Have you not noticed that when you are really engrossed in a particular activity, then time seems to fly by? However, when doing other things, time seems to go a lot slower.

Also, when we go to sleep, there isn't really a concept of time for us until we wake up again, is there?

So, is time really a fixed thing or is it an illusion?

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The passage of time is stable enough that we can measure it with extreme accuracy. It is the perception of time that is fluid.

Richard Bach had interesting things to say about time. He compared life to a movie:

“You can hold a reel of film in your hands,” he said, “and it’s all finished and complete - beginning, middle, end are all there that same second, the same millionths of a second. The film exists beyond the time that it records, and if you know what the movie is, you know generally what’s going to happen before you walk into the theater: there’s going to be battles and excitement, winners and losers, romance, disaster; you know that’s all going to be there. But in order to get caught up and swept away in it, in order to enjoy it to its most, you have to put it in a projector and let it go through the lens minute by minute."

It is said that time seems to move faster as you get older. I have a theory about that, which I call the Law of Novel Experiences. It basically means that we tend to mark time by remembering the novel or new experiences that happen to us. As we get older, those novel experiences get fewer and farther between, which is why time seems to move faster as you get older.

If you are in a spaceship, moving relative to an outside observer at relativistic speeds (large fractions of the speed of light), the clock on your spaceship will record that less time has passed than the observer's clock (Einstein's Special Relativity). This has been proven experimentally; it is an adjustment that was necessary for us to go to the moon. Without a small adjustment for relativistic time effects, we would have missed the moon.


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Your last paragraph is why Genesis was proven fact. It is amazing that as perspective changes time changes. So 6 days and 16 billion years are both accurate depending one the frame of time reference. Our clocks tick billions and billions of times slower than at the start of the big bang because of gravity stretching time. If you want to want an amazing movie watch The Genesis Code.

(10 Sep '12, 23:28) Wade Casaldi

I honestly dont know if this qualifies as an answer but it seems that the only time I experience my Light visions is when I am totally engrossed in something else.So do you have to detach yourself totally before you can be present. Im not sure but isnt everything first a thought then it becomes a reality? And wasnt Time made a Reality just for our Human experience?


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Yes, you are right time was made an reality just for us humans in our physical world Roy

(16 Nov '09, 02:08) flowingwater

Time is how we measure change. but this change is only fixed in one dimention ( material ) . and an illusion in another ( spiritual ). we are multi-dimensional beings. and this is the cause of conflict or contradiction in the concept of time as we know it.


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Time is of the physical world once you step out of the physical world there is no time or step into another plane there is No time.

Time is not an illusion in one sense it is differently real and part of our reality but it is and can be stop, bent, slowed down or speed up depending on where we are in our deep mental state of being or so it seem when we are in an deep relaxed state. Kind of like reading an great book or watch an good movie you are not aware of how long time as been for you mentally was transported somewhere else in your enjoyment of the book or movie.

In our minds eye of time we can be transported to a place of relaxation and we feel and deep satisfying state of relaxation and it seems or appears as though time has stood still. As it really is I guess so since you are emotionally or mentally transported to another place you than have no awareness of time an how long you were there in that state of being.

Now is time still some where going on yes where your physical body is time is still going on but you are not aware of it at the moment for your spiritual being is the one feeling this.

I remember reading anlong time ago about an woman that was in an coma for over 20 years and did not age when she finally came out of the coma she had not age at all. How is this possiable I am guessing that in her mind some how things stop or maybe her mind increase to allow what ages us to slow down an not cause her aging.

God created time with the sun, moon, and stars just for us humans to expierence in our reality physical world with our human/physical/spiritual being selves to enjoy and explore all of his creation he made for us on Earth. WE are part of earth for he made us out of the dust of the earth so we need the things of the earth in order to survive like food, water, and oxygen from the air which is cleaned and purified by the plants and trees some have been here for thousands of years.

I think time is something that connects us to this physical world.


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Time is movement. Without movement, there would be no time. It is in measuring the change (the movement), that we observe time, and the measurement can be affected by our perceptions. If I think I can run fast, that perception will change if I observe everyone else running faster than me.

While it's true that time can be measured precisely, it really doesn't matter very much that the clock says 24 hours if you're floating in icy water for that long. Nor does it matter when you have that much time left on an unlimited spending spree. In the former case, the time will be long. In the latter, the time will be short. We live be subjectively experiencing our world, so that's our reality-- including our subjective perception of time.

Here's a thought to ponder, found in an article by Christine Desan: "Rather than conceiving time as a series of points, we should think of time as movement, the creative manufacture of the present out of the past. Rather than considering the path that may be created by a series of points, we should consider the qualities that might attach to a phenomenon of movement, to our own predicament as beings constantly losing a set of possibilities and always getting the present ground." (from Out of the Past: Time and Movement in Making the Present)


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I think time is NOW or "the Eternal Now Moment". outside of this moment the only reach we have is with our consciousness which can access past or future memories or conversly past or future visions. So there is only NOW and NOT NOW(which is conceptual).

I don't think our soul differentiates between if the NOT NOW vision (or memory) happens to be a past memory or a future vision. When the vision (be it past or future) is Held in constant focus in our consciousness in the NOW moment as if we are participating in that event right now, the universe manifests the circumstances to materialize that vision or memory

I believe that the gap between the vision & the actual manifestation of the circumstance to participate in it is what translates into the experience of time, which by the way is what is now starting to colapse (as indicated in some philosophies). this could be why it seems like there is no time left to do everything & everything is speeding up beyond our ability to handle it.

If this is what is going on right now, apparently the way to handle this transition it to learn to let go of everything that is no longer necessary in our NOW moment which by the way happens to be eternity. So the more we unload our old and un necessary bagage the easier it should be to experience & handle the "NOW", which is all that exists.

But hey, this entire explanation could be complete bull-crap. I am learning and I am comfortable with this understanding for myself. but it could be usless nonsense to someone else or everybody else. this is the explanation that my inner voice is leading me towards. Who knows.. maybe we are all being led into the mountain by a spontanious search for inner meaning which is in reality a philosophical Pied Piper.(Translation:sombody is leading us all into a trap)


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