Consider: Given the fact that not everyone believes there is a “God”, but may believe in some other source, yet the mention of the name “God” seem to impact some people in a very strange, and deranged manner. So why does the name “God” affect us all spiritually in every way, even if we are not willing to acknowledge this as a fact? What causes some of us to bow down in prayers, and worship “God,” while others will reject the name of “God,” in general?

I was thinking about some of the answers and questions here on Inward Quest, pertaining to the issue of God, so I was inspired to ask this question.

This is not a duplicate question.

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The Word "God" represents the Ultimate Authority in the Universe. One cannot utter a word that holds more potential for power and might, nor Love, than the Word,"God".

For most people on Earth who believe, the word "God" represents a final Power, an inescapable authority Who has control of everything. This is both awesome and scary to some people. Some people hear the word "God", and something inside of them fights with the idea that there could possibly be something or someone with more power than they could ever imagine.The Bible often says, "Fear God." This means, "You better respect Him, because He has the Power to make life truly ugly if you don't listen to Him!"

For Non-Believers, some of Whom are in the control of the "Dark Side", saying the word, "God" sets their teeth on edge and makes them boil with rage. Other people deny the word, "God" affects them at all. I think they are kidding themselves.

The word, "God", is the most powerful Word a person can say.

Blessings, Jai


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"Dark side"? - Darkness is relative absence of Light, not a thing in itself

(13 Aug '11, 09:27) Stingray

Stingray, I know you do not believe in "evil" per se- perhaps you have some other perception of it- but I have dealt with it on a very personal me, Evil Exists. How else do you justify the motivations of the people who locked me in a coffin with a dead, embalmed body as a way to convince me to keep quiet??? I have cast Evil out of people, and seen it go, and it is something to behold. The Dark Side is not just an absence of is The Presence of Satan and his cohorts. I am just explaining what I said. I already know we are not going to agree on this....(more coming)>>>>>

(13 Aug '11, 12:44) Jaianniah

I just needed to be very clear that when I said "Dark Side", I MEANT and HAVE FACED that "Dark Side", and IT EXISTS. Its job is to convince YOU that it does not exist. It seems the stuff of science fiction or worse...but right now, I am personally dealing with Evil in a person i care about...possession by Something is the only explanation for the truly Evil things she chooses to do for fun>>>>>>>>>>>>– Jaianniah 0 secs ago

(13 Aug '11, 12:53) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah: Thank you for a very honest answer, also for sharing some very vital and important points with us. Excellent answer!

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We respond according to our beliefs and perceptions. Our beliefs and perceptions are affected by our thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts and emotions were formed from experiencing, hearing. The word god means different things to different people, it holds an emotional charge. Jesus asked His disciples, "Who do you say I am?" We respond to God according to who we believe He is. That is why religion is so dangerous, it is like putting God in a manmade box, idolotry. God has shown Himself in many ways and has many names like, God the provider, God the protector, God with us, etc... People have individual relationships with Him or no relationship at all. If we see God as harsh and punishing, we will respond in fear, if we see God as loving, we will respond accordingly.

Also, it depends on who is saying the word. If it is a Bible Thumper, then we might feel judged by the person saying it. Or if it is a person who is cursing, then we might cringe if we read in the Bible not to take the Lord's name in vain. So not only does it depend on who is hearing the word and who they say God is, but who is saying the word and who they say God is.


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Great answer and I like the points that you have covered a lot to think about, thank you.

(16 Aug '11, 01:54) Inactive User ♦♦
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