Or, to put it another way, do you think that some people are intellectually lazy, and that this intellectual laziness has consequences?

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.....I believe (and have read many times) that if one has "floating" thoughts (negative or positive) and they allow them to be just that--floating thoughts--and see them for what they simply are without any attachment or feeling connected to them, then they're OK. It's when you continue having floating thoughts, (i.e., negative thoughts) OVER and OVER again and ATTACH FEELING and EMOTION, and/or start to BELIEVE the negative thought(s), then it can and often times becomes problematic.


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Of course! EVERYTHING has consequence, EVERY little fuc**** thing M-A-T-T-E-Rs, either your aware of it or not.

The Universe is made of ENERGY. Everything in it is made of it. Quantum physicists start to re-member it NOW. Thoughts are energy. They create reality, they can create worlds beond our comprehension.

Control on your thoughts is EVERYTHING. If you have chaotic thoughts, you will have a chaotic experience of life. If you live disciplined and impeccable life, that is exactly what you will create for yourself.

Are people intelectually lazy? Well according to statistics people read, in average, one book a year, and they watch over 5 hours of TV each day! Well, what do you think? :-)


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Hmm...I guess I struck a nerve. :)

(15 Nov '09, 21:24) Vesuvius

Unfortunately life is designed to be enticingly drawn to mindless entertainment, this is a good control technique for the masses, the less intelligent the less inquiring and rebellious. In other words good blue collar workers that ask no questions do as they are told and except what they are given without complaint to anyone that matters in the system.

Leaders are readers is something that is repressed and only reserved teaching for the elite, lucky for me I was lead to be a seeker and became one of those elite and learned these things. There are many that are seekers and thanks to Simon and other internet places with very awakening old e-books such as the Florence Scovel Shin collection on here (I could give a huge list of links for excellent e-books), the great old books are preserved and there for all, even with the deliberately misleading parts they are very good to awaken every one to their own authority.

All of the books together have the answers, the main thing is we need to watch the schools do not dumb down the kids and that they have a hunger to read good informative books, not fictitious adventure or drama.


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Wade Casaldi

I Think.. wait I didn't think of this answer, I listened to it.

I believe that Thinking by iteslf, as the sole authority of consciousness is a huge trap. It seems we listen & analyze. the moment of this analysis is what we describe as thinking.

Let me plagarize an idea from Jane robert's SETH. When we begin to speak a sentance, we often have no idea how we are going to complete that thought. and yet we allow our inner source to successfully guide our combination of words from our vocabulary to arrive at a cohesive completion of our thought.

you can't do this while trying to choose the precise words to formulate your ideas. You have to relinquish that control to a more capable source of guidance.


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The Traveller

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I think everyones thought processes are different and travels at a different frequency and maybe even on an different spectrum of different electrical waves. The whole process of thinking is different for different people and the way we process information is so astounding for each one of us.

Example If you had 5 people looking at the same thing. You will probably have one who would see things almost like an robot computing with all senses they may have. They notice the drop in the temperture, the birds squarking louder,the heavy smell of an certain flower, the car that drove by ever so slowly, and so on. While another only notice that there was an lot of people around, one might have notice the the color of the clouds were different and that there were no children to be seen, while some one else might say I didn't notice a thing and while the last my say in detail of the event everyone was looking at and describe it all down to detail of the event but don't remember anything else.

So, to be procise in your thinking is find but procision in one person is fanstatic and procision in another person my not be the same but they are both good they are just picking up or processing information and thoughts in a different sequences.


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Thinking about something is like directing the light on one object, in a dark room filled with too many things. that's all. the rest is not the result of ''thinking'' but the result of creativity and creativity is not a conscious act. thinking in itself is a very weak method to deal with anything mentally. it helps of course, but it's not all there is. and it's not the most important mental activity. thoughts are not energy. or to be exact, they are very weak forms of energy. they can't change anything at all in this form. they must be transformed to be able to make any changes in the outer world. thinking, only creates more weak thought vibrations. nothing more. but, we love to think. our little conscious mind loves to think. and it would give us all reasons and explanations in the world to be able to think and think again. Albert Einstein once said that his best ideas came to him while he was in the shower !! .. :) .. not while he was deeply thinking about solutions and ideas. no, but while he was totally relaxed and NOT thinking about anything at all. greatest artists and scientists got their ideas in dreams, or while driving home or while doing meaningless things.Quantum physicists never told us that thoughts create anything. we use quantum laws out of context just to feed our beliefs. our ego. figure8shape - just mentioned amazing expression.. floating thoughts. that's when thoughts are effective. when they are free. totally free. thinking means simply producing more thoughts. until you - choose - only one. and keep it .. floating ! what a wonderful expression !! thanks figure8shape


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Wow Adel -For a moment you had me ready to find a (what appeared to me to be a flaw in your analagy )Fortunately I witheld judgement until I completed reading your full statement.The last three lines put your exelent thoughts into proper perspective.Another lesson learned."Hear the whole story" before comeing to a conclusion.Don V

(20 Sep '10, 19:41) Don V

Let me tell a little story:

On Star Trek:The Next Generation ( the ultimate resource for metaphysical questions, of course! LOL!) Wesley, the young genius son of Dr. Crusher, is attracted to a man who calls himself "The Traveler". (Hmm. Where have I seen this name before?) Wesley is leaning over The Traveler's shoulder as he prepares to "assist" in a warp drive experiment. Wesley suddenly notices something The Traveler does- an equation. Wes asks, "Doesn't that equation mean that time, space, and thought are all the same energy?" The Traveler looks up quickly and says that Wes should never repeat that truth, for the world was not ready to hear it.

I do not think we can be so completely perfect that we can control every thought...try controlling your thoughts and language after you have dropped a full pickle jar on your big toe! Nonetheless, I believe that our thoughts "add up"! What we focus on slowly becomes our reality, whether we mean it to or not. This is why Norman Vincent Peale's book The Power of Positive Thinking has been a best-seller for years. We need to try to be as aware of how we think as we can! Maybe The Traveler was right! I definitely believe that prayer is a form of energy that can change the physical plane. Perhaps collective thoughts do this, too. Blessings, Jai

P.S. Be careful what you pray for- you might get it!


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I am not going to answer in terms of negative and positive thoughts but in terms of being precise whether it is positive or negative. I think we need to be precise in our thinking only to the extent that we want our physical manifestations to be precise.

There is no right or wrong. Everybody wants different things. I might have a really clear idea of what I want (let's say I want a gold watch with diamonds surrounding the bezel because I love diamonds and I love the gold colour against my skin), so then I can be precise in my thinking and the universe will deliver an exact match.

The more precise you are, the more exact matches you will get.


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Pink Diamond

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