Here is a paragraph from a page I was reading about Bashar, a channelled entity similar to Abraham:

As you change your present (by changing your present beliefs), you are "shifting" into a different parallel reality and that different parallel reality has its own "future" and "past". Said another way, when you change your present, you are likewise also changing your past and your future. That is, you are shifting to a totally different hologram which contains its own "past" that is consistent with its "present", and also its own "future" which is likewise consistent with its "present". As I believe Bashar says: "You create the past and the future from the here and now."

Continuity is an "illusion", just like the continuity in movies is an illusion, since it's really 24 discrete pictures per second. Therefore, continuity is optional. The past progressively leads to the present, but it does not cause the present. And just as movies can suddenly shift from one scene to a totally different scene, likewise you can too - since continuity is really not necessary.

I understand about parallel universes and infinite versions of ourselves living out every possible scenario but what I was unware of was that when we shift into them, we also experience different pasts.

Does this mean that when we shift into a parallel reality with a different past, the people in our life also have memories of this other past?

What happens to the memories of the past that we have shifted from?

Do we now only remember the past from our new reality?

I hope this makes sense, I was trying for ages to think how to word this.

For anyone who would like to read the full article, here is the link:

I recommend it, it's a good read.

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Radius 7.25

@Radius - i like to think of memory as being sense based, our perception of a memory can shift following our state of emotion ... it is our perception of the memory that shifts ...

(17 Feb '12, 04:22) blubird two

I wonder though, even if continuity is not necessary, we cannot make radical jumps, can we? The law of attraction allows only for gradual shifts, or is the gradual element not really gradual, and 2 apparently similar realities no matter how similar to us, are entirely different by another kind of measure? From a human perspective, I'd like to believe I am growing towards other realities, but this could be an illusion, just like the past.

(31 Aug '14, 15:12) einsof
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Not only is it possible to shift into parallel realities with different pasts, you can't not do it...because you do it all the time...not that there is any such thing as time actually :)

Past, present and future are all happening Now and are all consistent with each other in every new everyone you create in those universes must also be consistent with those Past, Present and Futures - and that includes their memories.

In the quote you've given, the rate of 24 frames per second for movies is actually billions of times per second when applied to your creation of universes.

Indeed, Bashar says a new universe is created by you in every time period that it takes light to travel one Planck Length...and a Planck Length is a staggeringly small distance.

So, for every one of those universes, you are creating a new version of the past, present and future.

This limited three-dimensional perspective we operate from, however, gives the illusion of continuity of experience through passage of time.

From higher dimensional perspectives, the concept of linear time does not exist. The idea of time from that level is effectively just a bookmark system to signify vibrational locations you may choose to experience.

From that perspective, you can experience any simultaneous reality in any order you wish just in the same way that you can view a pile of DVD movies in any order you wish - a multi-dimensional being (which we all are) can focus consciousness in multiple dimensions simultaneously.

By contrast, in "3D" physical reality, we can only focus in one place a time. So despite the fact that all our movies are happening at once, we can only experience each one (or snippets from each) in the Now as we choose to focus our consciousness on each movie as it plays.

The tricky thing about memories - and this might get to the core of your question - is that they happen in the Now also.

Your memory of the past only exists as you remember it in the Now. And, if your perspective of the Now keeps changing eternally then your Now memories would change too because your past is happening Now too.

I believe this is how Bashar can claim to be from our future (he/it/she says it is Darryl Ankha's future life) while still not knowing our own future...because Bashar's past is also changing as we change.

So does this mean that we "forget" our old past as we enter our new past?

I'm inclined to think so because pasts must synchronize with each other as Now's update. But, as with the DVD movie example, you can choose to watch each movie in whatever order you like but it is possible you might still remember the order in which you chose to view other words, your experience of you experiencing your experiences may be separate from your experiences themselves...I'm still mulling that one over myself :)

These are all fairly mindboggling concepts when viewed from our physical 3D perspective and I'm still trying to internalize and clarify them to myself.

I've previously posted some previous thoughts on all of this stuff from reality creation knowledge I've picked up and pieced together over the years.

Hope this clarifies things a bit.


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Thanks Stingray, that does help. Mind blowing isn't it?

(28 Feb '11, 20:03) Radius 7.25

In the same article, its stated that when you ask for something and you do not have it yet, the universe wants you to experience other circumstances, people, ideas etc. do that you can fully enjoy the manifestation of what you desire... is this true? or is this again a belief one can have to feel better?

(28 Feb '11, 20:30) Nikki777

as Orwell said "Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."

(28 Feb '11, 21:02) ursixx

Very easily put Stingray, thank you

(28 Feb '11, 21:28) you

@Nikki777 - there is no such thing as absolute truth, only what you deem to be true for you and that truth can change many times for you. So if that idea works for you and makes you feel better, use it whether it is true or not. :)

(01 Mar '11, 21:16) Stingray

Nice explanation of a difficult concept for us to understand from our limited perspective Stingray. "your experience of you experiencing your experiences" :) I believe that our experience is the only thing that’s unique to us as individuals who’re actually experiencing this life right Now. Even if I went back to my own past, the consciousness that’s experiencing that life is not me. Of course on a deeper level it’s all me. I totally (well almost) get the idea Bashar talks about and I know I’ve changed realities countless times, but why are my tattoos still present?

(03 Mar '11, 07:49) Eddie

@Eddie - Thanks Eddie. Regarding tattoos, how do you know they are still present other than your Now memory of them having been there previously? A moment ago, they may not have been there but in this Now universe timeline, you may have put them there along with a consistent memory. :) I'm still getting my head around some of this stuff :) Strangely enough, I stumbled across a classic episode of Star Trek-TNG last night called Yesterday's Enterprise. The moment at the start when old Picard morphs into new Picard may be happening to all of us all the time.

(03 Mar '11, 08:17) Stingray

Thanks Stingray, I'll view that episode and meet you on the bridge for debriefing :)

(04 Mar '11, 01:48) Eddie

Make it so, Eddie :)

(04 Mar '11, 23:49) Stingray

What if you shift into an a reality where you remember having shifted to it from your current reality?

(15 Jan '13, 03:01) flowsurfer

@Stingray- love the planck length bit, to me it corresponds to the doorway between physical reality and non physical reality, the point at which yin and yang are created, the point at which magnetic and electric energies come into being forming the complete sphere of the electromagnetic spectrum, the central dot of the graphic symbol of the sun, chaos and structured universe, etc, etc :)

(15 Jan '13, 03:57) blubird two

@Stingray- in short the planck length, 1.616 199(97) x 10 to the power of -35 metres, is a mathematical code, a symbolic doorway into another dimension ... a graphic artist would draw it as a black disk on a clear blue sky, the other face of the sun, a hole in the sky into the black beyond ... have fun :)

(16 Jan '13, 02:59) blubird two

Awesome. Love the TNG reference.

(23 Jan '15, 11:02) Kriegerd

came across this video and thought it was pretty interesting at how they explain it seems a lot more possible to travel into the future than to travel back to the past (starts around 34 minutes regarding time travel to the past, using entropy and the "arrow of time" to try and explain it) :

(26 Jan '15, 08:37) kakaboo

@Cory, @Stingray - Another interesting aspect of the effect is it's non-linear operation. Meaning unlike in "Back to the Future II," or "The Butterfly Effect," wherein one changes will skew the entire timeline. When I experienced the shift of a major land-mass (South America), that should have brought with it many alterations to history, but I can remember none. So it seems that reality is indeed akin to "paint on a wall" where you can change one spot without affecting the bigger picture.

(05 Mar '16, 18:09) lozenge123

The following interview with Philip K. Dick also touches upon similar concepts/experiences and is rather interesting:

(05 Mar '16, 18:10) lozenge123

I just now realized that I had mistakenly posted these on the wrong answer (Stingray's instead of my own), and I can't edit/move them. Or did I just shift realities? :) In any case, my apologies to all.

(08 Mar '16, 17:40) lozenge123
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In what is possibly a sign of the changing vibrational times since 2012, a large number of people have begun to notice certain trending "collective memories" which differ completely from the accepted historical reality. These instances are being attributed by many, not to cases of "mass mis-remembrance," but, rather, to mass-shiftings of portions of the world population from one alternate parallel reality into another.

This phenomenon is now being popularly referred to as "The Mandela Effect."

Notable examples (which apply to myself, and to many others) include remembering the children's book series as "The Berenstein Bears" instead of as the "Berenstain Bears," and remembering South America as being located (more or less) directly beneath North America, rather than being located almost completely to its east.

There are many Facebook groups which one can now join that are "charting" the shifts in our shared reality as the collective memories continue to change. One can also follow this Reddit Thread:

As well as the following website:

Clearly not all "changes" are going to ring true for every individual (my wife and I have discovered that we both share some memories that are out of sync with accepted history, while we do not share others). But it's been fun to follow nonetheless. :)

alt text


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@lozenge123 - Very interesting. Hadn't heard of the organized documentation of these shifts before. Bashar in the Q&A to The Formula states that this is a genuine alternate reality phenomenon - and he was talking specifically about "The Berenstein Bears" thing. I've had this happen to me and my wife also in relation to Michael Jackson's death...mentioned previously here on IQ

(02 Mar '16, 11:51) Stingray

Thanks for the links, @Stingray, very interesting, and it's intriguing that this was brought up in a Bashar seminar so recently. One aspect of this that I've been curious about, is why (if we are constantly shifting realities and creating our "pasts" from our "now" moment) we are even aware of the differences now (i.e., why don't our memories shift as well, into our "new" reality). Perhaps it's just a sign of the "age of awakening?" :)

(02 Mar '16, 13:07) lozenge123

@Stingray, as a bit of an aside, since you mention Michael Jackson... In the strange, wild world of entertainment industry billionaires, reality (it seems) is not always what it seems. In my own peculiar "parallel reality," I have found that this is also true regarding the circumstances of Mr. Jackson's "death," and that a vast prank has been perpetrated on the world's public...

(02 Mar '16, 13:08) lozenge123

Overwhelming evidence pertaining to this is readily and publicly available (interviews, official witness accounts of the death, court transcripts, videos, and more), and pretty much all the puzzle pieces point towards the same conclusion. While I have been tempted to post such findings on Inward Quest, I have found in conversations with close friends and family that people do not like to find out they've been fooled. And of course, their parallel reality is just as valid as my own :)

(02 Mar '16, 13:08) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - "why don't our memories shift as well, into our "new" reality" - Perhaps it takes a little time for us to acclimatize to a large-scale consensus reality-shift? Just speculating. I clearly remember being spooked out for days over the Michael Jackson death date (at the link above) but looking back, I can't imagine the date being anything other than what it seems to be everything still feels consistent. I also never really had much interest in Michael Jackson anyway :)

(02 Mar '16, 15:03) Stingray

@lozenge123 - But this is the first time I've heard he might still be alive and kicking. I always love a good conspiracy theory :) Are there any online sources of information you would recommend for a relatively balanced summary of the evidence that he is still around?

(02 Mar '16, 15:06) Stingray

@Stingray - Looking briefly at the few websites that came up in a Google search, they are okay, but not great. I'll paste my own notes here, although it will fill up quite a few comments. Stay tuned. :)

(02 Mar '16, 16:14) lozenge123

Many people assumed that Jackson's extreme thinness was due to ill health. However, it is actually well-established that MJ was a vegetarian, consuming only one meal per day. MJ was "obsessed with living forever," slept in an oxygen tank, and was a practitioner of caloric restriction, the only scientifically "accepted" method proven to extend the lifespan by at least 40%.

Ed Alonzo, a magician who performed with MJ the night before his death, said MJ "looked great and had great energy."

(02 Mar '16, 16:34) lozenge123

Likewise, lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe told BBC's Radio 4: "He came on stage and was electric...Suddenly he was performing as one had remembered him in the past."

But the next day, on the morning of his "death": "According to the AP, paramedic Richard Senneff, the first witness called by Katherine's lawyers, testified he thought the patient, whom he didn't recognize as the pop singer, was terminally ill. 'To me, he looked like someone who was at the end stage of a long disease process.'"

(02 Mar '16, 16:35) lozenge123

Court transcripts confirm that Sennef said the man he attempted to revive looked nothing like Michael Jackson:

(02 Mar '16, 16:36) lozenge123

In the days following the "death," an alleged friend of MJ named "Dave", whose face was covered by "burn tissue" appeared on Larry King Live to eulogize and defend MJ. There is compelling evidence that this man was in fact Michael Jackson:

(02 Mar '16, 16:36) lozenge123

In this "post-death" video interview with MJ's three bodyguards, about 5:20 into the clip, they confirm that MJ sometimes used a "burn victim" disguise in life:

(02 Mar '16, 16:38) lozenge123

In immediate post "death" interviews, MJ's brother Jermaine seems far from a man in grief--he seems almost giddy at times--and at one point when speaking of MJ's day of death says "when we were on the way to the airport--I mean hospital..." And frequently "slips up" by referring to MJ in the present-tense:

(02 Mar '16, 16:38) lozenge123

Various reports confirm a lack of access to MJ's "remains," etc... And then there is this (authenticity unconfirmed):

"My name is Kelly A H. I am writing to let you know that Dimitrie D is the one that died in Michael Jackson's place on 6/25/2009. Dimitrie was the one taken to UCLA hospital and admitted there under the name Soule S. Dimitrie was a 47-year-old man who had terminal illness..."

(02 Mar '16, 16:39) lozenge123

" The paramedics said they thought the patient was terminally ill coming from hospice. It was not Michael Joe Jackson that died but Dimitrie D instead. Michael Jackson is still alive and we will see him perform again real soon in the flesh once he is healed and has his strength back. God bless. Sincerely, Kelly A H (email received 6/13/14)"

(02 Mar '16, 16:39) lozenge123

Finally, the title of MJ's posthumously released album is ESCAPE, and the lyrics of the title song are most revealing:

(02 Mar '16, 16:40) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - Thanks. Some intriguing information there. I've only had a relatively brief look at it. Will have a look in more detail when I've got a bit more time. The "Dave Dave" interview is quite does give the impression of him being Michael Jackson :) From a brief glance around the net, Dave Rothenberg does appear to be a real person with a real history so Mr Jackson, if it is him, would be impersonating him with his consent. If any of this is true it then makes one...

(03 Mar '16, 04:48) Stingray

@lozenge123 - ...wonder why someone who has gone to so much trouble to appear dead, presumably to escape his legal and media troubles, would take unnecessary risks by appearing on mainstream television. Just getting to the studio and being in the close-up presence of the studio staff/technicians would further increase the risks of being found out.

(03 Mar '16, 04:57) Stingray

@Stingray - It's an interesting question, and perhaps one that only Jackson himself can answer. However, vast evidence suggests that Mr. Jackson had long been adept at fooling close friends (and even family) with elaborate prosthetic disguises, and so my own theory is that he was simply very confident in his ability to fool people, based on prior experience. If you check out p. 275 of "You Are Not Alone: Michael, Through a Brother's Eyes" by brother Jermaine, you'll find some great anecdotes:

(03 Mar '16, 14:08) lozenge123
(03 Mar '16, 16:18) lozenge123

@lozenge123 Thank you for bringing "The Mandela Effect" to my attention. Never heard of this before, and I must say, I've become a little obsessed with this over the last few days. I am a 100% believer in the BerenstEin Bears. I remember the books and the cartoon vividly back in the late 80's as a kid. I asked my mother and girlfriend to name and spell them as well and without hesitation they were both E people and not the parallel reality version A people. There are also other...

(04 Mar '16, 15:53) Cory

@lozenge123 ... things that have changed as well, but one that sticks out a lot is Mister Rodgers now singing "It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood." instead of "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." I only live about 40 minutes from where Mister Rodgers show was shot and it is kind of a culture that is embedded in my psyche. I even remember taking a field trip in elementary school to the set and seeing It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

(04 Mar '16, 16:02) Cory

@lozenge123 ... in big letters on the wall. So having obvious past memories as a kid change has been quite interesting I must say. I guess I just never noticed these things before until somebody stuck a spotlight on them for me.

Other observations are.. Interview with A vampire is now Interview with THE vampire

Life is like a box of chocolates is now Life was like a box of chocolates

Luke, I am your father is now No, I am your father

Curious to see what's to come:)

(04 Mar '16, 16:12) Cory

Hi @Cory, you're quite welcome. I too was extremely intrigued to hear about the phenomenon, and went on a bit of an internet binge myself. Another "big one" seems to be the line from Snow White (the Disney movie), which I and many others remember as "Mirror, mirror, on the wall," but is now apparently "Magic mirror on the wall." On the other hand, as a die-hard Star Wars fan, I always remembered that line to be "No, I am your father" greetings from a slightly different parallel universe. :)

(04 Mar '16, 23:33) lozenge123

@Cory - Another change for some people seems to be the famous line from the film "Field of Dreams." I (and many others) remember it as "If you build it, he will come." But my wife, along with many others, remember it as "If you build it, they will come."

(04 Mar '16, 23:35) lozenge123

will say this all exist in the now. it is like the phone game you say something to someone and the message go and shift to something else before it comes back to you. why is that so? simple people interaction changed it some did not say the same or did not understand the same, lack of awareness, personnel choice. it is the same in the world each event are understood and view from different angle by many people. take for example a puzzle made of more then one image. some people might not be-

(07 Mar '16, 14:47) white tiger

aware of the other image so they will relate only what they are aware about. and other might add image that are not there at all for their own personnel choice or taste or to hide their lack, like bringing another puzzle in to the mix. once you take what is there and remove what is not there then you can start to do the puzzle. as for historical event did you sort out the puzzle?

(07 Mar '16, 14:55) white tiger

@white tiger - Just curious, without looking it up right now online, or referring to a copy of the bible, how do you remember the line from Isaiah 11:6, a famous line about "lying down with the lamb"? No cheating, now! :)

(07 Mar '16, 16:39) lozenge123

@lozenge123 is not that when all the animal will come together in peace and a little child will lead them? look at children they are at peace when they are innocent. sure they make error every one does. they do not make mistake on per pace(malice) to get what they want. when they do mistake it is part of learning next time they will do better.

(07 Mar '16, 17:00) white tiger

@lozenge123 That's very intriguing. I think I experience "The Mandela Effect" very often. I notice it with sentences and words in other languages than English a lot and definitely wondered about Michael Jackson's death date before. This also happens with manifesting stuff. For instance, just today I thought that I have to face a deadline in 2 weeks and was a bit worried. Then after releasing resistance about that I actually realized that the deadline is in 4 weeks, not 2.

(07 Mar '16, 17:34) releaser99

I looked into my documents before and I was sure that it is 2 weeks. No doubt about that. Now looking into my documents again after releasing resistance it's in 4 weeks. This kind of shift happens a lot. For example, I talk to someone and the topic that we talk about annoys me. So back at home, I release resistance and now I realize that we didn't talk about the topic at all but about something else. It's really weird sometimes. Not sure if Mandela Effect or Dementia Effect though :)

(07 Mar '16, 17:35) releaser99

Wow, I can't believe 4 years have gone by since I wrote about my experiences with the Mahndellah Effect here. It feels like it was an hour ago.

(07 Mar '16, 18:49) releaser99

@lozenge123 I'm a "Mirror Mirror" and "They will come" guy myself. My girlfriend's old 80's VHS Snow White tape changed to "Magic Mirror" and she just kind of had this strange and confused look on her face of utter confusion. This is definitely the most interesting and believable phenomena regarding parallel worlds/realities that I have ever seen. I love testing my family members with this stuff who don't care one bit about LOA or reality creation. They automatically start saying...

(08 Mar '16, 00:36) Cory

@lozenge123 themselves, "wait a minute...maybe it was that way" and I tell them to stick to their guns and trust their memories because they are more than likely correct.

(08 Mar '16, 00:39) Cory

@white tiger - Apparently a lot of people (including many pastors) remember the quote being "the lion and the lamb shall lay down together," but now it is "the wolf shall dwell with the lamb." Some are attributing this to the Mandela Effect, whereas others are attributing it to, well, mass ignorance or amnesia:

(08 Mar '16, 17:34) lozenge123

@releaser99 - I know exactly what you mean, I've also had more "personalized" experiences of my past apparently changing, sometimes also after clearing resistance.

(08 Mar '16, 17:36) lozenge123

@Cory - Yes, I've been testing family and friends as well with some amusement. They sure don't want to believe a thing exists, but then when you start quizzing them and telling them the "answers" or "changes," you can watch their reaction and see their mind jumping through hoops. :)

(08 Mar '16, 17:37) lozenge123

@lozenge123 the bible as be rewritten over 5000 times just like the phone game. but the fact is that it talk about the animal instinct in man. you can also find in the bible many reference to the carnal nature of man vs the spiritual nature.

(08 Mar '16, 18:55) white tiger

the fact is that if you are surprise at this. how much more surprise are you that people are strict on what they believe even when it is not in truth. and some will fight you saying it is not the original version. but can you blame someone to create another version? who in this world does not lack and change stuff to their liking? now it is more of the same stuff express in different mater for different reason. for some it is more complication and for other more variety, and both are right.

(08 Mar '16, 19:08) white tiger

if you want event that as show a lot of different story take the 9 11 the plane that hit the tower. just after some people made story that it was not plane they destroyed with bomb those tower and made it appear it was plane. and many believe those story because they did not see the plane hit the tower when it happen. another event was the golf war even if they add weapon in that country that they should not have and gave enough reason to act and send the army in many tried to make those-

(08 Mar '16, 19:16) white tiger

proof disappear. I have seen chemical weapon found under a school in that country it was on the news in less then one year that news footage went away. same for the missile they found in that country that they where not allowed to have. it is like people just decided that it did not happen and put a shutter on that event or proof that existed. and they blamed the army to go play police in that country because they did not respect the convention.

(08 Mar '16, 19:21) white tiger
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I have often felt that all possibilities have all happened and as we live in a physical reality we are just using that physicality to match our vibrations to our preferences.


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Yes, that's what i've always thought.

(01 Mar '11, 18:15) Radius 7.25

I read a short story called 'The Adventure' which was about the catastrophic theory. It said to shift to a different reality you need to have some stimulation and at the same time you should be thinking about the other reality. The person in that story was thinking about a battle with a different result when he collided with a truck and so he shifted to the other reality.


answered 01 Mar '11, 16:15

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Interesting. Thanks Pranay :)

(01 Mar '11, 18:16) Radius 7.25

do you have a link to that story? thanks

(29 Apr '11, 03:39) Fairy Princess

That is the fabulous thing about living in the now, which si all there is. Becouse there is no time in order to experience it we have to be shifting to a new reality now, now, now, now - as Stingray noted biliontimes per secon You experience - now. So if You live now and You do not let Your physical mind travel to the past or future concerning what is gonna happen or buying into the beliefe of karma or any other distracting thing from now - You are living completly new now that is not based od the past - it actualy creates the past :). That is also why it is so important to act on things that bring You highest amount of joy every now, becouse these nows fulled with excitement let flow through you such a high vibration energy, that Your joice of living now is - the best feeling idea You can actualy exhibit :). Than the past does not matter. there is no lienar time, there is no continuity, this is completly new reality with new now.


answered 19 Sep '12, 04:17

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Your Truth is what is important. This guides you through the myriad of Universes and Parallel realities in which we exist. Past and Future are mists, only NOW exists.

Hub: "Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a man needs to believe in the most. That people are basically good; that honor, courage, and virtue mean everything; that power and money, money and power mean nothing; that good always triumphs over evil; and I want you to remember this, that love... true love never dies. You remember that, boy. You remember that. Doesn't matter if it's true or not. You see, a man should believe in those things, because those are the things worth believing in."

It is passion, love, focus and eagerness that keeps us alive.


answered 19 Sep '12, 04:45

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Dollar Bill

i do not agree continuity is how they relate together you can see it in anny creation,though,emotion,choice. i can listen to a movie for the first time and say this will happen and that will happen,and it does happen. it is the samething when you know someone and the decision they make you can tell before it happen they will make this choice for this though or emotion they have that relate on how they see things.yet sometime they can surprise you if they change their though,emotion or choice. the choice happens in the now the now is when the person is aware and make a choice and this now is in the present affected by the past and relating to the past. and that choice made in the now will affect the future new continuity of now or make your choice wisely.and seek to be aware of the now how it came to be and how it can become make the right choice.if you make error correct it.practice makes perfect.experience and enjoy.


answered 16 Jan '13, 03:24

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white tiger

edited 16 Jan '13, 03:29

I just feel sorry for everyone who listen ti this "alien from the future"... One day all the people listening to this hawaii-t-shirt-guy is going to have a rough wake up call... I belive if what everyone from the spiritual community is right; that everything exist that you can imagine, then I can imagine bad spirits ;like bashar, trying to fool people seeking answeres...


answered 21 Jan '15, 18:40

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bbb4, how may it be then, your reason for such anger

(21 Jan '15, 21:23) fred

In answer to Stingray

Not only is it possible to shift into parallel realities with different pasts"

No, it is not possible, and the past is gone, and time is NOT an illusion.

Past, present and future are all happening Now and are all consistent with each other in every new universe...

The past is gone. And there is no such thing as "new universe"

So everyone you create in those

Wait, what?? Can you create someone? OHH I got it, you mean making a woman pregnant first to create a baby to be a someone? in the Universe??

In the quote you've given, the rate of 24 frames per second for movies is actually billions of times per second when applied to creation of universe.

Please, tell me ur trolling, since when there is even a proof that there is more than this universe we live in? There isn't even a proof of another universe. And what do you mean by You create a universe? You mean you turn on your computer and play minecraft and you create your Universe there? Oh yes, I see.

Bashar says a new universe is created in every time period that it takes light to travel one Planck Length external link

No, there is no "each universe" being created, because a Universe is not a "thing" to be created, and Bashar doesn't understand a bit of Planck Lengh, nor do you, stop preaching disinformation your entire comment is ridiculous, childish and science fictional.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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@daramantuss Even if Stingray's answer is not true and really just ridiculous, childish and science fictional, is there a need to put your point across in such a negative manner ? There is no proof of another universe but there is also no proof that there isn't another universe. There is no proof that time is an illusion but there is also no proof that time isn't an illusion.

(04 Aug '17, 22:10) kakaboo
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