This may have been obvious to everyone but me..but here goes: I am very intelligent, and it is the most horrible impediment I have in my humility.

For example, when there is a problem, the solution to it leaps to my mind faster than other people can even think, and I find myself thinking that because I got there first, I must be correct ! But recently, I have taken a cold, hard look at this quality in myself, and have found that just because I can leap to a quick answer before everyone else does not mean that my answer is the best answer! In fact, it means nothing at all...except that I think fast. So what? What matters is if I think right. Actually, it was Wade who inadvertently taught me that fast does not mean correct...He is just as intelligent as I am, but he takes his time, and by watching him, I have finally seen that I lack humility.

This has been a hard and humbling lesson for me. Necessary, but hard.

I cannot believe I have gone all these years with such a large ego and such small humility...So here is my question: How do you balance your own intelligence with a measure of good, old fashioned humbleness? Help!

Blessings, and (finally) in Great Humility, Jaianniah

asked 15 Jul '11, 02:06

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For me it was the realization that intelligence does not equal wisdom.

I was fortunate enough to be born with an above average level of intelligence but I'm only now coming to realize that wisdom is much more preferable...that was a humbling realization.


answered 15 Jul '11, 02:21

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Yep...Wisdom is rare, but smart *sses are a dime a dozen, I guess...and now I know the difference! Love you, and thank you! >>>>>>>>>>>>>

(15 Jul '11, 02:35) Jaianniah

You're welcome Jai. I often think those with 'simple minds' truly understand the beauty of life... they don't get caught up in the drama or the facts and figures but live more in the moment which is something we can all aspire to. I've come to realize that they are the greater teachers :)

(15 Jul '11, 12:39) Michaela

As Wade recently pointed out, our ego is a part of who we are. There's no real escaping from it or any need or possibility of killing it. The ego does what it does and acts as it acts because of its nature; I no longer see it as right or wrong or as something to be annihilated.

I find it helpful to view one’s ego as the personality construct of the lower physical mind. And rather than viewing it as something to be tamed or overcome, when seen from the perspective of our higher mind or higher self, one’s ego (which is not separate from us) naturally takes it upon itself to find a place of balance in one’s life.

Thus, one’s ego is always waiting in abeyance to assist our total physical being whenever needed, but will not do so (or rarely ;-) ), unless any particular situation deems it necessary or appropriate. For instance: while our ego could come out and quote facts that seemingly prove another wrong, it realizes that it’s always better for our total being to be happy rather than to be right.

Einstein explained ego this way:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Albert Einstein - 1879 – 1955


answered 15 Jul '11, 05:28

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What a lovely answer, Eddie! Thank you so much! +1 to you! Love, >>>>>>>>>>>>

(15 Jul '11, 10:55) Jaianniah

Thank you Eddie, excellent answer I love the Einstein quote too, that wraps it up nicely! +1

(15 Jul '11, 16:21) Wade Casaldi

Within yourself, know that you are awesome and intelligent, and live your truth by example. Have your internal dialouge be very complimenting, but to the outside world show that you are just a simple monk. However, inside you know that monks are actually very complex.

Love and Light


answered 15 Jul '11, 09:52

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Brian, I LOVE your shows me that I do not need to hide my light under a bushel to myself...just to others...Humbleness does not mean putting yourself down. Thanks.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(16 Jul '11, 18:45) Jaianniah

You can be the most intelligent, most powerful, most compassionate, most [type anything] and still be humble. It does not matter who you are and what you posess. It is not like it is easier to be humble when you are a beggar without any skill or faculty of the mind or character. It is easier to have no self-confidence, but not to be humble. You actually have to posess something valuable because only then you can know how it is to boast. Only when you know this feeling you can be humble.


answered 15 Jul '11, 18:18

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Yes I like reading things through, then pondering them a bit before an answer if an answer comes to me.

We are all God's children so I know someone else probably has an answer as good as mine, better or worse but all equal in consideration.

We all have our enlightenments that we share here and I have had many myself from reading something someone else wrote. It triggers within my brain a moment of "If this means this then why couldn't that apply here too, wow it does!"

This constant state of awe I live in keeps me humble because I feel I have much to learn always and I am enjoying every moment of being awake!

If I had all the answers, I wouldn't feel a need to be here it would be boring. Exploring and being enlightened is far more fun, every moment an enlightening moment of wonder!

I feel I need explain I am using the term enlightened as a verb to learn or wake up not as a noun as I am enlightened like the Buddha. Generally I am enlightened on a lot of things a lot of little enlightenments as we all are here, I just wanted to clarify that if I confused anyone as to my intention.


answered 15 Jul '11, 02:31

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Wade Casaldi

edited 15 Jul '11, 16:28

You are a never-ending source of wisdom, Wade...and so very humble that you never seem to realize it...I am such a fortunate woman to get to be in your life on a daily basis...Bless you...Love you....Your>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(15 Jul '11, 02:37) Jaianniah

I work with people with developmental disabilities. I work at a school in special ed and with adults as a life skills trainer. I try to find the strenghths in these people. Like I have a client, an adult with dd, who is very good at remembering names and birthdays, so I build her up with that. I also have discovered that we all have our genius area and our retarded area. I may be a genius mentally on paper, but socially, I am retarded. The people who are technically retarted on paper, have a genius in another area. One client is good at remembering phone numbers, so I would ask him for a number before looking it up.

Also, when I look around at all the 'progress' people have made, it is humbling. I didn't invent the tv or the spaceship that went to the moon. Before I was born, people were paving roads and building cars and driving them. They will continue to do this after I am gone. If I want to make a dent in this world, I am going to have do something real. If I don't invent something great, at least I can make a good impression on many hearts as I help them. I am also learning which kinds of things to offer help with and which to let them ask for help. It's funny how people would gladly take help from someone opening a door for them when their hands are full then to have somebody show them how to tap away anger. Hmmm...


answered 15 Jul '11, 12:05

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Fairy Princess

This is so true Fairy Princess! You would think by my writing I have it all together, I can do anything. But really yes I can boggle people's minds with what I can do. But there are things which are normal to most people that would seem ridiculous to be afraid of that used to near terrify me. Jai has been helping me a lot with those like because of her I took care of bills over the phone live and went to the hospitals and banks and dealt with people even through fear of them thinking "Why do I have to deal with these idiots that know nothing!" lol

(15 Jul '11, 16:00) Wade Casaldi

I am way way way tilted toward spiritual God mind over worldly Earth mind. This showed when I called for pay assist for a hospital bill, they asked so many questions one after another I got all confused and felt stupid and next I was disqualified. This but yet I passed my GED with flying colors near perfect. I don't understand it myself really what goes on. I am much more in the moment with my thought about right now rather than remembering facts about my life.

(15 Jul '11, 16:10) Wade Casaldi

Anyway I want to thank you for understanding and explaining what this is. That I am not alone in this, everyone has their faults those areas that near cripple them when they need function in those areas.

(15 Jul '11, 16:14) Wade Casaldi

Yes, Wade, and EFT really, really helps with these issues also. Like fear of talking to professionals or bill collectors, or fear of people thinking you are an idiot (your words). It is good to explore these so that you know what to tap on when you do the EFT. And for me, tapping on my social issues. First I have to discover the problem, then tap on it. I use the one handed tapping often, every time I feel anxiety of any kind, and remember to do it. It has been so helpful for me.

(15 Jul '11, 16:25) Fairy Princess

I also think EFT would help the mentally challenged, but I wouldn't want to get their hopes up, so I just encourage them to do the one handed tapping for right now stress. If somebody wanted me to help them, I would, but I won't just go tell them it might help, because I could be wrong and it would be an experiment for me. I have shown a few kids and some really love it. It is new to me and newer to them, so time will tell.

(15 Jul '11, 16:33) Fairy Princess

Yes you hit it on the head exactly "talking with professionals" people that deal with thousands of cookie cutter people everyday asking question most everyone can answer then I come along and hold up the line! lol

(15 Jul '11, 16:46) Wade Casaldi

I agree EFT may help the mentally challenged too, for me being LD was hard enough but I remember the Special ED kids. I know some know from my church I feel sorry for and want so bad to one day heal them. They are good people and nice friends I really care about.

(15 Jul '11, 16:51) Wade Casaldi

What is LD? Sorry. :)

(15 Jul '11, 17:15) Fairy Princess

Learning Disability, it means you function mostly normal but in my case there was dyslexia I had to deal with. Learning disabled you received help to get you to be able to function in normal classes. Unlike Special Education that seems like it is what they do when they don't know what to do with people that can't learn or have a very hard time learning.

(15 Jul '11, 17:50) Wade Casaldi
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like it is said some will be first and be last . and some will be last and be first. so always pass the last one when you will have got what every one else put in.this way you stay humble in harmony with everyone. with every one. experiance and enjoy.

some might think or might judge you that you are slow if you are the last it is there problem not yours. your thinking is as good as every one else if someone do not take what you say in consideration because he judge you he will be missing something.


answered 15 Jul '11, 18:36

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white tiger

edited 15 Jul '11, 18:41

Yes this is pleasing to God always consider others, if we place ourselves first sort of jump in line saying too bad for you it will really be too bad for us when we cross over. Jesus said as we have treated the least of these we have treated him himself.

(16 Jul '11, 17:46) Wade Casaldi

it all depends how you define "intelligence " . we all probably have our own definition

based on personal beliefs , and with experience personal beliefs are often proved 99% wrong .

" intelligence" and humility cannot be balanced one against the other .


answered 16 Jul '11, 17:33

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blubird two

I see what you are saying there are different things like comparing apples to oranges?

(16 Jul '11, 17:49) Wade Casaldi

Anything that is extra ordinary is unique and rare and most likely cannot be compared to anything else, and this is therefore a gift and strength for you. In terms of humility, you are free to be, and humble your self as you so wish to be.

1 Peter 5:5: “Clothe yourself with humility towards one another, because God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”


answered 17 Jul '11, 02:55

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Inactive User ♦♦

+1 to you, Vee, for mentioning "grace"...That is really what this is all about...grace...and being "grace-full"...Thank you so much!>>>>>>>

(17 Jul '11, 09:10) Jaianniah

there can be a number of ways to do so. it can be done if put as a suggestion and instilled in ur subconscious mind that 'u never compare urself with anyone'. the concept behind this is that u will only feel inflated with ego if u compare urself with someone/something etc. u might say that this affirmation has a negative connotation in the form of 'never'. but as per my experience and familiarity with affirmations, it will work. it works with me, coz i know how to do it. technique to do something is one thing, but spontaenity is another. spontaenity comes wid regular and intuitive practice. so with me, sentences wid negative connotations work very well as affirmations. if it doesnt work for u, leave it.---- another technique to become humble is relaxing urself, and focusing on the word 'humility' and being intuitive and receptive to what ur heart is saying. being receptive helps in understanding the nuances of a practice which the greatest of books will not be able to tell u. ----- writing down the word 'humility' wid focus, concentration, feeling etc again works. so there will b a number of exercises. easiest is.. repeat 15 or more times 1st thing in the morning...'i m humble'... it will manifest inn a few days.


answered 28 Aug '11, 20:01

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abhishek mishra

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