Please I want to know if watching films, especially long series movies may affect our lives with regards to what we want to manifest in life since during the session we change our feelings and thinking resulting in high and low vibrations.

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Personally I don't think so. Although a movie can move us emotionally, most people don't hold on to that feeling once the movie is over so I don't really think it affects our vibration for a prolonged period of time. With the manifestation process I think we have to maintain the feeling good for more than an hour or two.

Maybe when you're watching those long series movies and are able to hold the feeling once the movie is over, it could have an impact on what you manifest - from everything I've learned, how we feel is a key component in what we manifest.


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Its ok, thanks Michaela.

(31 Mar '10, 10:17) MUHD

The movies we watch affect our thoughts. If a movie gets in our head and stays there, it can affect everything that our thoughts affect.


answered 10 Mar '11, 03:58

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Fairy Princess

I had a personal thought of what happens at a movie theater where maybe 200 people are watching a terrifying movie and are all terrified in union of thought simultaneously concentrated in that thought as one. It makes you wonder if that affects the web of existence, all thinking negative, all terrified, all in victim consciousness. I know it says in the Bible our thoughts become our experiences, as Jesus said if a man lusted in his heart he has already lusted that woman. By your words you are justified, by your words you are condemned. He also says where two or more are gathered in my name I am there, this is 200 people unified in terror. 200 people in one thought for most of 2 hours and that thought is fear and terror. Could all this gore and terror be having an effect on the web of existence? It is only concentrated united thought of 200 people simultaneously for about 2 hours, how much harm could that do?


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Wade Casaldi

I believe the films we watch do influence our manifestations. The reason being that watching or observing anything around us makes us think about it and create pictures in our mind and when we watch it by getting emotionally involved - it brings us to a higher frequency and we can manifest it faster.


answered 01 Mar '12, 08:10

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Yes. Movies influence our manifestations. Especially those that powerfully emotionally affect us. Our inner self does not know the difference in reality and powerfully visualizations. Movies are visualizations.

I used to watch heavy dramas and my life was a heavy drama. Especially "Struggle Movies" that tell us that fighting the current; taking aggressive action; getting knocked down and coming back and hitting it again and again, will help you to win.

I once thought this way, but now I realize that most of my "wins" were not due to my struggling to make something happen -- my wins came when I just got too tired of struggling and in that peaceful moment, Inspiration came and showed me the easy path to spectacular success.

Do you want a life like Jack Bauer in "24"? Are you freaking kidding me?

Do you want to fill your mind with movies where people struggle to get incrementally better? Or do you want a whole new creation? Our victories come through our crack of least resistance. You can really want something AND convince yourself that they only way to achieve it is to struggle, hard. And, guess what, "Your wish is my command," Source answers.


answered 01 Mar '12, 07:36

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Dollar Bill

As a genre, our favorite fictional movies are Bollywood musicals.

(01 Mar '12, 07:40) Dollar Bill

I do not believe that movies have an affect on what people say or what they will do. That is up to the personal character of the person to kick in and if that person has no feeling about the subject previous to the movie, it will have no effect on their personal mind. People do not act out for something they do not previously believe in.


answered 14 Apr '11, 14:12

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If people do change for the movie, they're acting out because of beliefs of family or friends.

(14 Apr '11, 14:14) Nicole

Movies do not affect society. People are always claiming movies affect society but movies really just show what is going wrong in society or how we act today. Usually it is a comparison of how we used to act back then to how we act today. We take movies too literal sometime when they really should just be used for entertainment purposes.

(14 Apr '11, 14:16) Nicole
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