If we create our own reality through our beliefs, is the world real, or is it just an illusion, a comfortable fiction that we have created for ourselves?

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We don't live in one world - but in approximately six billion overlapping ones.

Each of these worlds is a complete and perfect reflection of the predominant thoughts we think.

Our vibrational sensors of each world (the five senses) give us the sense of a physical reality. Outside of the range of the five senses, the world is still just as real but we do not interpret it so it can be argued that it does not exist.

So it depends what you mean by illusion.

A dog whistle can be considered to be an illusion by human beings who cannot hear it, but it is still deafening to the dog.

Television pictures can be considered to be an illusion to species that don't have the necessary after-images in their visual system (as humans do) to create the illusion of steady pictures rather than random flickering dots.

A vivid dream can be considered to be an illusion after you wake up - but while you were in it, it could have felt as real as anything you have ever physically experienced.

The bottom line is that everything that exists is subjective vibrational interpretation otherwise you would not know it exists. Because of this subjectivity, one person's reality can be considered to be another person's illusion.

So you can call your world an illusion or you can call it reality. Your choice.


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+1 Essentially how I see it.

(15 Nov '09, 18:10) Vesuvius

The very simple short answer is:

The world is both real and an illusion. Yes that is a paradox, but no matter which direction my deep inquiries go I always end up with paradox. Hence, I have concluded that from my current (limited) perspective, paradox is normal.

All reality is Creator's eternal dream, with no beginning and no end. You are Creator, so please, feel the love, and enjoy each and every moment :-)


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The world we experience is as real to us as we believe it to be. If you say the world is an illusion, but I experience it as real, then despite your belief, it is real for me. If you believe the world is an illusion, I'm not going to convince you otherwise until you experience it in a different way. Our choice is the reality we are creating.


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Where were you before your mother gave birth to you? And I think if you can answer this question truthfully, then you will know for sure that this world is real, and not an illusion. You do know both of your parents, do you consider them an illusion, or are they something you created in your mind? I would think not, as you know, your parents are very real in your life. Did you ever stop to think that without your parents, you would not be a part of this living society. For instance, when you wake up tomorrow morning, this living world will still be here with all of it's people, both the living and the dead. In death the body will go to corruption, but the soul/spirit will live on according to the scriptures; that in my opinion is an Illusion to the human mind, because no one has the answer as to what really happens after death, but we will all have our turn to find out sometime soon in the near future, and only then will we all know the truth. But right now this life that we live each, and every day is very real.


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I used to believe that the world is an illusion but didn't understand how that is possible.

Then after reading much of the foundational stuff that grew into what we mostly discuss here I formulated an understanding, but only at a conceptual level.

The theory of this foundation, being that we are surrounded by energy and we interpret this energy into sight, sound, smell, touch and taste, therefore reality.

The energy is confirmed by science as the electron can exist as a particle and a wave; and the very real reality is confirmed by the fact that if a tree which is energy falls on your head which is energy you experience real pain, at which point, you don’t care if it is still energy for it hurts like hell.

So what part of it is the illusion if it can hurt and if it can kill?

So I'm expanding the sources I am learning from and I am changing my understanding accordingly.

I am opening up to the idea that this reality, as much as it is energy at the level of the electron, is very much a real experience.

If it can be interpreted by the 5 senses it is very real.

The sixth sense, the mind is the potential and un-manifest interpretation of this energy.

And this is where the illusion exists.

It is supposed to be the blueprint of reality and not the result of the blueprint of reality.

But we flip the position of the two versions of reality in our memory in how we choose to remember it.

In the mind is "what can be" and through the five senses is "what it is"

But unfortunately we record the "what it is" from our five senses into "what it was" into our memory not as we actually interpreted it, but with our own twist of How we think we experienced it.

In our memory we continuously interpret the very "real" reality into an "illusion" of what actually took place.

So we have substituted our very real physical experience into a continuously "un real" existence by constantly living in our imagination (while the body is still in a very physical existence)

This is the "thinking" trap

So we are thinking and attracting with our mind and physically experiencing the "very real" consequences of that attraction with the five senses. Then we flip that experience into a memory of it while giving it a whole new dimension of meaning and existence that is completely imaginary and un-substantiated, therefore the illusion.

We are doing this because we are living constantly in our imagination, AKA the illusion.


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The Traveller

God created the world we didn't. Did we create ourselves NO. God created the world and he created humans beings and all things. After he created the world than he created the animals and human beings. God breath the life into man and man became an living soul. God is all powerful, all knowing, and loves us very much.

There are people who might believe they are or could be an god we are not gods in my opinion. We are the children of God an heir to the kindom of heaven. God is the creator and we are the co-creators of our little reality but there is an bigger reality that is out there being create and it is constantly being changed according to different circumstances and creativity which are happening and changing all the time.

Man/woman /human-being did not create themselves in this physical world God did. Those that believe that they did or that they are an god that is there belief and they are entitle to their own opinion for we all were given by God an free will to choose who to serve, what to believe and what to do. We make choices each and everyday.

Yes, this world is a real physical world. Are there other things, planes, dimentions that other energies, beings live in yes that co-inside within our world yes like the spirit world.


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well flowingwater we are all made in the image of God the holy Father in spirit, God children. jesus said to the pharises you are gods.no one is God but we are all gods because we are is children made in is image.

(31 Mar '12, 01:16) white tiger

Jesus answered them, "Has it not been written in your Law, 'I said, you are gods'? http://carm.org/religious-movements/jehovahs-witnesses/john-1030-33-what-made-jews-want-kill-jesus

(31 Mar '12, 01:22) white tiger

The world exists in my brain and I am not in this 'world'. There is no real physical proof that the world exists outside of our brain.



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jim 10

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not being sarcastic here but explain to me if you exist only in your brain and not in this world than how did you get here? how were you conceived? just curious as i find this very backwards and confusing..

(30 Mar '12, 11:53) darlenefralick

It is so much an illusion that the illusion can converse about how illusory it all is!!


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Hu Ra

Nice ( 8(I) <-----homer

(11 Jan '11, 04:07) jim 10
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