I have been practicing the Initiations of Light with the Pleiadians and I was curious if anyone else is communicating with other beings. If so who are they and what are they like? I know there are quite a few extraterrestrial civilizations out there working with and guiding humans. The Pleiadians work with people to activate and expand their light bodies.


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Rob does; that is what that whole "Ask TReb a question" was all about.

(19 Oct '12, 09:51) Wade Casaldi

every individual communicates with extraterrestrial forces whether conscious of it or not ... the big question is "what is hidden behind the word "extraterrestrial"?

Definition of extra; more than or beyond what is usual, normal, expected, or necessary

Definition of terrestrial; of or relating to the earth or it's inhabitants


Definition of conclusion; the result or outcome of an act or process

(25 Jun '15, 02:39) jaz

Definition of act; the process of doing or performing something

Note; if you have a specific desire and focus joyfully on that desire, it will be fulfilled.

haha, so where do extraterrestrials live? ... no comment :)

(25 Jun '15, 03:00) jaz
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Back in the mid-90s, I attended a weekly Pleiadian channeling circle for a number of months.

It was basically about 10 people (it varied) sitting in a circle of chairs in a darkened room in someone's house. And every so often while sitting in that circle, a person would suddenly go into a trance-like state and started speaking verbal messages from various Pleiadians (and others). Their voices would often change drastically as they did so which was a bit spooky. One guy there also used to receive channelled pictures of Pleiadian motherships in orbit which he used to draw, some of them quite impressive pictures of what you would think spaceships should look like.

They were all very nice people but I was a lot more cynical and skeptical about that sort of thing in those days so I never spoke any messages myself and I often sat there wondering if these people were actually channeling information from genuine ETs or just making it all up.

Most of the messages were personal for the various members of the group. I can't remember any of a particularly global nature.

I remember that the day I first went there, the main channeling woman heard a large fanfare of trumpets (had never happened before apparently) and she said there was a tall white being (dressed in a long flowing white gown, I think) following me around who called himself Gabriel, and she used to pass on messages from him to me from time to time. She told me she thought he was a Pleiadian. I'm not that psychically gifted to see such things myself.

It was interesting to me that some time later someone completely independent of that group also mentioned that tall white being to me without any prompting. So that obviously made me think there was something more to it than a bunch of people making it all up.

But, like I said, I was much more skeptical about these sorts of channelled things in those days and I finally reached a point where I felt they really were all deluding themselves and I manifested circumstances that meant I effectively moved to another part of the country and I never attended the group again.

Despite that, it did open me up to become more receptive to the idea of channelled information because, at times in that circle, I did sometimes feel like I was receiving something to say but I used to force myself to keep my mouth shut.

But soon after that group, because of my change in attitude I think, the teachings of Abraham and Bashar turned up in my life and I was much more receptive to them than I would have been without those experiences.

So was attending that group (despite my cynicism) actually ET guidance to help me get over my own prejudices? I don't know but many, many doors have opened up for me since being willing to open my mind a bit more than I used to.


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@Stingray This bothers me a bit because you would think that the Plaedians might have mentioned something as important as the 2012 shift rather than just personal messages. Nevertheless it does sound very leading edge for the 90's Stingray!

(19 Oct '12, 09:17) Catherine

@Catherine - Abraham have been saying for years that most people are not interested in "global" issues, they are interested in their own personal lives (as we were in that circle) so that is what most questions and answers are about. The "2012 shift" is mostly just overblown hype. From a personal perspective, it really doesn't mean anything different to just living your normal life.

(15 Nov '12, 03:43) Stingray

@Stingray - I so agree with you, I wish I could "like" your comment a hundred times

(15 Nov '12, 07:45) MoonWillow

@Stingray Thank you - I had forgotten I asked you this. Actually I think Darryl Anka said something similar - most people ask Bashar about stuff that relates directly to them. There has been some fairly overblown stuff about the 21st December both light and dark. I feel reassurred by you saying it will just be another normal day. I have plans for Christmas.

(15 Nov '12, 09:07) Catherine

@Catherine - Yes, this "End of the World" (on Dec 21) could seriously delay your last-minute Christmas shopping :)

(16 Nov '12, 04:40) Stingray

I used to also think this 2012 is overblown hype. But i do believe there is truth to 2012 shift... not 2012 per se but around these years... I just think since 1990s when internet became more mainstream the amount of information access right away in a minute is astronomically mindless to think prior to that. in my own developement i would read so many books buying on 1 click on amazon Kindle. I can read review in 20 mins and decide to buy the book and read righaway...

(10 Oct '13, 19:19) abrahamloa

these are HUGE shifts... because earlier even if lets say heard of abraham, and its midnite and then no internet i have to wait next day to go phsyically to a library.. thats not happening because by the time i decide to go maybe i get busy with some other activity that comes to distract me... but right now in this age we can get access to information on 1 click of a button...

(10 Oct '13, 19:21) abrahamloa

this to me the 2012 shift and due to that more people are experiencing and learning about Superconscisouness or about Higher self, to trust their inutitions etc etc...

(10 Oct '13, 19:21) abrahamloa

in the past one would go to a buddhist monastry somewhere in a remote place with some guru master and learn meditation and dont have too many people to talk about it with when you back... now i can leanr with a click of a button sitting in my apt goign no where... i can go to sites liek this and discuss and get more info etc.... !! thats freaking out of the Universe!

(10 Oct '13, 19:28) abrahamloa
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I am in agreement with Stingrays approach to the subject. Strange circumstances brought the "channeled" information into my life. I absolutely enjoyed reading many channeled articles from the Pleiadians (various sources).

I have vague memories of a time gap in my childhood that was accompanied with some high pitch sound and a flying object that I can no longer remember (it was about the size of a large cooking wok)

But I don't trust this memory & I haven't seen an alien. Staying grounded within what I can actually experience has served we well so far. A certain amount of skepticism is the best protection against deception.

If I were you Brian, I would keep a very open mind and try to discover the truth in the whole aliens helping humans thing as you are already trying to do. But I would choose to trust only what I can actually experience in some form or another.

Remember this is the time for deceptions and awakenings. I'm sure there is a lot of deception going on to suppress the real awakening that is happening within us.

The way I see it, the answer is YOU, not outside of you. The guidance you seek must be initiated by the YOU within you and the response to that initiation is what manifests outside of you in the form of "here is what you asked for"

Trust only that which is connected to what you initiated within you, and even then try to verify if the guidance is actually useful in the real world. the physical in which we actually exist right now.


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"I know there are quite a few extraterrestrial civilizations out there working with and guiding humans."

I believe anything is possible but how do you know this for sure?

Who are these humans leaning from them? Why aren't they known to the world?


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Hi , interesting article above and comments too. My name is Dave ( In UK) and have been in many spiritual development circles etc. When i really , really really desired and wanted something to happen( from the heart and Soul) all sorts of things started happening. Dreams, astral travel, precognitions ( verified) and channelling of the Trans-Leations...beings from the Two Sisters star group 1000light years away. Love and light filled my being and i have not looked back. Two books followed..... Pathay and Deliverance of Love, Light and truth.

I am almost finished a 3rd one ...by Inner dictations Called Lessons from God....it is amazing and will be publishing it or e-book in the next couple of months.

I can be contacted at ascensionforyou@btinternet.com for further queries or purchases of books or just advice / guidance. My website is currently down Ascensionforyou.co.uk but hope to have that running again asap. God Bless All.....good luck to on your own Spitiual educationand development. Dave AscensionForYou


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David Knight

No Brian i dont.Ive 6 odd billion people on this world i can communicate with and frankly i sometimes dont do a very good job of talking to the people i do know.Im not rubbishing your beliefs in ET beings as ive never read in any of the widely used scriptures that they dont exist.Even the bible makes no claim were Gods only planet.



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Monty Riviera

Yes! I am communicating with an extraterrestrial right now! We are all, "out of this world".

From Secrets of Western Tantra by Christopher S. Hyatt,

"All of history as reflected in our ethical philosophies, religions and secret orders are bastardized accounts containing one message - Transcendence. ...

What transcendence means is nothing more than focusing on our alien qualities, while de-focusing on our earthly qualities. ... The secret of Transcendence is not negation nor is it affirmation. It is simply an act of POWER Concentration without placing a moral value on what is transcended.

Restated simply, it does not matter whether you transcend eating habits, sexual habits, drug habits, clothes habits, or the way you open a door. What matters is that you transcend - pause before reacting mechanically - and by repetitive acts of transcendence, consciousness becomes transformed."

Hyatt goes on to recommend the reader practice being an alien all day long.

So there you go, transcend your 'self' and communicate with the most important extraterrestrial being in the universe: your 'Self'!


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Hu Ra

Very nice! Hope will have a chance to practice it without my family throwing me into the psyche ward :)

(06 Dec '10, 14:58) daniele

Yes, I have received a message from an alien race, they wished I relayed it to you. Here goes.

Here goes

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hahaha - Love We are the Borg!

(21 Oct '13, 03:08) ele
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