My father has told me this story several times since I was little, though as I got older her got more quiet and less talkative on the subject.

My father has said he has seen a creature 3 separate times in his life in 3 different states at 3 different ages.

The first time I believe he said was in Oklahoma. He was a child in the 1930's. He said that he used to go out at night time to play a game he said was called "moon ball". So I guess it was his turn to bring the ball out that night so he had to go home and get it. While he was in his room he looked up at his window and saw something hanging on the screen while sitting on an old metal tool box below.

His description is of a something between the size of a dog and a cat, with burnt skin and cat eyes, no lips or eyelids or nose, pointed ears, sharp teeth, long claws and was crouched over peering into his room staring at him. He said that it frightened him but when he moved towards it, it leaped off the tool box and shot into the dark and disappeared.

He said he saw it again years later in Garden Valley, Texas, when he was older, like a teenager. I think this was at his step-mother's or grandmother's house there. He also saw it again at night, staring at him. It, again, disappeared when he looked at it.

The last time he saw it was in Florida. This time he was and adult. It pretty much did the same thing as it did the first two times.

When he would tell me about it, he would only tell me about as much as I said before, and any questions I asked would get me this answer "I'll tell you more when you are older". [ugh!]

So, as I grew up I would occasionally ask him about this story, and he would tell me and say that he used to tell people about it but they all thought he was crazy.

One day after telling me again he added that he had spoken to a couple of people about it, one was a shaman and another was a psychic. The psychic, if I remember correctly, said this creature was not of this world. When he talked to the shaman, he tried to draw it in the earth with a stick and the shaman dashed the picture away and told him to never draw this creature and should never seek it out.

After that he became even more cryptic about it. He usually won't speak if my mom is around, and speaks in very hushed tones about it even if she's not there. He gets the most haunted look on his face about it - and this is very unusual for him because he is generally a very loving, open and kind person. He really didn't want me drawing it for him.

I would like to know what this creature could be. I know he has wondered. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?

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cool question @Halcyon thanks for sharing

(06 Nov '12, 07:08) ursixx

@ursixx - Thank you, I'm glad you think so. It's just one of those things that has been bugging me for a long time. I hope someone can help me shed some light on this.

(06 Nov '12, 10:51) Halcyon
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At one point in my life I used to stay (for work reasons) for long periods by myself in a large mansion house in a large private forest.

Being a privately-owned forest, it was completely deserted and there was no lighting of any kind so the forest (very thick and surrounding the entire house) was pitch black. Even during bright sunny days, the denseness of the trees made the forest quite dark.

There was a small private road that led through the forest to the house and a colleague of mine, who used to stay with me from time to time and was extremely vibrationally sensitive ( "psychic" ), said there was one small area of the forest near the road where he could "see" (psychically) a creature sitting quietly and watching us whenever we went past it in the car.

He described the creature as a being like a large blob a few metres in size but with intense blazing eyes that would watch you carefully. It was always there, day or night, just sitting patiently and observing.

It doesn't sound like the creature you describe but I think the idea is the same.

He never spoke much about it and the way he used to talk about it seemed to have an implied warning not to mess with it. I've previously mentioned how I used to have to force him to tell me what he used to "see". The way he used to describe this creature, when I managed to coax him, used to make me feel uneasy and during the times I was alone in the house (often for months on end), I wouldn't walk to that part of the forest at night.

That's not to say I didn't try though :) I have the kind of personality that will do and try things especially because others warn me not to :) So a few times when alone, I did try and venture to that spot on foot but always found myself overcome with some kind of powerful irrational fear as I came close and kept turning back again to head - even run :) - back to the security of being indoors in the house.

This was before I knew about Abraham and their teachings about what emotions are telling you. So I found this behavior from myself quite annoying because I was not the kind of person to give in to "irrational" fears.

So eventually one night, I managed to convince my colleague (and one other) to walk with me together to that dark spot and confront this being and find out what it was.

The three of us walked together to that spot and stood several meters from where the creature was sitting under a tree in the darkness. Only he could actually "see" the creature and its blazing eyes but the other two of us could feel something quite unsettling nearby.

My colleague was describing what he was seeing regarding the piercing eyes of the creature staring right at us, and the fear level of the other person in our trio suddenly shot up and, in that moment, my colleague described how the creature had lurched forwards towards the other person as the fear increased. It was almost as though it wanted to leap onto the other person but couldn't quite get close enough. He then described how it was now watching that person alone with considerable interest.

I couldn't see any of this (I don't have a visually-based psychic sense) but I could certainly feel that this was something I didn't want to explore further and the three of us headed back to the house.

In the remaining time I was there (probably another year or two), I avoided that spot when on my own and we never ventured there together again. However, my colleague still used to see it as we drove past and he once admitted to me that the "blob with eyes" had now grown considerably in size as a result of that incident. It was as though our interaction had made that "portal" larger.

He later explained to me, after more coaxing, that he believed that these creatures were ones with extremely long lifespans (by human standards) and they fed off the emotion of fear. He said these creatures existed in dimensions that were separate to our own but overlapped on occasion. They could rarely enter our realities physically but they took an interest in our realities because those strong negative emotions were like food to them.

He also added that there were far more of them in heavily populated areas but the reason he could see it in a dark, private forest was because his senses were less distracted and he could focus more easily. In cities, for example, there is too much to distract the human senses for most to perceive these watching beings.

As I said, this happened in times before I had an awareness of Law of Attraction ideas but he also told me that if you don't notice them and made no effort to interact with them, they couldn't do anything to idea that ties in perfectly with Law of Attraction and one that I found to be true myself during the times I was alone in the house.

As long as I maintained positive emotional states within myself, I never felt at all threatened by the other "creatures" in that house that used to follow me around.

He said it was our attention to the creature in the forest that gave it the ability to start interacting more in our reality with us hence the "lurching forward" and the sudden interest in the fearful member of our trio.

I don't know if this gives you any ideas regarding what your father has been seeing.

It has been interesting to me over the years to learn of others independently who talk about these fear-feeding creatures. Conspiracy theorists, like David Icke for example, talk about these kinds of creatures as being the ultimate controllers involved in keeping humanity locked in powerful negative states through the manufacturing of various world events that cause fear and distress among the mass population.

Hope this little story hasn't made it more difficult for some to sleep at night :)


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@Stingray - :). I love your stories, Stingray, I really do. What a fun thing to wake up to this morning. What a treat you are. For me, this story makes it easier to sleep. Sounds like all is well to me. Thank you for sharing.

(07 Nov '12, 09:13) Grace

@Stingray- What was this creatures name? (Tom Cruise probably haha)

(07 Nov '12, 10:28) Nikulas

Wow, I can really relate to this... I had a weird experience after leaving Treb a question about shadow people. I had gone to bed after writing the question. About 30 minutes after falling asleep, something "woke me up." It's hard to describe, I felt like something was messing with me. It felt like something was "intruding" in my space. I shrugged it off at first, but it happened again after another half hour. I was overwhelmed and stayed up for a few hours until I wasn't afraid anymore (lol).

(07 Nov '12, 11:37) LapisLazuli

I had some weird dreams of figures standing in my doorway after that. My friend was over and took a nap in my room, and said she had a terrifying dream that something was standing in the corner. She said it just looked "evil." I've never really known how to go about any of it. It all stopped after a few days. It's funny because my sister (who doesn't really know or understand LOA) always says "We need to stop reading about shadow people, something crazy happens every time we talk about it." lol

(07 Nov '12, 11:42) LapisLazuli

@Stingray Very intriguing story that you shared.

The creature that you described seems to have similarities to creature known as The Mothman. The blazing red eyes and eerie feeling around it always seem to be prevalent in reports and sightings.

alt text

(07 Nov '12, 13:20) Cory

@Stingray- Brilliant story, thanks for sharing:)

(07 Nov '12, 15:54) Satori

You're welcome, all.

@Cory - Interesting. I had never thought of it as being something so "mainstream" :) I don't know what color the eyes were, I never asked, but that pic (with a black round blob instead) is not far from what I imagined was out there :) I'd love to go back to that spot, knowing what I know now, and investigate it but unfortunately it's private land and I no longer have any connections there. A mischievous part of me would love to pitch a tent on it and see what happens :)

(08 Nov '12, 04:47) Stingray
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I`m not an expert on this my friend, but the spirit your father saw could have been some sort of Omen, or some sort of sign or message of an experience that he had in hes past life, he could have dragged with him some sort of unfinished business from the past. It has appeared to him at 3 stages of hes life, offering 3 times as a reminder of something that he has no memory of to confront it probably. The Shaman knows better, when he says to forget about it, but in dreams we often encounter creatures that frighten us and we run from them, but usually they are only our self, an aspect of our self that we have to confront do deal with it, it is possible that the creature is the same thing only from a different reality. If it frightens your father he should ask for guidance and protection from hes spirit guides! It always worked for me, what ever I was facing, you should ask them: what should I do to resolve this, and to protect him from anything that could be harmful on the way to the answer :). Trust in them, for they are there to help you on your way and to protect you as well, they are just waiting for you to ask, they are very loving and protective of you, with time you should be able to understand them more, how your relationship works with your guides and only after that to confront what should be confronted, if it must be confronted, that is . Best wishes to you, and to your father :)


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It's very interesting that you brought up that this could have been an omen or a message to my father in three stages of his life.

Like I said to @Stingray - my dad has a lot of mysteries around him, and this is only one of them.

I'm not really sure how to broach the subject with him, because I do agree that perhaps, if I had known a long time ago, he should ask for guidance from his guides and protection.

He'll listen to what I have to say though, he's never been stubborn with advice.

(07 Nov '12, 08:45) Halcyon
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