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I was watching a film on television it was a good Christian film meant to feel good and give a wonderful ending, this should make me feel good but instead it has the reverse affect and causes an effect of depression.

Now my mind should say that is them it has nothing to do with me, that is a beautiful fantasy fictional story it has nothing to do with me. For some reason though instead it makes me wish God would have done that for me, or I made the wrong choices in life, my life could have been like that if I had only made different choices.

It makes happy ending movies depressing, I thought I was past that until this movie I saw.

I believe because it brings a left out feeling, or a you screwed up, this will never be your life feeling. It's a feeling sort of like instead of "It's a wonderful life" more like "That's a wonderful life."

There used to be a television show called "This is your life." Watching these happily ever after movies is more like saying "This isn't your life."

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Wade Casaldi

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Someone said. You don't have a life, you are a life. And you Wade ARE a wonderful life. But what I say does not matter until you you accept that as far as your mind is concerned, you are okay with "where you are". You have a "better" life than some and "worse" than others. It depends on the perspective YOU CHOOSE. This ultimately has nothing to do with the movie.

God bless, much love.



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jim 10

That is true I don't spend my life getting hammered drunk and stoned high everyday to avoid it like some poor tormented people do, my life is much better than that because I don't choose that. I am pretty well connected with God too there are many good things I have you are right on that.

(31 Jan '11, 19:11) Wade Casaldi

I have seen movies and read books that had a profound impact on me, so much so that the effect of it lasted for many days. My belief is that when this happens, there is something to be learned from it, or some lesson to take away. Maybe there is something to aspire to that you saw in this movie? Rather than taking the perspective that you fel worse after watching it, why not tell yourself that there is something to aspire to? We can always improve and make our lives even more happy, even when we are coming from a pretty good place! Best wishes. As Michael mentioned, it's often a matter of perspective.

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LeeAnn 1

I am not sure this is really an answer, a question or a comment, but we are told in these LOA books not to watch violence or horror movies, but I keep watching them because they make me feel good. (Before you call me crazy read further). :)

It's the upsurge of adrenaline when they scare me, the laughter when I startle for nothing, the joy 'cause I know these things are only fantasy, the relaxing effect when it finishes, I don't know, a lot of things. So I believe there's no wrong-doing in watching them (at least for me). I don't take them seriously nor I keep thinking much on them afterwards.

So I thik I understand Wade's feelings. I just wanted to show another example of reverse efect. Comedies don't make me laugh so easy. It takes a VERY good comedy to do that. I hope my post is not off-topic...

If someone has a comment on my liking horrid movies I am ready to see different opinions on the matter. :)


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This is very interesting, yes I suppose you could go away thinking WOW I am glad my life isn't like that! You would feel good, there is some tricky psychology here I think we have stumbled on.

(01 Feb '11, 21:04) Wade Casaldi

Yes it was a question but more as to a matter of opinion thus I can see why it was turned into a wiki question. That is okay with me the answers are the important thing to me and I am happy to see them all. :-D

(02 Feb '11, 03:19) Wade Casaldi

Jealousy is a very nasty monster. When good things happen for people in my life, I practice being happy for them. I don't allow any negagive emotion to enter my mind. I keep it happy for them. Movies are different because they are not our loved ones. If you can learn to step into the movie so that while you are watching it, it is you, then you can feel good from it. Then, you call up those good feelings later when you need them or just want them. It's ok to pretend it is you in the movie so you can get the feel good benefit from watching it. I wouldn't do that for horror movies, I don't like them anyway. The movies that don't make you feel good offer you a chance to look at what makes you uncomfortable. You can do EFT tapping on the issues that come up from that self examination.

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answered 09 Jul '11, 17:25

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Fairy Princess

Happy ending movies can have a way of exposing a wound, lets say for example I am constantly depressed because I lost my grand-mother. I may watch a movie that has a grand-mother in it and everyone is happy. It could have an effect of opening a door to depression I had been avoiding feeling and may not have noticed before then. You are right though if it does it shows I need work on those issues not bury them, thanks for the EFT suggestion too. :-D

(09 Jul '11, 20:58) Wade Casaldi
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