There must have been some crucial change in homo that at some point he became totally self-aware, totally sentient. Perhaps that moment is represented by the tempting of Eve to eat of The Tree. If you think about it, what Knowledge did God not desire man to know? What knowledge turned us from rote beings to beings that could reason and even know that all people die? I do not take the story of Adam and Eve literally, but if you really consider it, the Author (Moses) clearly had reasoned that man once existed as free as any other animal- and then something drastic changed his existence. In this way, the tale of Adam and Eve clearly shows where the line was drawn between existence insentient and sentience.

Perhaps when humans came out of the trees, and began to live as foragers, began to walk upright, (about ~3-5 million years BCE), something changed us forever.

Think about this, and let me know what ideas you may have about what mental change happened that truly made us forever human.

Blessings as usual, Jai

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To me, the Tree of Knowledge stands for the awakening of self-consciousness, which in turn leads to evaluating and interpreting our environment and ourselves in terms of "good or bad", "useful or not". Overcoming this "selfish" phase, this temptation, realising that everything is connected and acting accordingly, takes us to a higher level of perspective, back to "paradise".


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Maria 3

Neat answer! +1+ Thanks!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(18 Aug '11, 08:25) Jaianniah

Thank you, Jai :)

(21 Aug '11, 03:24) Maria 3

An interesting theory is that another advanced civilization came from outer space and they spliced their genes with early man and made HomoSapiens. In fact, most of the indigenous cultures around the world have creation myths which involve their space brothers and sisters who came from the heavens to help them.

Love and Light


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(18 Aug '11, 15:30) Jaianniah

Perhaps these 2 articles may help.

link text

link text


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I Think Therefore I Am

The knowledge of good and evil requires some judging, discerning. Before Adam and Eve ate the apple, everything was good. Eve didn't know she was doing anything wrong when she ate the apple, because she didn't know evil, only good. When they ate the apple, they then began to notice that some things didn't feel good anymore, like being naked. So, negative thoughts were introduce to Adam and Eve. It is these negative thoughts that cause disease, pain, suffering, and is sin. For all men have sinned (missed the mark) and fallen short of the glory of God. So, sin is missing the mark, the mark is our goal and our goal is the glory of God. So, these negative thoughts are the sin that keeps us from the glory of God.


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Fairy Princess

In a nutshell, Free Will is the freedom to choose between good and evil, therefore, life is based upon the choices we make every day.


answered 19 Aug '11, 06:14

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