In this question What is it that fears death? the idea of dying before you die was raised and I accepted Michaela’s answer as being the closest to what I had in mind at that time.

Using that idea as a foundation, aside from a bundle of memories of a perceived past that are held together by the personality construct of our physical mind or ego-self, is there really, literally, a past which belongs to our soul?

It seems to me that every perceived moment is a discreet universe unto itself, so is there really any continuity between moments other than our definition and our estimation of such continuity?

From the perspective of our soul, who’s true state is the now moment and who can decide and choose to experience any particular point of view from the perceived linear past or linear future is there really such a thing as the past, per se?

asked 13 Aug '11, 02:00

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Wow!That was one of the very first questions I answered on IQ and I never dreamt I'd still be here 21 mths later...thanks everyone, you're the reason I'm still here :)

(15 Aug '11, 00:04) Michaela

Nice, and that was my very first question :)

(15 Aug '11, 01:10) Eddie
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Spirit/Soul/Mind/I-Self is not limited by time. The past, now and the future are one and the same - or in other words, there is no "past", no "future", all is Now. It's up to Spirit or Mind to focus on a certain aspect of Now by assuming physical reality.

Our physical mind and body (Me-Self) are limited by time because they are limited by space/matter; our body can not be in two places at the same time. We perceive changes in space and matter and interpret them as time, a concept limited to Me-Self. I-Self can neither perceive nor affect change, which is why I-Self needs Me-Self to grow, to experience. Limitation enables Me-Self to focus on specific issues which are on I-Self's agenda.

Me-Self's choices (thoughts and actions) seem primarily to affect Me'Self's life, but on the plane of I-Self change takes place in the Now. Our thoughts create a new aspect of reality which we will - due to our limitations - perceive as manifesting in the "future". And again due to our limitations we are unable to perceive changes in the "past", which to I-Self is just one of zillions possible pasts.


answered 13 Aug '11, 06:08

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Maria 3

Great answer Maria, did I write that? :)

(13 Aug '11, 06:30) Eddie

I feel honoured :)

(13 Aug '11, 07:09) Maria 3

Yes, great answer

(13 Aug '11, 09:20) Stingray

Thank you, Stingray.

(13 Aug '11, 10:20) Maria 3

Yes, very well said Maria :)

(15 Aug '11, 00:00) Michaela

Thank you, Michaela.

(15 Aug '11, 06:22) Maria 3
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The lessons we learn in the past that help us transform into better beings. I believe these follow us through our soul/spirit along it's journey thru time. Make us better the next time we come here to heaven. Those that don't learn repeat their mistakes.


answered 13 Aug '11, 08:53

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Yes our past is our future, and future is our past, and as you live, so you shall die, and your memories shared by love ones becomes your past, and your future, although you are long gone, so do not get the future and the past mixed up, for there is only one future, and one past recycled as we speak.


answered 13 Aug '11, 06:48

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Inactive User ♦♦

reincarnation is an ongoing cycle of birth and death,
though unpopular in the occident, there is much written about it.
also, we see every day that we have changed from the day before,
part of being a finite creature, i believe it is called aging.
does the past or as you ask the future matter?
what we did in the past sets up what we are dealing with in the present,
and the choices we make in the present sets up our future.
your fear of death is attributed to ones lack of understanding reincarnation


answered 14 Aug '11, 00:58

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When I put this into perspective of a past actually existing, then I would have to as well say the future actually exists, too. If both the past and the future exist, that would further mean that all time is set. If all time is set, and we are just moving through it, then logically there would have to be a beginning and an ending, as well as a creator of this entire set time experience.


But now, if we think of only now existing i.e. "the zero point", and nothing else exists, then this progressing moment can last forever without end. But we will never be able to build time machines to project to the past or future, since they do not exist.


answered 14 Aug '11, 02:05

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Wade Casaldi

edited 14 Aug '11, 02:53

Isn't time merely an artificial construct or an idea, in which we determine an arbitrary start point along the scale of eternity and then invent and implement the use of calendars?

(14 Aug '11, 03:23) Eddie
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