While I'm reading this book is it ok to read a second book or should I just focus on the exercises in the Master Key and start a second book after I finish with the master key?

asked 02 Aug '11, 20:24

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Personally I think because there is so much concentration involved within those exercises I would tend to suggest just focussing on that. However, you know yourself better than anyone else and thus are really the only one who can answer your question :)


answered 02 Aug '11, 20:28

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personally i prefer to concentrate on just one thing at a time, so i would suggest finishing the master-key-system before starting another study. you'll find that the this book will take a lot of energy and time.


answered 03 Aug '11, 05:53

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blubird two

Thanks for your answers I think that its best for me to finish the Master Key System first as well. I just wanted to get a few opinions.


answered 03 Aug '11, 16:57

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