I know very little about Atlantis, but I know enough to wonder about what destroyed it. What can you folks tell me about Atlantis?

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asked 22 Feb '10, 21:50

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There is lots of evidence to suggest that it did exist. Languages on the continents surrounding the Atlantic have very many similar features and there was the sudden 'eruption of culture' with the Egyptian civilisation.

Traditional tales talk about the misuse of power (crystal) and how it backfired on them. In our terms it would be similar to us having an accident with nuclear power. But then again Atlantis sank about 10,000 BC from memory - the continent literally breaking up in three separate stages. One could wonder if this was partly due to the 'great flood' recorded in ancient writings recorded all around the world. It would be interesting to find out if this coincides with 'the war in the heavens'... a close shave by a planetary or comet visitor?

The books written about Edgar Cayce's channelled information re Atlantic are a really good read.


answered 22 Feb '10, 22:40

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I have enjoyed the Edgar Cayce readings on Atlantis as well. Maybe someday soon they will find some physical evidence.

(22 Feb '10, 23:10) LeeAnn 1
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