I guess this question is a bit controversial to begin with since I'm assuming that the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria did actually exist - something that I have personally become convinced about over the years...but which I know others will disagree with.

Anyway, does anyone have information or can anyone point me towards resources which talk about the psychic abilities that these people had?

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John Drake

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Barry Allen ♦♦

According to the book Seth Speaks, Chapter 15 on reincarnational civilizations:

"These civilizations were highly technological. Sound was utilizied not only for healing but also to power vehicles of locomotion and to bring about the movement of physical matter."

"They could mentally pitch a thought along certain frecuencies and then translate the thought at a given destination in any number of ways, into form or color, or even into a certain type of image."


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Wow now that is powerful knowledge or maybe once you know how it is very easy either way wow. I have been interested in Alantis.

(22 Oct '09, 18:07) flowingwater

What an interesting question. I tooo, would be interested in the answers.


answered 12 Oct '09, 18:01

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