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When I was 24, I was awakened suddenly. At first, I was unsure what had awakened me. I saw immediately that my bedroom was flooded with an incredible blue light. This light was utterly unworldly and beautiful. I looked around me. Standing next to me was a woman, who was the source of the blue light. She was dressed in white with a blue mantel and was young and possessed of such inner beauty I was struck dumb at first. My husband was asleep beside me. I repeatedly elbowed him to awaken him.

The woman giggled! She said, "He will not awaken. You can try, but he will not." And she giggled again! I pinched myself, thinking that I was surely having quite a dream.

She said, "Do not do that! I would not have you hurt yourself. I am truly here."

"Who are you?" I asked. "Surely," she replied. "Surely, you must know."Oh, but I do not!" I said then. "Are you an angel?"

She pondered this, but only for a moment. "You of this world call me Mary," she finally answered. "You mean, Mary...Mother of Jesus?" I asked. There came that lovely laugh again, low and sweet. "Yes, some call me that," she answered finally.

In my heart, I immediately thought to myself that this was totally impossible. To this day, I call her "The Blue Lady".

Being practical, I responded, "But I am not Catholic!"

She said, "What does that have to do with anything? I just came to talk with you."

I wondered to myself what Mary could want with me. What could the Mother of God have to say to me, a non-Catholic and someone who did not even go to church on a regular basis? Now, I just sat up a bit, and I remember taking in that blue light, and was filled with a peace which "passeth all understanding" (Phillipians 4:7, KJV Bible) I finally could understand how someone could feel such a peace. I did not have any doubt or fear. This peace wiped my soul clear, and I was utterly filled with such love and wonder for this woman. I could not help loving her- she seemed the essence of love. It was as if she was Love itself.

We spoke mind to mind at times, but also, with clear understanding. Time passed strangely- both fast, and slow. I think it must have been at least twenty minutes or so.

She directed me to learn the Rosary, and I asked her how I was to obtain a "Rosary". I had heard of them, of course, but had never really seen or held one, except that I knew that my friend Cathy was Catholic and had one when we were growing up.

I promised The Blue Lady (Mary) that I would get a Rosary and learn to pray on it. This was not the only thing we talked about, though. She talked with me about how important it was to live a life of Love and Faith in God. This she emphasized. She said that "Faith is everything, absolutely everything, and that out of Love, comes Great Faith, and one needs both Faith and Love together, for they depend on each other.

Even though time has gone by since I saw her, I can still remember her like it happened last night. Not a day goes by, nor a night, that I do not long to see her again.

After she was gone, I held this experience close to my heart, and to this day, have no doubt that what I experienced was real. I went to my Public Library to learn about the Rosary...I wanted to research it, and to try to puzzle out its significance in the world. I also wondered over and over why this had happened to me at all.

I ended up taking a crystal necklace, and breaking it apart, and re-strung it into a Rosary. I was rather surprised to discover that the words of the Rosary were already familiar to me- in Latin! In High School, we had sung "Ave Maria" in chorus. I had sung a solo rendition of the Ave Maria as part of my vocal repertoire for my voice lessons. It struck me that all that time, I never really realized that the Ave Maria was the Rosary! No one had ever explained the Ave Maria to me- I guess all my teachers just assumed I already knew what it meant. (Those were the days! No one back in my High School days had yet decided to keep religious music out of Public Schools. As a matter of fact, in the days of Bach and Beethoven, most music was religious. It is nearly impossible to have a good vocal repertoire without learning religious music. But when my children got to school, by the eighties, most public schools had stripped all religious music out of band, orchestra, and choral music- and I used to cringe at Christmas. The number of renditions of "Frosty the Snowman" and "Jingle Bells" seems infinite now...I was very sad that my children never got the thrill of performing such music as "The Messiah" and "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.)

To this day, I can say the Rosary both in Latin and English. I have used and prayed the Rosary as a centerpiece of my private meditations. The repetition of the "Hail Mary" helps bring me into an Alpha state quite nicely, which is a nice and wonderful side effect of doing the Rosary.

My vision changed my whole life. I tried to approach the Catholic Church, to tell them that I saw "The Lady", but all my efforts were brushed aside because I was not Catholic, and because I had been alone when she appeared to me. I was so naive. I know that perhaps I perhaps sound like a "religious nut-nut" even to some of you who read this account. Mary only told me to keep up my Faith, and to never doubt her or myself. She promised me that she would be appearing to many people all over the world, and that I would discover that I was not alone in my vision. Apparently, the Catholic Church is not sure what to do about all of these sightings of Mary; but the Church can no longer ignore all of us who have seen her.

You might wonder why she is appearing more and more. She told me that the world has gotten to be so filled with hatred and war that she decided to come to bring Proof to the World that God sees and cares and is very, very sad and disturbed at our lack of Faith!

I am hoping that by sharing my story with all of my "bestest of friends" here at Inward Quest that it will help you to BELIEVE!!!!

All my Love, and with many Blessings,


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well jai thank you for sharing your experiance. experiance and enjoy.

(02 Aug '11, 01:21) white tiger

You are welcome. Thank you for the benign and nice comment!>>>>>>>>>>>

(02 Aug '11, 12:14) Jaianniah

A editorial note: Please notice how I spell "experience". This is the correct way to spell it......

(02 Aug '11, 12:17) Jaianniah

well jai experience and enjoy.

(02 Aug '11, 14:17) white tiger

i agree jai experience seams to be right in english and french. so it seams that people in french and english to write experiance are making error on less the word as change in time. thank you for pointing that out.

(02 Aug '11, 15:32) white tiger

Wonderful story.thanks jai for sharing.Let me know,does Marry appears only before women/Girls?

(18 Aug '11, 10:32) Zee
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Things that defy explanation began happening to me and that's what got me started in this adventure long ago, but enough about that.

What matters is that this beautiful experience happened to you.

And, thank you so much for sharing that experience with us.

And the best part is that it happened to a normal person like you. (Ok perhaps you are not normal, you are extraordinary)

Isn't it amazing that the only place for sharing this type of experience without being judged is either in a forum like this one or within the confines of a church.

And yet, things like this have and do happen to too many people who have been taught by a system of validation to keep the whole thing quiet.

I personally know quite a few people who have experienced the miraculous and only talk about it when they feel confident that they won't be ridiculed.

It is a shame because this, (ridicule), is the exact process by which one is slowly taught to dis-trust the inner source.

Your experience is truly fantastic and I hope that you wrote down this experience in every detail so that your children and grandchildren can enjoy and learn from, to trust and embrace their own experiences of the miraculous.

The younger generation can easily access this field of information and it is important that they here these stories from you now.

As they grow up, they will be taught to dismiss their own natural awakening and their ego will take full control of their identity here, preventing any accidental breach of the program.

I am reminded of Jesus's journey when comparing your experience of faith and physical struggle, as it is often said that only those with a strong enough faith are chosen to handle the difficult journeys on behalf of the rest of us.

Thank you for keeping you faith strong and inspiring the rest of us with your experiences.


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The Traveller

You are quite welcome- I should have shared my story ages ago. It would have given me a measure of peace to know I am not alone at all! Also, I selfishly never considered that my story would bring faith and peace to others besides myself, as you have pointed out. I consider all of these answers quite an affirmation of that "other" world, which is as real as "our" own. Thank you so much. Blessings, Love, and Peace, >>>>>>>>>>>>

(01 Aug '11, 17:50) Jaianniah

Hi Jai

I would'nt say that the visions I have had, and continue to experience defy description.They just are.

I experience several different energies on a daily basis.The kind of things I have been witness to in the past. Last November I went to a channeled weekly lesson with Abraham/Jacqui,which is always awesome. At the end of the evening Abraham will answer a question or offer a message,I chose a message, and it was that I would have to write with my eyes closed in the light of the full moon.On Nov 28,2010(which was the day of the next full moon) I awoke at 4am to what I first thought was A Full Moon in my head. As I opened my eyes it grew to approx 12 feet across and eminating from this wonderful white light was the strongest feeling of Love. I chose not to wake my wife at time, so I got out of bed and went downstairs and the light was still in full vision.I sat in a chair in the living room and just tried to be with this energy.After about 15 min the light grew in intensity and I could Feel a different energy coming forward towards me. I was witness to seeing spirit as spirit in our natural form, without form. I experienced this for about 70 mins. There was one entity after another, and all I could feel was Love emanating from each and every one, and at the same time, all together. I started to get a little overwhelmed at this point and went back upstairs to wake my wife and ask her opinion. After I explained what was going on,I asked her if I should phone an energy worker friend of ours ,it suddenly started to reduce in size and strength till it was totally gone.(total time 155 min).

I experience energy at different levels every day I hear,see and feel them in many different ways. I can stare at something for a brief period and ask a question to my guides,What is the true essence of what my eyes reveal to me? And as I say that the object will take on fluidity and looks just like you see a live current or stream, sometimes flowing gently sometimes circling softly.

I have been seeing different energies for 4 years now and I know that I have several spiritual openings and I am usually abel to work well with them but their is one energy I struggle with , and that is my over active Kundalini energy.I have experienced some very dramatic highs and lows with this energy.I am seeking guidance from the wonderful people at The Kundalini Research Network.I have witnessed some very incredible visions and have felt things that I would have to take time and sit with. I ask, and I always get the same answer. It just is.

Love and Light


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What wonderful stuff you experience! I am glad you posted; the more people who do, the more evidence we build about "the spiritual side"...Thanks!>>>>>>>>>>>

(02 Aug '11, 18:01) Jaianniah

Glad you liked it Jai, It's difficult for me to share this information with people.But I Am being guided to step forward and share these unique experiences. Love and Light

(03 Aug '11, 17:15) Roy

No you are not a religious nut. Yes Mary has shown herself to many lucky people and my 90 year old mother saw her and still sometimes sees her and exactly as you described her. No they didnt want to believe her either and they all thought of it as ramblings of an old woman but some of us know it to be true as it is hapening more and more and sometimes to young people as well.

You do realise that religion is not whats important here and it makes no differance if you are catholic or not what is important is the mesage which is to keep faith. Faith is important.

John Edwards wrote a wonderful book on how to pray the rosary. He also mentioned that faith is important. Dont know the exact name of the book but Google John Edwards Psychic and you will be able to find out.

Consider yourself lucky and blessed.


answered 01 Aug '11, 15:55

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Paulina 1

The name of the book is PRACTICAL PRAYING and in it John Edwards explores the power of the Rosary as a tool to bring focused energy and creative thought into our everyday lives.

(01 Aug '11, 16:24) Paulina 1

Thank you, Paula, for the encouragement (oh! what a relief it is to not be thought of as a nut!)- and also, for the book recommendation. I will certainly be looking for it- in fact, just watch! It will manifest itself into my life since I want it! Thanks and Love, >>>>>>>>

(01 Aug '11, 17:42) Jaianniah

As I have mentioned here before, my oldest son is a Catholic Priest! As with you, Father Corapi, and many people ( Catholic and not ) he claims that Mary came to him as a child during a difficult period of time and had a talk with him, giving him a lot of comfort. This changed his life. He was always upbeat and still is, and felt he was called to be a Priest from that point forward. During the summers, when school was out, he would not go and play baseball, ride bikes, play video games or anything else until he had been to morning Mass. Definitely, he was different than my other children or any others in the neighborhood. As an adult, he tried other paths of life, including being a high school teacher for awhile, dating a woman seriously and etc, but could not deny his calling and went into the Priesthood. He is very happy and fulfilled. This calling was based on his vision of Mary from early childhood and indeed Mary has appeared to many children over the years as well as adults. Of course, the times she has appeared to the masses, at Medjugorie, Fatima and etc are well documented. The maternal side of "God" appeals to us, since it is Motherly love and direction that many need and yearn for, and are comforted by.

I'm glad that you brought up the rosary being a meditative prayer. The droning of one's own voice, and the peacefulness indeed bring on an alpha state which is helpful to nearly everyone and for some people, the only way they will ever reach alpha while awake. As Wade can tell you, we Astarians know that the rosary is not just for Catholics!

But back to visons, even though I grew up as an atheist and surrounded by them in my extended family, I had a vision as an 8 year old, that I would see a certain sign in the sky on the day that I would die. I was told that I would see this symbol (too personal to mention) in the sky, that I would not be afraid, would prepare to die that day and would have my loved ones come for me. I was in the back seat of my Mom's car at the time this happened, listening to her and my Grandmother talk about shopping for fish. I was not asleep and seemingly had no background that would have made me just imagine something like that. I wasn't afraid, and didn't tell my family for fear of ridicule but I never forgot it, that's for sure! All of my life, I have truly believed in my heart that the day I am to die, I will see that sign in the sky. Yes, I really do.

Don't ignore your visions and those of others!


answered 01 Aug '11, 16:13

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LeeAnn 1

Thanks so much, LeeAnn...Sharing your vision with me and all of us is very special! It is so encouraging to me to know I am not alone. I wish I had told my story ages ago. I also hope you do not see your sign until you are an old, old lady! Blessings and Love, >>>>>>>>

(01 Aug '11, 17:46) Jaianniah

Thank you Jai, and I am so glad you shared yours as well. Most people have had some supernatural or inexplicable events in their life but are afraid to talk about them, don't you think?

(01 Aug '11, 19:01) LeeAnn 1

Yes, I agree with you. This fear of ridicule is such a strong fear that it stops even Americans, with Freedom of Religion, from speaking out about their experiences. But judging from the number of books I see in bookstores about this subject, I know that the movement to "talk" is growing, and with it, fear is shrinking. I hope you are right, and that we find out that most everyone has experienced "something"! Bless you,>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(01 Aug '11, 20:03) Jaianniah

That's a very good point about more and more books coming out. I see so many more on the paranormal, supernatural, near death experiences, visions, channeling and etc. Just a few years ago these would not have even been published or sold!

(01 Aug '11, 22:19) LeeAnn 1
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Thanks for sharing that with us, Jai. You know what- I've not been bought up religious and always considered myself an Atheist.

Reading your story just got me thinking. At one point when i was living in Australia and I was going through a really difficult time I decided to go for a walk to clear my head.

As I was walking, I happened to glance down and something caught my eye. It was a small silver necklace. I recognised the engravings on it as some kind of religious symbology, put it in my pocket and didn't think much of it at the time.

After this walk, everything that had been bothering me quickly started to dissipate and work themselves out. Out of interest i researched the markings on the necklace and identified it as the 'Medal of Immaculate Conception' created in appreciation of Mary.

Seems as though she appeared to help me through a difficult time? When it comes to religion I have my own set of beliefs and am not easily influenced by other's (beliefs). However, things like this occurrence keep happening to me and it is getting hard not to have faith! Love x


answered 02 Aug '11, 09:43

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One of the things that I did not mention in my post was Mary's insistence that I wear an Immaculate Conception medal always! I was obedient to this for years...until I lost my medal and never replaced it. You have made me realize why things may have gotten so hard for me lately! She was very adamant about that Medal! Thank you SO much for sharing!!! Love, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(02 Aug '11, 12:05) Jaianniah

I've lost mine as well I am going to try and get another! x

(02 Aug '11, 12:21) realityVSimagination

Isn't it interesting that both these medals were lost? I wonder if they just moved on to allow the next person who needed them, to find them.

(12 Aug '12, 19:03) Grace
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No neccesarily a vision but a dream that I was coming out of and awakening. The words that stuck in my mind were "I am tied to the hand I can not reach" What a bizzar statement. for the life of me I can't seem to figure it out. LOL


answered 02 Aug '11, 01:36

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You were putting words to the experience of pre-birth- when you WERE literally "tied" by an umbilical cord to the hand you could not reach....that of your Mother! Try thinking about this... I get a terrible, terrible feeling of claustrophobia and a memory of being way too hot when I meditate on that part of my life! Weird, eh? We think babies like it inside their Moms. I really do not think I was very comfortable...Love,>>>>>>>>>>>

(02 Aug '11, 12:12) Jaianniah

I had a vision as well and have spent years trying to figure out what it means. One thing in particular is that what I saw is not exactly how things are depicted in the traditional church. Years after having the vision, I found the Gospels that were not included in the Bible. Something I saw, experienced, in my vision is described in three of them exactly as I saw it. So, religion does not have things exactly right, but then, we are human. It is hard to know what something like this means for your life and there certainly isn't a place one can go to, besides talking with the Father, for understanding. Our world, even our church world, often is devoid of the mystical, which these visions would be classified as. Strange as the existence of Jesus was mystical stuff at its finest. It can be a lonely place when there is no one to share it with or that understands and can you figure out the "why" of it. I also have some pre-existence memories and have had them since I was a kid. So, the whole Earthly experience has always been a bit different through my eyes and and couldn't begin to say why as I don't know why, just that it has been. The pastors I have spoken with don't say it, but it seems they feel I am a bit misguided. This doesn't help.


answered 27 Sep '12, 17:11

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