Can pendulum be helpful for programming subconscious mind? and can we release blocks and negtive energy from subconscious mind through using pendulum?

asked 20 Feb '12, 02:43

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I'm sure you could use it in that way - the pendulum is only a tool for accessing your "inner" wisdom. It just externalizes your subtle internal responses so you could, for example, ask yes/no questions about where your blocks are and see what responses you get.

Once you get those answers, you could probably, for example, ask yes/no questions about which methods would be most effective to release those blocks. You could even devise your own pendulum charts to make it easier to get responses.

There are so many ways to use a pendulum that you're really only limited by your imagination.

But I'd like to make a suggestion here...are you sure you want to introduce the complexity of using a pendulum?

Everything comes down to your thoughts in the end and if you make yourself reliant on using a pendulum to change your thoughts, you now have to carry a pendulum around with you whenever you want to "program" your subconscious.

And then what happens when you forget or lose your pendulum? Or what about when it's simply inconvenient to use?

I used a pendulum for years but eventually weaned myself off it for those kinds of reasons. It's your choice, of course, but it may be more useful in the long run to rely on inner tools and processes where possible rather than external ones.

Having said that, I personally use my "manifesting spreadsheet" on a daily basis, which could also be classified as an "external" tool :) But in that case, the pay-off is so huge for me that I'm prepared to put up with the inconvenience of needing a computer.


answered 20 Feb '12, 13:40

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@Stingray - thanks for the info :)

(20 Feb '12, 13:49) blubird two

@Stingray-Thank for your valuable info.I also use focus block spread sheet.but the problem i face with that i cannot select the next statement.I always get confused that what would be the next statement that could change my vibration slightly different.i tend to write affirmations instead..:)

(20 Feb '12, 23:50) Zee

@Zee - Did you try out the suggestions in the comments to What statement should I focus on when starting a focus block? It is worth taking the time to master this process of writing statements of belief to permanently shift a vibration. I've been using it since the '90s, still use it almost everyday, and it's still one of the most powerful processes I know.

(21 Feb '12, 03:26) Stingray

@zee- it sounds like your jumping to far ahead with the statements exactly like i used to do.i thought the statement had to be really positive to bring relief but it doesn't and wont work anyway.Just a slight positive twist of the original starting statement which is true for you is all it takes. you sit back, focus, but clear your mind a bit the statements will come to you

(21 Feb '12, 07:59) Satori

@zee-try to stick with the focus blocks if you can.I initially thought they were not for me either but I read every question and Stingray answer on here that was tagged focus blocks. And asked a few of my own and began to understand how to use them.I can honestly say that I feel relief from every fb I do now. The more you use them the better you will get at using them.:)

(21 Feb '12, 08:00) Satori

@Satori-Thanks satori.My much concerns have been clear about FB's reading Stingrays and your comments.I started to work on Fb's and will ask qauestion if any problem arises.

(21 Feb '12, 23:50) Zee

@Stingray- and @Satori- What if i want some thing and dont have negative emotions for it? should i stop FB's for the thing and just relax or i should do something else to manifest it?

(22 Feb '12, 01:57) Zee

@Zee - If you don't have any negative emotional reaction towards something you want then you are not standing in the way of it coming. So as long as you don't keep noticing it isn't there, it must eventually come if you relax about it. If you want it to come more quickly, find ways to keep yourself in a happy state. See What does 'detachment' truly mean in Law of Attraction?

(22 Feb '12, 03:36) Stingray


(22 Feb '12, 03:44) Zee

@zee-as Stingray says you could let it manifest in its own time.

I think Manifesting experiment 1 is perfect for something you want but are ok with not having it. It means you can get clear about it again, (writing the letter) and then easily forget about it(throw it in the box) as you have no negative emotion about not having it. :)

(22 Feb '12, 05:33) Satori
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Hello Zee, personally i use a pendulum almost every day mainly for sensing, with precision, the outcome of very near future events ... i consider it to be an amplifier of subtle energies that are directly linked with thought, it is a physical means of detecting when the thought is in alignment with the intention.

To program the subconscious i use what i like to name radionics, in other words, i create the vibration that is in alignment with the intention and this can be done using various technics ... by simple mental orientation, graphs, the Stingray manifestation box etc. and some people use the pendulum as an emitter ... have fun


answered 22 Feb '12, 00:34

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blubird two

@Blubird Two-Thanks for sharing your experiences with pendulum.what are radionics? can you explain a bit more?

(22 Feb '12, 02:00) Zee

@Zee - the word radionics i learned from my teachers, principally J.Bersez and Servranx - radionics is the study and putting into motion of vibrational energy ... the exact same vibrational energy as so often mentioned on IQ ... have fun

(22 Feb '12, 04:30) blubird two
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