Does the moive Insidious really mean anything?

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Which insidious movie?

(30 Jul '11, 03:42) Wade Casaldi

Thanks Barry for the link.

(30 Jul '11, 18:45) Wade Casaldi

Unplugged, it would have been nice to see what you thought about our answers...if you ever check this site again, that is...>>>>>>>>>>

(14 Aug '11, 03:02) Jaianniah
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to me it reveals the power of the imagination of a young child...a real life everyday experience for an adult can have a profound impact on the highly fragile and sensitive world of a child that has not yet developed conscious mental capacities.


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blubird two

The only thing I can see is that this movie makes people afraid of something perfectly natural, astral projection. The other thing is this movie pulls faith down because even though Dalton fought the ghost woman she won anyway by possessing him. Furthermore it says you can get trapped in the Farther Away place, I have been all the way to the void and I am still here.

It is just a movie meant to scare you, the only problem is the more you fear the dark the less you have faith in the light. Believing in Satan and fearing Satan are two different things, when you know you are never alone and God is with you 100% of the time there is no need to fear any evil because Jesus has already beat it; you just need to accept and know this.


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Wade Casaldi

The whole reason I watched this movie was to see Patrick Wilson again (he was the hero in Phantom of the Opera- the film). I was interested in why he would choose to star in a horror movie, and his choosing this movie suggested that just maybe it would turn out to be a good one. (I generally avoid horror movies- if I need horror, I just remember my childhood...insert scream here...). It was quite scarey and all that, up until it started getting explained by the channeler brought in to save the child...Then, evil seemed to win out, and all faded to black. THE END. Bleagh.

If there was a point, it was to talk about the possibility that when we dream, we leave our bodies (or can if we choose), and astral project (or can, if we choose). I found this idea very compelling, for, if you have read any of my answers at all, you would already know that I did leave my body and astral project as a child. It was great, and not scarey at all. I never went anywhere bad in my journeys, and never failed to return. The idea that one could go "too far" and into "The Further" (as it was called in the movie) is a good one. The writer could have played his/her tune on this idea until the cows came home...but chose instead to turn it into Sci-Fi. Double Bleagh.

So I guess the Point is that children can perhaps go where adults fear to tread. After the ending this movie had, I am not really sure what point there was up to that. Now, I would have had the father rescue his son, conquer the witch of his childhood, get out with his son, and win. Then the point would have been good vs. evil, with good winning. Then the movie could have ended with a photographed family portrait sitting on the piano, with all smiling, which would have been symbolic of this.Blessings, and happy hauntings, Jai


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thanks. you all helped so much. Love and Light

(31 Jul '11, 23:12) unplugged

Yes to some people it meant something, because they may have had similar experiences with the dark side of things, and therefore they can probably identify with the content of the movie.

As to whether or not it has a message, the answer will be different for everyone, depending on how well they have related to this sort of horror movie and to what extend it has impressed upon them.


answered 31 Jul '11, 01:11

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