I think the problem with most people (including myself) is that we go straight to the cars, the houses, and winning the lottery for our most prized manifestations. Then if we don't get those things in a timely manner we tend to give up and get lazy. In this fast paced and stress filled world we seem to need that big thing to come fast or frustration eventually kicks in and we give up hope in the process working at all.

I would bet that a lot of people saw "The Secret" movie or read the book a few years ago, tried a couple big visualizations for a few weeks and gave up after not seeing instant results. Then this whole "new agey" concept was thrown to the side and the unhappy fast paced life was back in full stride for a lot of people. At least in my case, The Secret opened up a door that I wanted to walk through and explore, not just get the goods and run.

So I bring up the concept of starting with a few small manifestations to build up some confidence first and foremost. Almost like a baseball player taking a few practice swings to warm up his arms so he can eventually hit one out of the park.

I haven't had a whole lot of major manifestations in my life but that has been because of laziness and procrastination, two of my biggest problem areas. I have had a few small ones though that I never liked to give credit for until I started learning and believing and more in The Law of Attraction.

So should we continue to try and create as many "small" things as we can, until we get so good at it we build up more and more belief and confidence that we can make a decision to move up to the next level and get things faster? Are consistency and patience two key words regarding this concept?

asked 11 Oct '11, 18:09

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i was just about to ask this question, good timing Cory, and well worded question :)

(12 Oct '11, 23:42) Nikulas

Thank you Nikulas. I hope you got the answer you were looking for.

(13 Oct '11, 03:57) Cory
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Yes, absolutely, practice is the key!

I don't know a single person who would expect to become a master of playing a mainstream musical instrument overnight and yet many of those same people expect mastery of manifesting principles to happen in an instant.

And if it doesn't happen in an instant, they tell themselves (and everyone else who will listen) that it doesn't work...and they'll spent a lot more time doing that than they ever did in practicing their application of the principles. Funny lot, human beings :)

I practice consistently everyday even with really trivial things, even just for the fun of it, just to see what happens, even with things I don't even want sometimes just to see what happens. Never be afraid to experiment with these natural laws. They are as consistent as gravity, or as the sun rising every morning and they work just as impersonally.

From time to time, you get members of the "you are not worthy" doom-and-gloom crowd appearing and trying to place fearful thoughts into people's minds that "bad things" will happen if you dare to use these natural laws in a trivial fashion. But who decides what is trivial anyway? Them?

If I throw a ball in the air, does the Law of Gravity sometimes refuse to make it come down again because the reason for throwing it up was trivial? Absurd idea, and almost uniformly promulgated by people who haven't been able to get what they want in life and now want to make themselves feel better by ensuring that others don't get what they want either. When you come across a Naysayer, just say Nay :)

Natural Law is Natural Law...if it works once, it will work again, and again, and again. And, if it doesn't, it's not that the law is defective, it's just that our understanding of it needs tweaking. If you throw a brick in the air and it comes down and hits you on the head and causes you a serious injury, it's not gravity that's defective - what's defective is your idea of what will happen when bricks land on your head :)

So now onto the practicalities....how to practice?

For me, I use a simple idea that I originally heard in one of Burt Goldman's courses. I have a little in-the-moment signal that I use to pass messages to my inner being. The signal is simply touching the tip of my tongue to the top of the roof of my mouth and saying in my mind what I would like to happen.

To set it up in the first place, you just announce to yourself in your thoughts (once only) that whenever you do that action, you want your Inner Being (or whatever label you prefer) to pay attention and act on the request as quickly as possible.

And, as an example of the use of it...let's say I'm driving into a town and I want to manifest a parking place in a particular spot. Before I get to the location, I press the tip of the tongue against the roof of my mouth and say in my mind (as though talking to someone who is going to deal with it): "I would like a parking place near (SHOP NAME)" and then I release my tongue back to normal. And that's it. If I want to be more specific, I add extra specificness to the request.

Invariably, what I want is there. And the more you trust the process - and you will after a few successful results - the more effective it becomes.

Simple process - works for anything and everything. It's so quick and easy that it's a crime not to practice every day with it :)

As you build up confidence with these trivial day-to-day events in your life, you'll naturally start to build up confidence in the more difficult things. But, to be honest, the only difference between what you consider to be easy and what you consider to be difficult is just your own judgement of the situation...to the Universe, a parking place and manifesting a new job are no different...only we in our minds make them different.

As Abraham have said many times, it is just as easy to manifest a castle as a button.

And here's one final tip that I've found to be true again and again in my life...when you practice more and more and you start getting "amazing" results (which you will), don't make it a big deal that something "amazing" just happened. Very often I never even mention to anyone (not even my wife) that anything "amazing" just happened. I'll just smile inwardly to myself, enjoy the feeling in the moment, and move on with my life.

By allowing the "amazing" to become just an everyday occurrence in your life, you are setting yourself up to allow more of the "amazing" to happen. To understand why, consider the analogy of the person who is a millionaire vs the person who isn't

Hope this is all useful to someone :)


answered 11 Oct '11, 18:51

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edited 11 Oct '11, 18:56


Another masterpiece!! Simple and extremely powerful suggestions.. Truly loved it!! Thanks so much :) Especially loved "By allowing the "amazing" to become just an everyday occurrence in your life, you are setting yourself up to allow more of the "amazing" to happen." Cheers!!

(12 Oct '11, 05:48) Sourabh

Great answer Stingray. Did you know that pressing the tip of the tounge to the top of the roof of the mouth is used by reiki healers when pasing attunements and is called the Hui Yin tongue position. Next time you do that take a deep breath first, contract the butox muscules make your request while holding your breath and than breathe out. It will bring you what you want even quicker as it consentrates energy and releases it with power.

(12 Oct '11, 06:26) Paulina 1

You're welcome, Sourabh. @Paulina - No, I wasn't aware of the origin of the method. I just got it from one of Burt's courses - he calls it the Bagha. I've tried other inner communication signals over the years and just find this one the most convenient and easy to use since you can do it anywhere in any situation and, to me, it's a bit like pushing a walkie-talkie button to speak and then releasing it to finish which gives that required sense of "letting go" of the request. Thanks for the extra tips - I'll try that and see what happens

(12 Oct '11, 06:54) Stingray

Stingray you are great.Can we use your technique many times a day for many purposes or for only one task at a time??

(12 Oct '11, 11:55) Zee

Thank you for your brilliant mind and for taking the time in sharing that brilliance here. May the Universe bless you even more!

(12 Oct '11, 12:05) Aphrodite

@Zee - I don't see any reason you can't use it all day long if you wish. Though, for me, when I have a lot of requests, it's easy to lose track of them all...I'm the kind of person that likes to keep track of everything because I'm an incessant tester of what works in my life and what doesn't...so I would use the Manifesting Box for multiple non-urgent requests: http://goo.gl/h3C8l ...but it's entirely up to you how you live your life, so use it as often as you feel inspired to do so :)

(12 Oct '11, 15:23) Stingray

I will most definitely try the tips that you suggested Stingray. I'm at the point where any new technique is fair game. Thank you very much for your well thought out and detailed answer. Very much appreciated!

(12 Oct '11, 15:27) Cory

You're welcome, Cory

(15 Oct '11, 16:04) Stingray

@Stingray- Thanks for this very exciting answer. However, I have a question about it. What is your normal for your tongue? Mine is usually pressed against the roof of my mouth to keep my mouth closed. Thanks

(14 Feb '12, 12:05) Fairy Princess

@Fairy Princess - No, my tongue is rather more relaxed than that :) Personally, I don't think the actual trigger you use is that important as long as you are consistent with it and have a mindset of expectancy when you do use it. For years, I used to just imagine what I wanted at my heart center instead for a few moments before releasing. And for years before that, I didn't really have any associated physical action - I would just release the thought. Just choose something and stick with it :)

(14 Feb '12, 14:11) Stingray

@Stingray, I'm printing this one. I never used the trigger for parking. My brother is so good he can find the closes park and in the shade. I really love the idea of doing the little manifestations as practice. Then the so-called biggies aren't biggies. This is some of your best work as far a helping us all thank you.

(14 Feb '12, 19:33) Tom
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Yes go right ahead and start with small things for it will give you confidance in your ability to manifest. All you have to do is convince your subconscious that you believe it will work. Believe that it has already worked and is yours already. Once you have done that the rest will take care of itself. Release it and let it go.

It makes no differance if you ask for small and cheap or very big and expensive for the principles of the law of attraction are exactly the same it is only our human mistrust in ourselves that is hindering us from receiving what we asked for.It is for that reason that it is better to start with something sall so we can trust ourselfes with our ability to do what we set out to do.

Notice one very important fact. When we ask for something small it doesnt bother us afterwards if we get it or not for it is small and it wouldnt matter or make a differance in our lives. It is exactly that reason that makes it manifest for we feel relaxed and unemcumbered by our wanting something small so when it does manifest we are suprised and happy. When we ask for something big and expensive its a different ball game and we start to doubt our ability and this very doubt keeps the thing away from us.

Convince yourself you can manifest any size or price and you will have the midas touch.

Make your big manifestations equal to your small ones


answered 12 Oct '11, 06:45

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Paulina 1

I love this explanation of the midas touch.

(14 Feb '12, 12:08) Fairy Princess

cory the small things affect the big things blow out a tire on a truck and it will stop. be wise enuff to know to change what you can change and wise enuff to not change what you can't change. experience and enjoy.


answered 12 Oct '11, 03:25

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white tiger

Short and sweet.

(12 Oct '11, 06:11) Paulina 1

This is similar to what I asked in. http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/45057/we-cant-hack-the-grid-of-reality-with-the-law-of-attraction-can-we

The difference being that you see the small steps as practice in this question where as mine the small steps are ways to approach the big goals in easier to handle chunks. Hacking the grid just going from nothing to having it all in a big step.

Yes when I am manifesting what I manifest are smaller things, my biggest was my car that I wanted when I felt it was time bang I went out and bought my perfect car it was sitting there waiting for me. I thought of what I wanted to pay for it so I knew it would be a used car and that didn't matter to me, I knew it would be loaded with an AM/FM radio, Air-conditioner/Heater, power locks, power steering, automatic transmission, power windows and I liked the color black. It even had a built in alarm system! Also I like my parents Chevy Luminas very much so that is the car I was pulled right to buying. The guy said we just got this today, we haven't even had a chance to check it out yet. He said he would sell it as is for $5000 I said yes and had that car for many years it drove like a dream and never had any problems until after I sold it to my brother. Unfortunately it didn't last long after that, but none of his cars ever do.

The more small stuff we manifest the more our faith builds to manifest bigger and bigger things, I like that.


answered 14 Feb '12, 12:30

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Wade Casaldi

edited 14 Feb '12, 12:31

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