So I have started to thank God/Source for things that I don't have yet, as if I already have them. Most of these are what I think of as basic needs....

I'm beginning to feel like many people I know, already have many of these things from birth.

It sometimes makes me feel like a "have-not"....because I don't really have these things...yet.

Any suggestions, I'm sure this is not helping my manifestation but I can't help but think that sometimes...has anyone else struggled with this?

What should I do when such a thought pops up?

Thank You.

asked 05 Aug '10, 17:08

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I haven't felt that way...On the contrary, I felt like...'empowered'. Making a list of things I am going to get! Fancy that!!!

It's like when you're writing a list of edibles right before going to the supermarket. You ARE going to get all that stuff, aren't you? There is no doubt that you will, because you only write down things that you are able to afford, or you wouldn't add them to the list!

Same way I feel when I am thankful for things I haven't yet. Since they are on the list, I will have them!

Wish you luck,



answered 06 Aug '10, 12:42

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Bridget that was really well-said and so nice. Thank you for sharing that wonderful thought with us! What a good point.

(06 Aug '10, 19:40) LeeAnn 1

Nice answer :-)

(07 Aug '10, 01:17) Michaela

When I used to be very good at manifesting back when I was a teen I used to do just that. I would see something and say "Oh wow that is cool I am going to get one of those, but mine will be like this!" I always received what I wanted exactly as I wanted it! Yes my parents were not rich and couldn't have things specially built for me either. But somehow what I wanted exactly as I wanted showed up at a store near by so I could receive it for Christmas or my Birthday. The funny thing was back then I never thought anything about that being extraordinary.

Now I get that "have not" feeling instead of that excited "ooooooww I can't wait this is going to be so cool!!!!" feeling.

An interesting thing just popped into my mind, back then I had a definite time when I knew I was going to receive gifts, why not what I wanted and asked for?

Now there is no definite time, birthdays and Christmas has just become I don't care what you get me I am not asking for anything special. Because of this consideration of letting people buy me more shirts or slacks the only thing special about these times are giving and the food. That removes the "Ooooooow I can't wait!!!" feeling because I have no idea when what I want will come if it does.


answered 06 Aug '10, 20:00

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Wade Casaldi

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there is a great book "The Message of a Master" Chapter 9 It mentions that thoughts are the real things and the physical awareness of things that we sense through the five senses are the out-picturing of our thoughts. Therefore, when you give thanks for those things that you are able to think of, you actually have already received them by the mere fact that you imaged it.


answered 05 Aug '10, 19:51

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@RPuls: "you actually have already received them by the mere fact that you imaged it." This one is hard to swallow but I still practice these methods...

(05 Aug '10, 21:13) Back2Basics
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