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We, as our Higher Self (Over-Soul) actually create Time (as we experience it). Our Higher Self exists outside Time and Space. It projects portions of itself into specific time/space holograms (time/space matrixes), which we then experience as an incarnation.    

So, from the point of view of any one incarnation, there is time, there is "past, present, and future". But from the point of view of the Higher Self, there is no Time. It's all happening NOW. It's just one big Eternal-NOW. So keep in mind that our Higher Self  is creating the actual "time" that we are experiencing in a linear fashion.

When we intensely want to do something now, and it is easily possible to do it, no problem. We just do it. But if we intensely want to do something now, and it is NOT possible to do it NOW, we are then at a critical decision-junction.

*We can choose to interpret this as: "I am not getting what I want." Or, we can choose to interpet this as:

"I always get what I want. If it's not available now, then there must be an excellent reason for this."

Which of these choices we make is critical in determining the outcome, as this choice is equivalent to selecting a BELIEF, and we then experience the outcome aligned with that belief.

If you choose to interpret the situation as "I am not getting what I want.", then, sure enough, you will continue to not get what you want.

But the alternative is this: Choose to interpret this situation (of not being able to do what you want to do NOW)

"I always get what I want"."I always get what I want". If it's not available now, there must be an excellent reason for this"

You see, often our Higher Self "arranges" time in such a way that we do not get what we want when we initially want it, only because it wants us to first accumulate certain experiences, certain skills, certain appreciations, certain connections with other people, certain awarenesses - FIRST!   

So that when we do get to experience this thing we want, we will then be appreciating it and enjoying it on a much deeper and more profound level.

So when you want to do something and it is not immediately available, REMEMBER: Your Higher Self is merely delaying this experience, so you get some other experiences first, so that you may enjoy and appreciate this thing you want EVEN MORE, when you do get it.

So when you want to do something and it is not immediately available, TRUST YOUR TIMING. Do not buy into the belief that: "I do not get what I want"

Instead, remind yourself:       

"I always get what I want.I always get what I want". If it's not available now, then my Higher Self must have some experiences it wishes me to have first, so that when I do get what I want, I'll be able to enjoy it even more. I'll be able to enjoy it on a much richer, deeper basis."

Iasos's interpretation of Bashar Core Principle's

asked 08 Sep '12, 07:17

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@Barry Allen- Feel free to retag or create a better title for this, thank you:)

(08 Sep '12, 07:23) Satori

@Satori, please add a link to the original source of information (if it is online) so others can follow-up on the information easily. Thank you

(08 Sep '12, 07:24) Barry Allen ♦♦

Cool, thanks for sharing. My son signed up for Study Skills and some hard classes. He didn't get Study Skills, but the physics and precalculus, so I called and left a message that we needed this class. It took a couple of days, but a spot opened up in the same period as the class he would be dropping to take Study Skills, so we just did a switch of the two classes. He might have gotten in sooner, but then he would have to rearange his whole schedule.

(08 Sep '12, 08:20) Fairy Princess

Although, my whole life, I was told I have bad timing. Now I need to change that belief to one that allows me to always be in the right time.

(08 Sep '12, 08:54) Fairy Princess

@satori..amazing,thank you dear..for sharing :)))

(08 Sep '12, 09:17) supergirl

@Fairy Princess- You are welcome:) That's great. Yes often in hindsight when we look back upon events we see they usually have unfolded perfectly. If we can just trust in the moment that everything is unfolding perfectly even if things seem to be going in the opposite direction we have got it nailed:) Thanks for sharing.

(08 Sep '12, 10:54) Satori

@SuperGirl- Your are welcome:)

(08 Sep '12, 10:55) Satori

@Satori, this is good to remember, thank you. I have been getting more patient about my desires recently, but I'm not certain that patience is always born of such a good place - it might just secretly be a little more about feeling hopeless. Hmmm. I didn't really see that til just now. Not sure that I meant to let that fly but I'm working on being brave, too, so let it be....:) anyway, sorry to ramble, I woke up like this - what I meant to say is this post is very helpful, and thank you.

(08 Sep '12, 11:08) Grace
(08 Sep '12, 11:23) Satori

@Satori, I don't suppose you have a website or a fb account that I can subscibe to daily thingies so that I can wake up with this spirit every morning, do you? :) Eventually, you will have me letting go of all my mess and I'll need to start asking what to rebuild with. Resisting nothing.

(08 Sep '12, 11:43) Grace

@Grace resistance is futile ;)

(09 Sep '12, 04:37) ursixx

@Grace- Lol. I don't really talk about this stuff at all anywhere else, apart from IQ. I haven't been on my FB page in quite a while actually:)

(09 Sep '12, 05:12) Satori

@Ursixx - LOL!

(09 Sep '12, 10:11) Grace

@Fairy Princess, I think you taught me that a while back. "I'm always in the right place, and at the right time." It may have been in one of your older posts. I try to use that, myself. I'm sure it's helping.

(09 Sep '12, 19:15) Grace

@Grace thanks for sharing that. Glad to hear it.

(09 Sep '12, 20:07) Fairy Princess

@Satori, Ahhhhhhhhh....felt great reading this! Thanks for the lift! :)

(09 Sep '12, 21:05) figure8shape

@figure8shape- Your welcome:)

(10 Sep '12, 04:17) Satori

@Satori- I really look forward to your posts from now on, good submission buddy!

(10 Sep '12, 07:15) Nikulas

@Nikulas- Thanks, glad you liked:)

(10 Sep '12, 11:29) Satori
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getting what is wanted is
not equivalent to
perceptions of intuition

they may use some common
pathways but hail from
opposing intentions


answered 09 Sep '12, 09:14

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This is very important that we are always getting intuition and set ups to help us in our journey. ALWAYS TRUST INTUITION ! If u are always getting what u want there is no room for growth and are u sure u are not getting what u want? Or are u expending it in one way only? If we do that we miss what we could see if we were open to it fully. Please listen to this part, f y are able to try listening to all of it form beginning.

love n light to u grace



answered 08 Sep '12, 22:45

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TReb Bor yit-NE

edited 08 Sep '12, 22:46

@TReb Bor yit-NE - Hi Rob, I wish I could be clearer about my own intution, I am having a hard time understanding. I listened to the session you linked, though, and appreciate it very much, thank you. TReb explained pretty clearly why I'm expriencing what I am, much as @Stingray shared of the Ninth Palaedians. I think I'll post a question on my muddled intuition- maybe you'll have some suggestions? :)

(09 Sep '12, 01:03) Grace

... I am not seeing me get what I want always, to be honest. I just figure there are very good reasons. :) I am keeping an open mind about what is coming to me though as you mentioned - lol that is actually another question I need to post to get some help with. Rob, you are touching all my buttons, you are tuned in, thank you.

(09 Sep '12, 01:12) Grace

@Grace I am glad that I have been able to help u thus far, And if u would like for me n u to have a chat one day, please let me know, maybe all of these things in ur life u r dealing with, maybe it is somthing i can assist u with, if not, i am sure some insight or some thing I have can help. Please let me know how is best to contact u outside of I.Q. if u are interested. Love n Light

(09 Sep '12, 12:34) TReb Bor yit-NE

Hi Rob - I am open to talk with any sincere Inward Quester; my email is on my profile, but your offer of assistance is most appreciated. As personal as I do get here, there is a lot I just can't share with all. I can see that you can see that. :)

Let me know it's you in the subject line. And thank you again, you are such a special person.

(09 Sep '12, 13:27) Grace
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