this question simply popped in ma mind..out of no where..., so..what is reality according to u all ?

material world is illusion..true.., but still we live in it. and somewhere this material world gives us mental peace.

like:- for example.. our home n other daily basic needs comes under material world but, they give us mental peace.

just wanna know ur views on this..

waiting for ur lovelyy answers..

love,light n blessings ur wayy..

supergirl.. :)))

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Barry Allen ♦♦

material world as in world made of material..of all sort..liquid, solid, etc is real.Mountain is real, river is real, flesh and bone are real.

Mental understanding of it is illusion. Short time ago I have learned how dreams have power to fix your emotional struggle. And how powerful they can be.

There was a girl I liked in real world. I had a dream of her and she said something nice. I liked her even more. Then I had another dream of her, she said something I didn't like, suddenly...

(07 Mar '13, 02:06) CalonLan

...I felt nothing towards her. Crazy...we never spoke in real life. And this has happened to me several times in several days.

I came to the point I'm repelled to think of the past or the future, for just as dreams they are constructs of dream. It's a dream dreamed awake. And it can be strong enough to negate any NOW experience. Mind is too powerful if you give into its ways.

Some people try to control it, some go meditate, some drink.

(07 Mar '13, 02:09) CalonLan

Next time you stub your toe on a loose paving stone, or are involved in a car crash, ask yourself if the material world is an illusion... :P

I think you need to clarify your question. Maybe our interpretation of the the material world is an illusion.

(07 Mar '13, 04:20) SR7

@ calonLan- so,u never went ahead with tht girl? why u never tried n spoke to her? may be..,dreams were guiding u towards her. i tell u..wht hd happened with me, i and my love are today together..,just cos of ma dreams. we were best friends for so long and then, one night i dreamt of us together. he hugged and kissed me. i literally strtd feeling for him since tht night. i did nothing aftr tht, but things strtd changing between us automatically. we came closer, more than best friends. and

(07 Mar '13, 05:00) supergirl

...and then, again every alternate night i dreamt of him.., in one of our dreams ..,i saw we are getting married. and just after few days..,he proposed me for marraige. thn, i dreamt tht we are having twins..,both cute babyboys. so, its like this series of his dreams is still continous. still, every alternate night i dream of us together. in ma case,i think so, i am guided by ma higher self through ma dreams. i share my each n every dream with him n he enjoys it too..

(07 Mar '13, 05:03) supergirl

I leave the dreams to the world they live in.

(07 Mar '13, 05:11) CalonLan

super girl, the material world is a reverse reflection of the true spirit of creation. it real to live in but purposeless if seen from the bottom up.

(07 Mar '13, 16:38) fred

Reality is whatever you choose it to be. We all have a different perception of Reality, from our level of awareness with our experiences, beliefs, inner Knowing, and acceptance.

(08 Mar '13, 04:22) Tommy106

@tommy106- true..

(09 Mar '13, 11:26) supergirl
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I love to go to the movies. For a couple of hours I become completely engrossed in what is happening on the screen. When I step into that theatre I leave my everyday life behind. The movie is only a flickering of light and shadow on a screen. But, I get wrapped up in the illusion as if it were real. The flow of thoughts in our minds, from past to future and future to past, creates the illusion of movement. Watching thought is like watching a movie. Movie film is a long strip of individual pictures or frames. In a single second 24 still frames will flash on the screen. This is faster than our minds can process and it looks like there is actually motion on the screen. That is pretty amazing. We see motion where there is none. That is the illusion that a movie produces.

The movie projector works on a simple principle. A bright, white light shines through the film and creates a picture on the screen in the front of the theatre. As the audience, we sit contentedly watching as the actors work their magic, forgetting that they are nothing more than light and shadow. We laugh and we cry as if the fantasy were real.

Our life is just like that movie. It unfolds thought-by-thought, minute-by minute, year-by-year. We, the audience,get completely absorbed in the drama of our own movie. We worry over the bills, love the new house, watch the children grow up and think about our own death. Like a movie, our lives are an illusion, a play of light and shadow. Don’t get me wrong. Our lives exist, but not the way we think they do. This mistaken identity is the cause of great human suffering.

Our awareness is like the white light from the movie projector. It is that light of consciousness that shines on our lives, letting us know we are alive. It observes as the people, places, loves and losses come and go. Our awareness is our most important possession. If we lose it we lose everything. The quality of our reflected awareness determines the quality of our lives. Poor quality awareness is like a movie projector with a dim bulb. Dim awareness illumines a tedious world filled with constant struggle.

Activities that waste awareness are overworking, over indulging in alcohol, drugs and food, watching long hours of TV, and labeling and judging people, things and situations. When we squander awareness we eventually get the feeling that something is missing from our lives. We could have riches, fame and a loving family and still feel incomplete.

On the other hand, life becomes fresh and full and vitally alive when we care for our awareness. And now, you have to ask, “How do I care for my awareness? That is the most beautiful part of it all. You take care of your awareness by becoming more aware! How simple can that be? You strengthen awareness by using it.

Oh, I hear you. You may be asking, “How do I use my awareness?” Do I have your attention? Well, that’s the answer…pay attention. Pay attention to what you are doing right now. Pay attention to everything. When you see a bird, don’t label it, look at it. Observe its feathers. Watch how the wings move its body through the air. Listen closely to the noise it makes and the noise will become your song. Now pay attention to the wind, the rustling of the paper in your hands, the flow of your breath, the beating of your heart.

Pay attention to everything. In the white light of awareness, step off the screen and become the spectator of your own movie-life. Only then will the illusion of life melt before your eyes to be replaced by the rich reality of pure awareness.

Popcorn, Pop & Pure Awareness by Dr Frank kinslow

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amazing..amazing and simplyyy amazing...., thank u so much @satori for sharing this.. :)))

(07 Mar '13, 13:13) supergirl

@Satori. I love Frank so much. Thanks for sharing this great example.

(07 Mar '13, 13:14) Cory

@Supergirl - Your very welcome. I hope this helps, I've added a few more paragraphs:) @Cory- Thanks, your welcome. I'm a big fan of Frank to. He has a great way of explaining these subjects:)

(07 Mar '13, 13:31) Satori

Thanks for posting!. Is that from a new book?

(23 Jan '15, 10:56) Kriegerd
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It's all about experience. Every single thing that we experience in the "physical" world is real and everything that we experience in the "non-physical" world is real. It's just depends where we are focusing our consciousness at any given moment.

So you could say that reality is whatever you are focused on in any given moment.

It's similar to when we dream. Sometimes we have dreams that seem so realistic. When we are in that moment of dreaming, that is what is real in our reality. That dream becomes our reality even though when we "wake up" from the dream, we perceive it all as just an illusion and a imagination of fantasy.

The word illusion is not meant to diminish the experience of physical life. It is actually (in my personal opinion) meant to make life feel and be more flexible and not so dense. We have gotten so used to the interpretation of these physical, solid, and dense bodies, that we think that is all there is in creation. The idea of illusion opens our minds to so much more.

Once again I will mention the process of watching a movie. When we watch a movie, we are in a sort of hypnotic state. If we really enjoy the movie, even if for brief moments, that movie becomes our reality because of our strong focus upon it.

Reality is simply what we are focused on the most at any moment. We are so very powerful at focusing into these solid physical bodies that we can easily forget that they are an illusionary construct of our focused non- physical consciousness.

As long as you are following your passion and joy in whatever way feels best to you, then the mental peace you are referring to will surely follow.

You are in total control of every single piece of your reality and you know exactly what you are doing because you are very powerful. Somewhere along the line the strong focuser that you are forgot what true reality is, and forgot that you could fall under the illusion of only being a physical being when you are actually so much more.


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@cory- thank u fr the wonderful answer..:))

(09 Mar '13, 06:03) supergirl

The material world exist and is reality in the now moment. but you know that every thing material eventually pass away,in that sense it appear as illusion. the reality is that you are a being of light(spirit) that is experiencing this world in the flesh the human body. when you dream at night you exit the flesh as spirit and travell to other place most time you are not aware of it and sometime you got some awareness of it and say i add a dream. in this flesh body you see only a small range of the light spectrum.

alt text

As you see in this chart the visual frequency of wave lenght that you see with the human eyes is pretty small.It is between infrared and ultraviolet,and in wavelenght size on the chart it is around the period going left. As you can see from this we do not see much of the enviromment that we are having this experience in this world.

the simple fact is that you experience this world you experience your dream,and when the flesh pass away you will experience the other world that you will go to according to the path that you choose.


you see they have found other type of energy using tool and with the measure they made this light spectrum chart. yet their tool do not see emotion,feeling or if those energy interact with each other and how they interact but you do. in the same way they can with machine tell that you are dreaming but they cannot see what you experience in the dream how you interact with the dream and what the dream is about. a machine or instrument give reading about what it can measure, in the same way you can have a thermo-meter and know the temperature,but it does not tell you is it sunny or cloudy? is it raining or snowing? is it windy outside? how does it feel on the skin?But you are aware of it.


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white tiger

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@white tiger- thank u so much fr the wonderful answer.. :)))

(07 Mar '13, 13:16) supergirl

@white tiger - yes i appreciate your answer, however i prefer the extended circular model of the electromagnetic spectrum to include black, white and negative green


(09 Mar '13, 06:26) ru bis

Can you see the ships? Your reality depends on your awareness.(to paraphrase Cory)
So are you counting the passes or looking for gorillas?
And did you really hear what they said or did you just hear what you thought they were going to say?
And in the movie of your life do you pay attention to the details or just assume that they have continuity.


answered 07 Mar '13, 18:29

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thank u Ursixx..,fr the wonderful answer..:)))

(09 Mar '13, 11:27) supergirl

The spiritual world is "reality" this is a journey for us to learn from and get closer to our Creator.


answered 07 Mar '13, 04:22

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@ vm1992- i agree with u..,thank u fr the answer,, :)))

(07 Mar '13, 04:54) supergirl

you're welcome, goodluck on your journey!

(07 Mar '13, 05:18) vm1992

@ vm1992- thank u dear..n same to u..

(07 Mar '13, 05:28) supergirl
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Reality is the experience of the judgmental classification of the perception of what is believed to exist.

Avatar® and Harry Palmer talk of this all the time. A good exercise to do is, "without labels" describe something. Every time you use a label, you must again, "without labels" describe that label that you just used to describe what you picked. If you use another label you must describe that label.

Example of predefined labels, hard, soft, strong, weak, flexible, smooth, ruff, dry, wet, high, low, light, heavy, top, bottom, side, etc... Those are all labels of definitions we use based on judgment that is not our own.

Example: We say something has a hard surface. What is a hard surface? Well it is the opposite of a soft surface. What is opposite? What is soft? and what is surface?

Every time you get frustrated and say, "Well this just means this, that is just the way it is!" Then you have to ask, why? Why do we call this hard and that soft? If you say, I was taught that is how it is. Then say why, what determines these labels? Keep asking why, like the little kid that dives you crazy until you say, "Shut up, go do something else!" Actually those little children were leading you to awakening every time they said, "Why?"

Typical child/adult conversation, "Why is the sky blue?" "The sky is blue because of the angle of the sun reflected off of our atmosphere. "Why?" Well because our atmosphere has chemicals that break up the light of the sun so that we see the blue part of the spectrum. "Why?" We see the blue part because light is made from the seven colors of the rainbow. "Why?" Because the seven colors of light make what we see as white light. "Why?" Because what we see as white light is actually made from the seven colors of the rainbow. Oops, circular logic! My brain can't handle this! Panic mode setting in! "I don't know why! Go play or ask your mom!"

Maybe a quantum physicist can keep going but he will get to circular logic too eventually. To the point of, "I give up it just is, and that is how it is!"

So close to finding out, why because and because that's why. Outside of that there is no meaning at all to it.


answered 07 Mar '13, 05:24

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Wade Casaldi

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@wade casaldi- thank u fr the brilliant answer.., means all u wanna say is, "reality is product of our judgements n thoughts... right?

(07 Mar '13, 05:31) supergirl

Yes but that is cerebral knowing, do the exercise so you really know it in experience. Do not accept my labels, my definitions, even your own based on mine. These must be fully and completely from your own arrival, at your own conclusion, though your own observation.

Enlightenment can only be found by the self, from the self.

(07 Mar '13, 05:37) Wade Casaldi

i l do this,for sure..

(07 Mar '13, 05:59) supergirl
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Its funny to see how the people commenting seems to be 310% sure that the way they see the "reality" is the 100% "real one". No one can know the truth 100%.. If you could why don't you just go and ask for the nobelpeaceprize... I'm so fed up with people talking like they know it all. And for the recored; I don't know either, but at least I'm not pretending like I know the WHOLE THUTH...


answered 21 Jan '15, 18:33

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there is only one that know the whole truth. yet it does not mean that other should not seek the truth. after all you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. it is part of growing and learning. and yes one that things that he knows it all is shooting him self in the foot because he stop is growing and learning. as for the Nobel peace prize is it not given according to some other people standard? rather then seek outside one should seek the peace inside of himself. as long as one-

(22 Jan '15, 06:07) white tiger

look for peace outside of himself he will not find it. one need to wash the inside of the cup. if not he will drop dirty water outside and will always find dirt every where. but if is cup is washed he can drop clean water outside and remove some dirt. at least he can be at peace with himself and other. it does not mean that other can do the same. they have free will also. and it is part of growing and learning.

(22 Jan '15, 06:11) white tiger

though reality while in
human form with it's senses,
be it but a part of growth
blooming in consciousness


answered 21 Jan '15, 21:20

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