I think that a lot of us on this site probably agree that there is life outside planet Earth to a certain extent, but why is that most of these aliens or extra-terrestials seem to look very different from human beings?

I came across this video on Youtube about the aliens that have been rumoured to exist and visit Planet Earth : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izGuh6M1RgQ and there are also a lot of them mentioned on www.floating-world.org

The one thing that strikes me is that ALMOST all of the aliens in that video seemed to look quite similar to each other (at least to me), yet for human beings, we seem to look completely different from them. Why is this the case ?

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I don't know about that video but, from watching it a lot of them they 'dipicted' looked very much like us in my opinion. Especially given how different they could look. But i'm currently not convinced that many people on the planet actually remember what these extra terrestrial races look like and i'm not sure if the video is accurate in its dipictions.

Just to put something in perspective for you, if i had only just started to beleive in extra-terrestrials and came across that video, I'd actually be asking "Why do they look so similar too us?". In fact that used to bug me about shows like Star Trek, all the aliens looked so much like us :P. (Now it doesn't.)

Bashar describes human DNA to be a blending of 7 extra-terrestrial races, so its understandable to me that we would even look similar! He discribes biblical times, and how annunaki would wonder around and the people would just think they are giant people, instead of aliens. Andronis of sirius describes his people as being about 6 and a half feet tall and having blue casts to their skin, bashar: 5 foot tall and grey in apperience. Amoung other accounts.

If you accept these sources, The Yahyel will be making first contact with us when we are ready. They look very much like us apparently! From what I gather we'd most identify them with elfs off lord of the rings, i.e. slightly pointy ears, fairly tall. Its understandable that the galactic fedaration would agree that a race that was most similar to us (in fact our galactic cousins) to first make contact.

so yeah in summary, I dispute your question, I think they look a lot like us! and its because of a hybridisation program in this corner of the galaxy! :)


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I really enjoy this answer and the way you explain it. ^_^

(24 Dec '11, 14:22) Snow

We evolved from small mammals that survived the comet after the dinosaurs were wiped out. If the dinosaurs had not been wiped out, we would perhaps look a lot more reptilian! You see, everything about how a race looks depends upon not only the planetary conditions of the place of evolution, but also, on the crazy mischances like a comet hitting the planet and wiping out all of one phylum of creatures.

Then we have to talk about evolution itself, as it took place on Earth, and extrapolate from there about life on other planets.. Our tears are almost exactly like sea water- I do not think this is a coincidence. In addition, the hemoglobin molecule and the molecule that photosynthesizes are actually very similar (quite scary and eerie if you ponder it!). So the molecule that transports oxygen was "modified" (evolved) from plants. In fact, it is thought that all the parts of a cell were once separate entities that may have cooperated in order to survive...Neat, eh? But this is Earth we are talking about. If a planet has no iron to carry oxygen (assuming it is essential for all life, and not just for Earthly life), then respiration would have to happen with some other molecule like copper rather than iron (Mr. Spock was supposed to have copper-based blood, thus his green and blue eye make-up.) I could go on and on about the different combinations that would be possible for an alien species.

Then there are the many, many special things that had to come together in order for life to arise on Earth. The temperature has to be just so...too much heat, and molecules break down...too little heat and nothing generates at all. We can even thank our lucky stars for Jupiter! That planet protects us from being hit by large objects from space...remember when Jupiter was hit not long ago by something so large it caused an explosion that could be seen with a small telescope? If that baby had gotten all the way to Earth...well, I would definitely not be writing this! :P There are a zillion special conditions that had to line up for life to evolve here, and it did- with a vengeance! But what I am referring to here is The Rare Earth Hypothesis.You can read about it on Wiki and go from there to investigate this idea.

So, to make a long answer short, alien life depends on the planet it evolves on for its form. This is an easy assumption to make, because we evolved here, and look as we do because we did.

Merry Christmas Eve!




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Hello kakaboo, let's face it nobody has ever seen an extraterrestrial on our physical earth so the only images we can have of them must be distorted ... i feel sure that an extraterrestrial on earth would have the same appearance as a human ... :)


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blubird two

I'm inclined to believe the same. If these beings were capable of traversing the universe and the galaxies, what kind of sense would it make to think they couldn't change shape as well? The latter seems infinitely simpler than the former in my eyes. For all we know, we've probably all met at least a dozen aliens, we just didn't know it at the time.

(25 Dec '11, 10:48) Snow

This is true all of those drawings and computer images were cool but really we don't know how accurate they were or even if they were just made up. There was something about the blue though, I remember I looked exactly like that in one of my dreams. It was a dream where my brain was transplanted into the body of a blue alien.

(01 Jan '12, 09:38) Wade Casaldi

In the beginning when God created man, in His image, He made man from the dust of the Earth and then breathed life into him. So the man is made up of the elements of the Earth.

If at the same time He created the Universe as we 'know' it, He also created life on other planets and included in that life, He created intellegent beings 'in His image,' then those intellegent beings would be made up of the elments of their planet.

God is not a physical person like we are. So when it says that God made man in His image, that is not a physical appearance. It means something else. But what? Well one thing is intellegence, consciousness, ability to create, reason, etc...

I watched the video, and am not convinced of it's truthfulness. When I saw the praying mantis creature, I thought at first that without fingers and an oposible thumb, how could they build a spaceship or anything else for that matter? Then I realized that if a race of intelligent beings had no fingers and no oposing thumb to create their world, then they must be able to manipulate 'matter' with their thoughts.


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Fairy Princess

Possibly, but also keep in mind that there are more ways to build things than just the binary options you listed, A: Hands with thumbs, B: Thoughts. There is a very long list of other ways, and if you focus too much on one (or two) you will forget about the others.

(25 Dec '11, 01:43) Snow

I agree. My point was not to be limited by A. no hands or thumbs

(25 Dec '11, 05:47) Fairy Princess

This would make a cool school project, how would you build stuff if you did not have hands but some other kind of appendage and would it even be possible? It would really make you think but as well could be used in the future maybe for robots.

(01 Jan '12, 11:37) Wade Casaldi

Wade, who says it has to be a physical appendage? The praying mantis creature in the video had bug like arm appendages without fingers or thumbs. Physically, they are as limited as the bugs we know on earth. Therefore they must have a non physical way of creating and using their technology. Unless they use slaves with fingers and thumbs.

(01 Jan '12, 13:06) Fairy Princess
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Because, maybe the aliens have disguises? Check carefully for Zippers.

alt text


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