I've always been hyper sensitive, empathic and intuitive (sometimes to the point of it being painful) and have had moments of enlightenment, mind expansion that have been breath-taking. Last year, I had a life-changing shared death experience which was, embarrassingly, with a beloved dog and not a person. I only say embarrassingly because these things are unacceptable enough in the world, when they happen with human's so I really can't ever even risk talking about it openly if it's a dog!

Anyhoo, since then I've had a few vivid brightly coloured images flash into my mind (in my mind's eye kind of thing) that look very different to thoughts and pictures that are conjured up usually in my imagination.

And the most difficult thing to accept, and i can hardly believe this myself, is that they seem to be related to things that are happening to me in the future.

I've had three so far:

1 I closed my eyes and saw and owl. I was with my partner and I said, surprised, "I've just seen an owl!" He's an atheist materialist, which I was once, so he just laughed at me. But then later we went out shopping and even he had to admit it was strange because we saw hundreds of owls. They were on everything: T-shirts, bill boards, jewellery, mugs, cars, and in every shop and outside shops in the street. He said it was just because we were noticing them and they were always there.

Although the next time we went out shopping I said: "Where are all the owls?" and he couldn't answer because there weren't any!

Anyway, now I am suddenly, out of the blue, with absolutely no prior knowledge of it, working in a Twitter related business with an owly name and based around owls that is turning out to be the most successful thing I've ever done and the biggest success was yesterday. Last night there was a real life owl twitting loudly outside in our back garden. We went out and watched it fly off.

I grant that all this might be coincidence.

  1. I saw a vivid image of a four leaf clover in the same different mind's eye picture. (I do find lots of four leaf clovers and can spot them a mile off but I hadn't found one for about a year). Then when I was walking the dog I started looking for them but couldn't find one. As soon as I stopped looking I found a FIVE leaf one right there in front of me. Then I walked on and I found 14 four leaf clovers (this is't unusual for me as I have some kind of four leaf clover finding super power). The connection I'm making is that I found them after a year of finding none, so many of them at once and the same day as I had the vision.

  2. Yesterday I had a vision of a beautiful tropical scene and a brightly coloured incandescent kingfisher type bird flew towards me. It was so real I almost ducked out of the way.

So far nothing has happened related to this.

But what's going on? Has anything like this happened to anyone else? Am I going mad? Am I turning psychic?

asked 05 Jul '13, 07:24

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@Dandilion . Great question! Thanks for sharing your own experiences. . Looking forward to seeing some interesting answers.

(05 Jul '13, 16:26) ursixx

I love your four leaf clover finding super power! I have only found three in my whole life! Two in one go and the other just randomly. Maybe you should start a business sandwiching them between glass and selling them as hanging decorations, one was given to my mother from glastonbury a few years ago. Looks pretty cool!

(06 Jul '13, 06:58) lastplacefavourite

love your experiences @Dandelion ... welcome to the wonderful world of symbolic communications

(26 Nov '14, 04:20) jaz
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I think you have tuned into something...you could call it "psychic", I guess. But it seems to be tied with the Earth and its creatures and plants. This type of "knowing" I have see with my shamanism. The Native Americans were tuned into the Earth to the point that they could "see" herds of animals far away, and knew everything that the plants and animals were telling them. Seeing an owl, the animal of wisdom, is perhaps your first sign that you have latched onto a new level of consciousness. Embrace this! Your finding four-leaf clovers all your life is also a sign of "knowing". I personally have found only one! So enjoy it! Read about the Native American ways. Look into Tom Brown's books. I think you will find them enjoyable. Love, Jai


answered 09 Jul '13, 20:57

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These experiences have stopped now. I don't know what they were or why I had them. Interesting, though.

(26 Nov '14, 05:52) Dandelion

@Dandelion- Are you with the same partner? I found myself stifled in my spirituality with my ex-husband. I "hid" it, and also many activities that I did of a spiritual nature. All you need to do to get it back is to try to feel that feeling of wonder you felt before, and it will come. It does take some practice. Take notice of that "stifling" thing. Maybe you are afraid of being spiritual because of your partner. I know I was. ♥

(26 Nov '14, 06:01) Jaianniah
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