubird two
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EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique is a fast, effective way to eliminate negative emotions, limiting beliefs, fears and phobias, etc... You can look at youtube for a demonstration on how to do it. I like Judy Byrnes video. Karen Naumen EFT is a good resource also. You can search her on IQ for questions tagged EFT. It may help with your speech impediment also. You can use Stingray's Manifesting Experiment 4 to systematically eliminate emotions, beliefs, etc... that are holding you back. Blessings,


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@FP great tips. The more you know ..the more you know!

(13 Jul '11, 12:09) ursixx

Make your so called problem your strength.I live in a foreign land that as a completely different language than my mother tongue . I laugh at my mispronunciation.
Don't make this so called problem is not who You are.
Others may identify you as the person that talks funny. But they are not You. Make your own reality Not theirs. You don't want the job don't do it.(LOA in action.See yourself NOT doing it)
Kind of like the Nike ads:
""Just DON'T do it"
and there must be people that have the same situation as you that have overcome or even better not given it any energy and gone on to lead great lives.
Sudhan move on now. Life is great. 24 is a great age, live it now


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you are here to experiance and you have free will so you can make anny choice you want. do not let difficulty stop you make wise decision experiance and enjoy.


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Here is a list of Books that you will find useful in building your:

Self confidence: How to Heal Low Self Esteem, Self confidence by healer Bill Austin (Holistic healing Approach)

Decision Making: Great Decision Making Skills (Work Readiness) by Corona Brezina, and Conversation Skills: judgment (Method and Decision Making) by Chris Caple

Self Esteem: Self Esteem and Peak Performance by Jack Canfield


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People usually want to overcome the ego, in your case you need ego a lot. Make posters in bright ink that you can see everywhere in your home.

On these posters write, "I am admired!", "People listen to me!", "I am valuable!", "My time is important!", "I am great!"

Now remember this since others come to you and have you do things they must value you in some way. So if they value you, you are valuable but you must see your own value. I know you feel like a rug being walked on but you need to see that you do not need to be that rug, you are as worthy as they are, they do not deserve to be treated better.

You must say I am as good as they are, I am as worthy as they are. Next start treating yourself with the same consideration as you do others. Just because you are here makes you worthy and wonderful as a human being you are so loved by God beyond your imagination. We are all equal. Start finding what you can do to create value and you will start feeling your real worth. Think of what can I do to create value to make the world a better place. What product or company whatever you can dream to do will build value will pull others to you in appreciation plus bring some money your way as proof of that value.

The more value we create for others the more we are valued by others, Donald Trump is a perfect example of creating value and being valued.


answered 17 Jul '11, 02:40

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