I love the master key but I realize that I miss the lessons this week so I wanted to compile week 3-6 in one week. Will that be beneficial. I really would like to be succesful in this. This is my second time restarting the lessons. Do you have any suggestions, will I be cheating myself if I compile 3 lessons in one week. I wanted to catch up, but then again will it help me in my growth process.

asked 18 Jan '13, 16:12

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edited 19 Jan '13, 03:20

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hello Evolme4412

Yes the master key system is all good stuff ... i suggest that you go at the pace that suits you best ... the important thing is to keep in mind that the lessons should be fully assimilated ... have fun with it.


answered 19 Jan '13, 01:08

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blubird two

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