There is no doubt that Mary has been seen over the years, by many people in many places. Here is a list of approved Visitations by the Catholic Church (list from Wikipedia):

5.1.1 Our Lady of Guadalupe

5.1.2 Our Lady of Laus

5.1.3 Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

5.1.4 Our Lady of La Salette

5.1.5 Our Lady of Lourdes

5.1.6 Our Lady of Pontmain

5.1.7 Our Lady of Fátima

5.1.8 Our Lady of Beauraing

5.1.9 Our Lady of Banneux

5.1.10 Our Lady of Akita

Why is she appearing?

Some people know that she appeared to me when I was 24. You may say what you want about my sanity, but I woke up, and she was beside my bed; Her visit with me changed my life...She had a clear message for me, and a clear path she wanted me to follow. The most important thing she wanted to convey to me was to tell people that she is really appearing, and that I was supposed to tell about Her.

Why are we all seeing her? What does God want?

Happy Thanksgiving 2011,


asked 24 Nov '11, 02:59

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I follow the idea that nothing has any value except the value that we choose to give it ... it is true that there are many claims of seeing Mary ... the only person that can really give a meaning to these appearances is yourself Jai.

Have a great day.


answered 24 Nov '11, 06:09

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blubird two

it has the value you give it according to your faith. experience and enjoy.

(24 Nov '11, 12:24) white tiger
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