I recently fell asleep after meditating, a song came to me in my sleep " No Place For Us".

It stayed my head and I woke up singing the song, it would not leave me so I wrote the verse down. I eventually looked on the internet and sure enough I found the song. It was a French song written by a French artist. I never heard the song or of the artist before, EVER!

I am wondering if this has happened to anyone before, and if so what is this called?

Thank You in advance,


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love this question

(19 Jul '11, 05:19) blubird two

No bluff, yes, this has happened 2-3 to me before. I would have a very strong recall of the song rythm and lyrics; I'd google some of the words and the song would sound very similar to how it was in the dream. The trippy part is in my conscious life I wouldve never ever heard the song before. Other times I'll get songs, google them, and nothing.

(11 Dec '12, 10:05) Nikulas
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This is interesting. I have had phrases burst into my mind when I am drifting off to sleep but that is all. Have you looked into the lyrics or the lyric's interpretation? Can you see them as anything relative to you or something you've had on your mind?


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Oh Yes I Have, but i am hesitant to add my interpretation to the words and connection to my life. I, as many are, an a loner and as I become more enlightened the less I want to be around people who are living in the material and are not seeking any forms of enlightment. So, my "hannging out days" are limited, and I had to leave many "friends" behind. So "no place for us" really hits home for me.

(19 Jul '11, 08:45) alumni

Yes, many times, and the song would stay in my mind for long periods of time. Sometimes it is a song that I knew from way back in the days, or it is a song that I do not know, and I would start to write the words of the song, and I would also sing the words of the song like I have known it all my life.

I believe that everyone has their own unique gift, and talents and are sometimes afraid to use them wisely, otherwise, they would not allow this gift, and talent to go to waste. Now I can write a new song for any occasion, or by looking, or listening to other people talk or sing.


answered 23 Jul '11, 06:20

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One night I sang, "Jesus, He can move the mountains," in my head. Then I watched church online and they sang that song. Now I understand that Jesus said that WE can move mountains.


answered 23 Jul '11, 14:40

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