One of the concepts that I've learned from channels is that past, present and future exist simultaneously now, but every time I ponder it I give it all my faith to its truth, but cannot perceive it myself through my intuition, that's to say I don't know it directly myself.

Therefore, I would like to ask if you have come to the realization that past, present and future exist simultaneously now? And if so, how did you come to this realization?

I think when the moment comes when I can know this directly I will pass a barrier in my process that's why I’m asking.

Thank you.


asked 07 Apr '13, 04:22

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08 Apr '13, 01:07

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Thanks for asking this excellent question Notgonnatellyou, let’s see if I can assist :)

I reached the realization that past, present and future exist simultaneously now by understanding that there is only Now and that linear time is an artificial construct that’s created by our consciousness in order that we, as personality constructs, can have an experience of (not in) time-space reality.

It takes 26,000 years for the Milky Way to complete one revolution of the procession of the equinox.

Eternity means forever and always, without beginning and without ending, infinitely and eternally now. You exist now, so you’ve always existed in some form. The nature of time that’s linear demands fixed starting and ending points in order that it can be measured, i.e. year 1 to year 2013 or year 10,000 to year 10 Billion. However, no matter how much time we measure, it’s still contained within eternity, within the idea of Now.

The past and future that you think about are not real (to use a word) per se; they are imagined approximations within your mind, what you call memories. However, the real past and the real future is happening right Here and right Now (albeit at different vibrational frequency) and they always will be…

To really grasp this, you have to remember that once the idea of artificial linear time is removed from the equation, then all ideas and concepts of reality must exist simultaneously Here and Now because there’s no-time and thus no-where and no-when else in which they can exist.

Think of it this way: that’s how it is and how it’s always been and always will be; the nature of existence, your true nature, is simply to exist eternally now ♥


answered 08 Apr '13, 01:09

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@Eddie. Thanks for the question and the answer :) I guess the trick is on realizing time-space is only a "feature" of this particular experience. Your answer helps me, but I think I have to "experience" this truth directly.

(09 Apr '13, 01:34) Notgonnatellyou

I was watching a film about Albert Einstein. In the film he was waking along and talking with a friend. He said something like, "I'll bet I can prove to you that this moment doesn't exist."

Of course his friend was insulted by this. Einstein said, "Please let me explain. We are right now here in this moment." His friend said, "Yeah" Einstein said, "Does the moment just past exist now?" His friend said, "No" Einstein then asked, "Does the next moment approaching exist now?" His friend said, "No" Einstein then concluded, "If this moment comes from a moment that doesn't exist and approaches a moment that doesn't exist, then how can this moment exist?"


answered 08 Apr '13, 01:36

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Wade Casaldi


@Wade - Do you agree with your answer? If so, are you saying that you do not exist either? If you don't exist, then you didn't post the answer, right? If you do exist, then where and when do you exist? 8-)

(08 Apr '13, 05:22) Eddie

@Eddie Yes exactly it seems all that we believe exist is more and more being found to be something akin to thought.

But then thought comes from consciousness. So it would seem to prove the only thing that is, is God.

(08 Apr '13, 12:43) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Love this. I struggle with understanding the answer to this question myself.

(14 Nov '16, 11:47) Grace
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