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Even in this online culture of ours here on InwardQuest, we all have similar belief structures. More so to the fact that if you think about it compared to all that is on this planet and have access to the internet, our IQ community is quite small.

And within this circle we can easily see the differences and subtle twists on the same type of beliefs within us here on IQ.

I think it safe to assume by our human nature that we all believe that we see the whole "thing" different from not only all the rest but also all the rest here.

Though we all see the same thing differently, do you ever try to remind yourself seriously that you don't know more than the person next to you and anybody else for that matter?

That at the end of the day we are all fighting the same battle on different fields. And surprise...we are all exactly the same..but different.

Do you feel this way?

asked 21 Mar '11, 06:41

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I think that I AM the person sitting next to me. I think that I am you, I am everyone. The only difference is our interpretations of who we are, but inside we are all one and the same. I think that time outside of this experience can go backwards and forwards which would then mean I am all and all is me or someone else. I know, it sounds confusing to me too.

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answered 21 Mar '11, 07:01

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The Knights Alchemy

I got ya Thanks!

(21 Mar '11, 07:11) you

the All is in the all, yet each of us is unique though neither of us is the All.
it is said in our journey back to the All we develop our individuality to the self-conscious point that we are all connected,
a loss of selfcenteredness in exchange for universal compassion.
each of us though still holds our individual place, what is called 'unity through diversity'

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answered 21 Mar '11, 11:10

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Is there a difference between knowing and realizing? Do many people ignore what they know and others realize that they know ? Do we ignore what some people call facts ? The things we call facts are they ignored by others? I now know I am One.Do I need to know more? An answer with questions is no answer.

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answered 21 Mar '11, 14:30

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Ahh but it is..

(21 Mar '11, 16:23) you

thanks dude glad you thought so

(21 Mar '11, 16:43) ursixx

we all are human we all are child god! but we are different even if very similar!you are you! and i am me! all together very similar but each unique!if you travel to the other side you will see the sea of light with all different being of light in it! each one is individual even if they can cummunicate and share knowledge and feeling at the speed of light!the biggest light is god the creator the eternal!

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answered 03 May '11, 15:35

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white tiger

edited 03 May '11, 15:53

We're all unique aspects of the One divine consciousness... so yes we're concurrently the same but different.

What I do to someone else, I do to myself. That's why your pain is my pain, your joy is my joy... until we fully realize this as human beings our species will always be in turmoil.

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answered 03 May '11, 16:01

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I like that you say unique aspects. Very nice.

(03 May '11, 16:41) you
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