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I do this.

Sometimes, it makes me think I am just a little crazy......But at church tonight, I heard our pastor say that he talks to God all day, too.

I got to wondering if this is a normal part of a good relationship with God...OR:...

Am I talking to the wind, myself, and the four walls???

I really do not think so, of course. Please let me know that I am not alone in this!

Blessings, and Love, Jaianniah

asked 23 Jun '11, 03:00

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I say thankyou to "GOD" all day too.

(23 Jun '11, 06:32) evelyn

i will be what i will be!

(24 Jun '11, 02:24) white tiger

Those who know, don't talk. Those who talk, don't know.

(03 Apr '13, 06:11) CalonLan
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Sometimes, it makes me think I am just a little crazy......

Actually, from my observations, most people will accept someone who talks to "God".

It's when you try and tell them that "God" talks back...that's when they call you crazy :)


answered 23 Jun '11, 19:10

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"Lose your mind and come to your senses. " Fritz Perls

(23 Jun '11, 21:30) ursixx

we are all a little crazy people can believe what they want! it does not change annything!

(24 Jun '11, 02:35) white tiger

Then I guess I qualify as "crazy"....Uh, oh! LOL! Thanks for the enjoyable response! Love, >>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Jun '11, 07:56) Jaianniah

ha ha Stingray !

(24 Jun '11, 07:59) evelyn

@Stingray, you are simply a genius.

(02 Apr '13, 20:26) Romel
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I spend the first 15-20 minutes of my day "plugging in" and reconnecting, reaffirming my links to The One (all mental). My version of communication I suppose. Some may call it talking to God. The day always flows smoother. I plug in thru out the day as well. For me, Inward Quest also functions as one of the ways of plugging into The Source via the group collective knowledge :-)

I don't have specific religious beliefs (i.e. christian).... yet I believe in The One The Creator and All that Exists (and ever existed) and All that matters. Everything and ALL things come from the Source. Period.To me there is no need to cloak The Source (God) with components like Jesus and other biblical personalities. Only complicates things...that are actually very simple.


answered 23 Jun '11, 13:48

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yes remain simple the kingdom belong to simple people jesus said it him self!

(24 Jun '11, 02:30) white tiger

I think on an unconscious level we are always talking to God or communicating with Source all day, every day.

All too often we only talk to God consciously when we want or need something... I think it's important to consciously nurture that line of communication at all times.

I don't think it matters what form the communication takes... prayer, meditation ,communing with nature or even talking to the wind, myself and the four walls. After all God is in everything and everyone so he really doesn't care how,why, when or where you communicate with him, he's happy to hear from you any time.


answered 23 Jun '11, 18:37

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yes look for what is beautifull and talk share what is on your mind or hearth!

(24 Jun '11, 02:34) white tiger

I talk to myself and God a lot through the day, a lot of the time he's the only one who's listening.


answered 23 Jun '11, 18:50

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you are never alone!

(24 Jun '11, 02:32) white tiger

I believe if we are to have a relationship with our Father God there needs to be communication.

This is more than just going to God every time we want something. God is more than a servant-genie wanting to fulfill your every desire. He wants a relationship; that is why he is your Father.

If we look in the Bible to Isaiah we see that Abraham was known as God's friend! This is really something to think on, God's friend, as a friend we do for our friends and ask what more can we do. As a servant we do what is required of us to do and no more. A friend is well-protected and also a friend is well-taken care of. A friend is well-spoken for as well. A friend in need gets help because friends care and are just too glad to help.

This is the relationship we should be striving to reach; it all starts with familiarity and this starts with communication.

2 Chronicles 20:7 and Isaiah 41:8


answered 23 Jun '11, 03:20

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Wade Casaldi

Thank you so much! God-as-Friend is a picture of Him we do not often emphasize, but should, for He is Just That! We can call upon Him for everything! Blessings, to you, dear!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(23 Jun '11, 03:22) Jaianniah

"GOD" is in us all so we are the best friend we could have.We should all be kinder to ourselves.

(23 Jun '11, 06:34) evelyn

we are all in god! enjoy the experiance!

(24 Jun '11, 02:28) white tiger
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Yes, I do. I pray when I hear sirens. I have a song I wrote for any time, especially when I am down. When I see someone who looks hurt, I pray for them. I pray for the beggars at the corner. I pray for cars that pull out in front of me in traffic or who are being rude or dangerous in traffic. I pray for people when I get angry with them. When I feel hate in my heart, I repent and think on love and peace. I used to pray for all the situations on the news, I just don't watch it any more, too depressing. I pray for kids that I see mistreated. I pray for safety when I get in my car, especially before longer trips. I say, "Thank you Jesus," or "Thank you Lord," whenever I think of it, especially when I first wake up in the morning. I end my day with what I am thankful for and other prayers. When I have a bad dream, I call out "Jesus." God is everywhere and with us always. He is our companion, as well as our protector and provider. Any time I feel lonely or unloved, I remember that God loves me and is with me always.

PS I do these as much as I remember to. I do forget sometimes.

Edit: Oh, and of course I pray for my son. If I get frustrated with him and catch myself thinking bad thoughts, like calling him names in my head, I change it to thanking God for my precious son and asking blessings for him. It is hard to remember when I am angry or frustrated, but it really changes things around for me.


answered 23 Jun '11, 13:19

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Fairy Princess

edited 26 Jun '11, 01:08

well me i ask god why it is that way! but is way are trully impenetrable(in the sense that it is not always apparent why he do some stuff!) and he as a good sense of humour!

(24 Jun '11, 02:40) white tiger

This is a lovely answer! Simply wonderful! I feel as though you gave me a delightful tour of your spiritual mind as you go about your day.Thanks so much! Blessings and Love to you, from me,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Jun '11, 08:02) Jaianniah

Thank you, Jai! Love and blessings!

(25 Jun '11, 01:55) Fairy Princess
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yes i also do this when i do not understand stuff i chat with god! sometime i understand stuff i did not! or sometime someone will come to talk to me about the thing i was asking about! god is good and as good sense of humour!


answered 24 Jun '11, 02:42

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white tiger

I talk to myself, so yes, I guess that's the same thing :)


answered 26 Jun '11, 01:41

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