Teachers like Bashar and Bentinho Massaro say you can change your past, and that you can switch timelines to one with a different past. That we are constantly moving through parallel realities every second.

I have come to accept this, and I've seen this question asked here before, but there is one thing that seems to constantly trip me up when trying to shift realities. What about physical evidence of the previous timeline?

Such as messages that someone sent you, or pictures/videos of events that occurred in the timeline you wish to move away from.

Can I literally change the past, so that certain things never occurred, or that there is no longer any lingering evidence from the old timeline? If I've truly changed my past then I don't see why these remnants would still exist here.

I struggle when I see evidence of my past that I would love to leave behind. I would love to be able to wake up in the morning and be truly in a different reality; check my phone and see I had an entirely different conversation the previous day, look back at old photos of myself from this new timeline.

Or for peoples' memories to change along with mine. I feel like this must be possible.

I've been taught that if I desire something then it must be possible for me to have. If I can change my timeline then surely this can be done? Any clarification on this would help so much, thank you.

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You seem to be implying that we can shift to parallel realities but the Past of those realities is a fixed thing so you have to deliberately find a different fixed Past in order to feel better about some things that are bothering you about your current Past.

But the Past is no more fixed than the Future. Everything is happening Now - there is no linear time other than our limited physical perspective illusion of it.

There is only one moment in the whole of creation and we just shift perspectives in order to view it in different ways. Some of these perspectives we label as Past, some as Present, some as Future...but all are evolving...none are fixed.

So if you don't like your current Past, you just alter your perspective of that Now Moment to something more pleasing to you and you effectively now have a different Past.

But is the Past really changing or are we just feeling better about it? From my limited human perspective, I don't really know the mechanics of what is happening...you'd have to ask someone like Bashar.

But I would also say it achieves the same result regardless of which way you look at it so you would be justified in thinking that you now have a new Past if you prefer to see things that way.

For example, I've had stuff happen in my life that I know I didn't like at the time. But these days, from much better-feeling places, I can't actually even remember what that stuff was...just a vague feeling of "I sure didn't like it"...and that feeling is only being dredged up for the sake of this answer. Isn't that the same as having a new Past without remnants?

All I did to achieve that was change my perspective of those events...whatever they were.

So how do you alter your perspective of something, like your current Past?

This site is full of methods and ideas for doing so. Try Focus Wheels/Blocks if you don't know where to start.


I just stumbled across a previous answer I wrote several years ago on this subject.

Is it really possible to shift into a parallel reality with a different past?

Obviously, that answer was written in a separate parallel universe since I had forgotten all about it :)


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What you are experiencing right now is hybridized version of yourself, which is a normal thing to experience when you are changing.

Physicality is the most dense form of energy available, so it is normal that it would take the longest to change when you change your pattern. The main shift you need to make is that you are interpreting the evidence of the past as proof of its unchangability, and while it is possible to look at the evidence and the past that way, that interpretation is a choice you are making right now.

Recognize that you are free to interpret the evidence any way you like, and the most productive ways to do that are those that reduce its significance.

Let's use an extreme example- let's assume for a moment that it is part of your past that a shark bit off your leg over the knee. That's something most people won't like very much at first, and it's also not something that can be easily doctored with, at first, by moving to another city, etc.

So let your goal be to move to another reality where the shark-bite didn't happen. The most practical flows are always those that are closest to reality as experience now, so the first steps would be to get a good prothesis by whatever means available, so for all practical purposes the shark bite didn't matter.

Further, in those areas where the visibility of your amputation is unavoidable, you might freely switch between any reality where you lost your leg- shark bite, war heroism, motorcycle accident- there are endless possibilities that you might shift freely between without modifying the most dense results of those events at all. This might appear pointless at first, but experiencing all the different solutions to the puzzle of how evidence happened will give you a sense of the greater fluidity of things- changing between equally undesirable but plausible pasts will make it believable that you can change at all. And, who knows- maybe a motorcycle accident might seem more desirable than a chark bite, and every improvement is to be made and welcomed.

I wouldn't recommend talking too much about your reality shifts with people who don't believe in it- keep it private, let them interpret things any way they like- but do share freely with people who have the understanding, in person or on this board, because they might help you out.

In shifting the reality within believable explanations, you might experience subtle and later not-so-subtle changes- certain pains might go away, or the undesirable circumstance might shift towards the best possible version of itself. This may be enough to satisfy you- after all, living with one limb less may be part of your plan for this lifetime, and you keep the freedom of how to express that- or you may experience a bona fide lizardlike growback experience. I have personally not witnessed anything like this, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist- but I have witnessed dramatic improvement more subtly for various aches and pains and emotional problems. For example, I had a long talk with my grandfather, helping him to gain a more positive outlook, and I do seem to be getting closer to my family, especially a certain cousin.

In this extreme case of losing a limb, the most practical solution may be to wait for yourself to die, keep busy in a decent way, and reincarnate intact. There, the main item on your to-do list is to recognize yourself as an eternel being, and not just believe it as a band-aid but to actually experience yourself like that.

I achieved this by being open to remembering past lives in certain situations, for example being a court jester-musician at the court of Mustafa III. This feels incredibly real and lifelike to me, and I felt a strong connection when visiting the street musicians on the Jamal al Fna in Marrakech- to the point of being asked to join a drum circle and performing decently even though I'm not a drummer in this life. It didn't feel like a tourist thing at all, the guy was one of those super genuine people you see from time to time and it felt clear to me that he recognized me on some level. I also performed a brief jam session with some Moroccan professional musicians (who were kind enough to let me join) and while they cannot have admired my technique very much, there was clearly some kind of recognition going on in the feel of us playing. For example, the basic beat of their Sahara music is very different from Western music, but I played it by intuition immediately and they picked up on that too, even though I was playing some pop covers. This would be an example of an experience that transcends time that convinced me that is's okay if I don't experience everything in this lifetime, and it helped me to focus on those improvements in this lifetime that are most beneficial- least effort, most effect. For the most part this means subtle changes.

For the most part, we are healing emotional pain, and the evidence is more along the lines of certain environments triggering certain memories- or there may be written documents kept in some hard-to-change way, such as in a guarded government building or posted in an online forum and downloaded to thousands of computers.

In those cases, it is usually easiest to reduce the relevance. Government papers mean that someone wrote something about someone- that person wasn't you, and isn't now. Evidence in general is simply stuff that is designed to keep certain energies in motion, like lag- it's not sacred, and it means only the meaning that is given to it right now, which is more like a habit than a force of nature. So if you are spending time with people who give a lot of weight to a timeline way of thinking, the simplest solution is to gradually introduce people with more flexible minds in your circle of friends and aquaintances, and grow into a different crowd of people. Most likely you would refer to those as the fringe- fringe is freedom. You don't have to go nuts, you can still get a conservative hairstyle and the like if you feel like it, but I just found I like the freedom of spending time with people who aren't timeline-obsessed- and those people mostly don't keep as many records in the first place, and tend not to give them much importance.

So there we are- reinterpret the evidence, reinterpret the meaning of the evidence, change all the evidence that you can, find a supportive crowd, and know when it's good enough.


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@cmc - Love the shark example! :)))

(05 Jul '17, 13:42) VitoriaRegia

Thank you so much, @VitoriaRegia! Sometimes one of my challenges is that it's not so easy to love what I come up with yourself so it helps when someone else does and says it!

(05 Jul '17, 15:09) cmc

If we see evidence of previous timelines is because we are not willing to give previous timelines up, so that all we are doing is to revolve around universes with similar past experiences.

If I am not mistaken, Bashar says that the reason why we don't see great changes in our reality is because we are "creating" very similar realities, or "traveling" through very similar parallel universes.

If I have a picture of myself in, let's say, a party, and I want to change my past about that, because I really didn't like that party, I can just throw away the picture, right? No evidence. There are two possibilities, then: 1) I could think - Oh, the party really happened and I threw that picture away - or - 2) That party never happened. That's my choice. If I am not really willing to change that past, I'll choose possibility one instead of possibility two. If I choose possibility 2, and forget about that, I bet no other evidence of that awful party will, ever, cross my path.

Have you noticed that we remember things about other people that they themselves don't remember? And that they remember things about us that we absolutely don't remember? Don't we fight each other sometimes about the question of "what really happened"? Don't we have different points of view about life and the world and so many other things? Even scientists don't agree about experiments and results and theories, etc.

The example (by cmc) of the shark-bitten-leg is awfully good :) But how many people do you think have the guts to choose a new reality like described there? I bet 99.99999...% of people would spend their lives talking about how (unfortunately) they lost their leg to a shark, and how it destroyed their lives - just "because it's the truth!"

I heard Abraham say somewhere that we are "too" atached to our truths. It's my opinion that we find it really difficult to change our minds about what we believe is true.

I have been there, too. I am just starting to learn how to change to more favorable realities, but my own questions in this site are evidence of where I have been - and of how I am still not willing to give those realities up, even though all those questions are now answered by IQrs, the Universe and my own Higher Self. To me, those questions are like pictures taken on a journey of self-discovery, a journey that brought me to this Now; they are the pictures of the contrast between where I "was" and where I am; who I "was" and who I am in this Now. I want to keep those questions there, untouched, because it means a lot to me to see this contrast. Otherwise, I could just edit and up-grade them and forget about them. If they are still there, Now, untouched, it's because I choose, every day, in every universe I am in, to remember that journey.


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