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If you had to teach a person any three lessons, but only three, what would they be? The lesson may be anything you think is worth sharing with someone else.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

1.) Love God with all your strength. This means putting God first. It also means that you are willing to do God's will every day.

2.) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.Live for your fellow man. Love everyone, and treat everyone you meet with the love that you yourself would want to receive.

3.) Hakuna Matada....This phrase comes from "The Lion King". It means something like, "Don't sweat the small stuff....Btw, It's all small stuff." I have ursixx to thank for this wonderful lesson!

I hope these help!

Blessings and Peace,


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answered 06 Dec '11, 08:52

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Prescriptions for Happiness Ken Keyes Jr

1) Ask for what you want, but don’t demand it.

2) Accept whatever happens, for now.

3) Turn up your love, even if you don’t get what you want.  


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@Satori - Great, great tiny little book. It should be against the law not to read it :) It's amazing how Ken Keyes Jr nailed so much of what we discuss about Reality Creation in just three simple sentences many years before any of these ideas became popular

(11 Jul '12, 11:50) Stingray

@Stingray-Totally agree,this book is something else,ahead of its time,and the first I'd ever seen without copyrights.I especially like the last prescription as we are mostly inclined to do the opposite:)

(11 Jul '12, 12:21) Satori

Got links? :)

(11 Jul '12, 14:40) Grace

Thanks @Satori! :)

(11 Jul '12, 15:07) Grace
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Although it is not always easy, these are the three most beneficial experiences that i try to apply to my own life and would recommend to others ;

The law of attraction ... like attracts like.

The science of deliberate creation ... that which i think, and that which i believe or hope, happens ... the deliberate application of thought, this is the true purpose of the science of deliberate creation.

The art of allowing ... i am what i am and i'm ready to allow others to be what they are, even when they don't allow me to be what i am.

have a great day ;)
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blubird two

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I would teach the following.

1) LOVE yourself

2) YOU are responsible for your state of being

3) LIVE in the present

At this point, I remembered the quote by Richard Bach "You teach best what you most need to learn."


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answered 06 Dec '11, 09:49

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  1. LOVE Yourself and everyone else.....This will eliminate all wars and peace will reign.

  2. Don't JUDGE Reaction is gone and peace of mind is a gift that shall soothe your life.

  3. APPRECIATE Yourself and everyone else and every moment. A vida e bela.

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answered 06 Dec '11, 19:47

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Paulina 1

I can sum it up in one: there are no lessons to learn!

You are here, right now, to experience nothing but love and joy. If it were more complicated than that, which it isn't, you would have been born with that sense of knowing.

Lesson 2: Hakuna Matada. When you break out of the "life's a school" theory you'll come back with this famous quote which I support Jai with.

Or do you need to hear it from Bashar?(at 2:56 in this video), "If you really want enlightenment then just lighten UP!

White Tiger puts is accurately as well, "Experience and Enjoy!"

I could go on and on :)


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here it is lesson 1: being in harmony do not get stuck in duality(judgement ego negative emotion fear ignorance all hindrance)

lesson 2:do to other what you would want them to do to you in though speak and action.

lesson 3:learn to meditate and see your soul understand the meaning and put it to rest.

if you can learn to do that all the rest will follow.

experience and enjoy.

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answered 05 Dec '11, 21:34

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white tiger

We are all One, connected. So what you do to others, you do to yourself. So send out love.

Attend to your thoughts.If you don't want to go there physically, don't go there mentally. When you have thoughts that you don't want, do Two Hands Touching.

Appreciate and enjoy Now. I often witness people saying that they were so thin back then but they thought they were fat at the time, or how beautiful they were when they were young, but they felt ugly, or that they really had it going good, but they thought they were missing out on something. Have you ever thought you should have appreciated something more while you had it? Well NOW is that time again. Appreciate your body Now. Appreciate all that you are and have Now.


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Fairy Princess

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