This is something interesting that was just inspired by US on here, I was talking with him and had this great inspiration.

This is mention of both dragons and unicorns in the Bible and the Apocrypha, not only this these animals have been recorded in many ways through history from ancient Greece to the Maya and more.

I have to wonder if possibly these could have come from gene splicing from Atlantis. There are far more creatures like the Minotaur, the Pegasus, the Centaur, and more. As we examine these they all seem to be something that if we were to use gene splicing today could be achieved.

So what are your thoughts on the probability that maybe these creatures actually did exist at one time as similar to the island of Captain Nemo like the book by Jules Verne "Mysterious Island" only this island was Atlantis, and these genetic experiments spread around the world, people bringing back this or that captured thing.

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Wade Casaldi

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Interesting theory! We may never know the true answer to this, but it's not hard to imagine.

(03 Aug '11, 04:17) LeeAnn 1


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white tiger

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Very interesting, I never heard of a Qilin before... Thanks White Tiger! :-D

(03 Aug '11, 04:03) Wade Casaldi

Also cool picture too. :-)

(03 Aug '11, 04:04) Wade Casaldi

well they might have existed and where extinc or some might still be alive somewhere like the big foot or the lake monster or the giant squid. scientist still discover new species. or it could be wrong identification of the animal like mixing the unicorn and the rhino for example.

(03 Aug '11, 04:31) white tiger

qilin became girafe and tiger. qilin in japenese is kirin.

(03 Aug '11, 04:33) white tiger

@white tiger-like the qilin and the unicorn, not too sure about the yin yang tiger dragon

(03 Aug '11, 05:49) blubird two

well bluebird the qilin(chinese unicorne) became a girafe and a tiger. and wade was asking about unicorne and dragon. so that is why i have put that image now you see you just learned something. experience and enjoy.

(04 Aug '11, 03:36) white tiger

@white tiger-thanks for the information

(04 Aug '11, 07:46) blubird two
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Atlantis, dragons and unicorns are ancient symbolic images useful for describing natural phenomena that were difficult to explain in a logical way. Atlantis represented a realm beyond our physical world. The unicorn was an imaginary land animal with four legs, similar to a horse and with a corn on its head. The four legs represents 4 or square, symbol of the earth, and the one corn on its forehead represents 1, symbol of the cosmos. In other words these animals were supposedly capable of collecting cosmic information and distributing this information to the earth in a multitude of ways. A human being possessing the qualities of a "unicorn" would be a knowledgeable, wise person, capable of giving good advice on spiritual matters.The major arcana tarot deck represents this type of person by the card 5-hierophant.


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blubird two

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No sorry Wade.Not only did they exsist, they still do. They all occupy different levels of Creation.There are Seven Levels of The Underworld,Seven Levels of Life On Earth and Seven Levels of Life on The Other Side and other Dimensions above these.Dragons are present in the Third Level while Unicorns and The likes of Pegasus occupy the Fourth and Mentaur,Centaur and Sorcerers reside in the Fifth. The Sixth and Seventh are virtually mind dumps and you can only imagine what lurks there. I really dont feel gene splicing comes into play here. Atlantis lives in us, I Am sure many here FEEL IT.

Most of this Info was borrowed from Sylvia Browne's book Exploring The Seven Levels Of Creation. Hope it helps:)

Love and Light


answered 04 Aug '11, 21:59

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