I have been having a lot of "Frustration" dreams lately. I think it is because I cannot do the things I want to because of the recent surgery on my leg. I am beginning to wonder, though. Maybe I am feeling frustrated in some other part of my life. I do not know. Is my brain just dumping the emotions I feel during the day, or should I be paying the attention to them that I am? What do you think? How can I interfere with the dreams in order to stop having them?

Blessings and Light, Jai

asked 09 Dec '09, 15:15

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You are in a very fortunate position right now. Don't interfere with the flow of information that is seeking to be released. All that emotion & frustration is being allowed to come up so that you can take an honest look at all the things you believe within your self, accumulated beliefs that have been buried so deep that you don't know what they are any more.

Unfortunately these deep un-examined beliefs affect your everyday behavior in your day-to-day life. Most people rarely get a chance in life to take time off to self-examine the contents of their personality make-up. And furthermore, when they do get the time, they don't have a technique to access their deep-buried beliefs & consequently the emotions connected to them.

You on the other hand have arrived at the envious & fortunate position of (I believe) having the time to examine these beliefs & the mechanism of being able to access or confront these forgotten beliefs. Your injury is not by accident. It is probably the conditions necessary for your inner journey. Chances are, you have had a deep desire for spiritual awakening of sorts for a looong time in your life, but life kept getting in the way.

When you feel the frustration, welcome it and ask God to show you what the true cause of your frustration is. With repetition you will stumble on some reason or memory of an event where you made a decision, a decision, which is now the cause of the frustration. It could be something as insignificant as you believing "all wealthy people are evil" or "all outwardly spiritual people are fakes & have something to hide".

What ever-it is, now it is counter-productive to whom you are becoming & therefore the frustration, because of the opposing intent in energy.

Something tells me that you already know this because this approach is very popular & is used in various disciplines.

Oh, by the way Write things down (but keep them private).


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The Traveller

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No, I did not know what you have told me! Thank you. In all my spiritual questing, I have never really bothered with dreams. It seemed a bit "pop-culture" to me...Thank you! Blessings, Jai

(09 Dec '09, 17:01) Jaianniah

Abraham's view is that dreams are pre-manifestations.

That is, they are thought-forms that are on the way to condensing down to the physical level (as physical manifestations) but, at this stage, they only have enough energy within them to condense into your dream world.

You can use your dreams, therefore, as an indicator of what is shortly coming into your physical reality.

You judge what is coming, not by the subject of your dream, but by the feeling it has given you.

If you are having dreams that make you feel frustrated, then this is an indication that physical manifestations matching frustration are on the verge of entering your reality.

Nothing to worry about though. At any moment, you can turn your conscious attention deliberately to more joyful aspects of your life, and also deliberately soothe whatever concerns are giving rise to the frustrations in your life.

In this regard, dreams are a useful tool for self-monitoring the direction your life is heading.


answered 10 Dec '09, 12:01

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Respectfully, I hope this isn't true. Have a look at the dream that Jaianniah edited out of this question: http://www.inwardquest.com/revisions/2749/list

(28 Dec '09, 23:14) Vesuvius

Yes, I noticed the edit previously. I'm only passing on information that I've tested in my own life and found to be true (for me, at least). Whether or not someone acts on the information, or even pays any attention to it at all, is unfortunately out of my control.

(28 Dec '09, 23:56) Stingray

What if you have been working on improving your vibration, and you still get dreams that leave you feeling a little uneasy in the morning? Is the feeling of uneasiness residue from my older vibration? Occassionally I feel unsure about the progress of molding my vibration.

(17 Mar '11, 16:26) Nikki777
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Dreaming is the natural ability of all human. Some dreams can meaning something specific in your personal life, or some dreams can be a warning of something you need to take heed of. Depending on your personal situation you are your best judge, as to what your dreams are saying to you, and does it really apply to anything specific in your present situation?

For some people, dreaming is just a natural part of their nightly sleeping, and waking behaviour, and some people really like to talk about what they dreamt last night, mainly because they get so caught up in their dreams. I believe that dreams are good, it could be cleansing, and it does have meaning, depending on how you relate to your dreams. The good thing about disturbing dreams the fact is, when you open your eyes the dream is gone, it is over. So, one should not get to stress about the issue of dreams.


answered 14 Dec '09, 00:10

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Inactive User ♦♦

Dreams are highly symbolic. Seldom do they suggest anything overt. Rather, they illustrate patterns of thinking.

I suggest that you examine your dream material for things that help you understand the nature of your own thinking process. Since all dream material is ultimately about you, what are your dreams saying about you? Are they telling you that you are a confident person? Or are they saying something else? What could you change about your self that would make you happier?

Insight into your self (regardless of the source of that insight) can greatly empower your ability to change for the positive.


answered 28 Dec '09, 23:09

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Dreams are one of the most personal messages a person can receive. Whatever source or cause of dreams you wish to believe you will find veritable mountains of evidence backing that up. Like many other things, the decision is yours what to make of them.

It may well be that the frustrations are reflections of the trouble you had because of your injury. Any time something occurs that confronts the way we view ourselves and our world it is very possible that the subconscious, collective unconscious, a spiritual entity, whatever you wish, is able to break through the stranglehold the ego has over most people most of the time. If a dream is recurring and impacting enough to warrant seeking answers, chances are something has something to tell you about something. Nobody can really help you define those somethings but yourself. An analyst or therapist could provide insight, certainly, but the quality of those insights would be dependent on his understanding of you.

You know you better than anyone else knows you, so the ultimate authority in deriving meaning or lack thereof in dream occurrences is you. This can be frustrating at first, because the language of dreams is so alien to the language of our waking consciousness, but with persistance and an earnest desire to learn yourself better will provide steadily increasing returns.

It is truly fortunate that you have enough awareness to remember them, little enough conditioning to write it off as "just a dream," and access to a community like this to help you on your inner journey. There are a multitude of books out there, some of which I could recommend highly.


answered 12 Aug '10, 01:02

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everything as meaning! everything happens for a reason! always have that in mind and you can find out the meaning! we are much more then the body and the mind! one need at least to realize that!


answered 22 Apr '11, 22:48

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white tiger

at what level are you in the best position to deal with dream? in the dream! you ski in the snow you swim in the water and walk on land and fly in the sky!

(22 Apr '11, 22:56) white tiger
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