Consider: There is a saying that some people thinks that Jesus was not a Jew. Is this statement true, or false, what do you think?

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@Stingray,Jaianniah,and Wade C,feel free to close any question that you feel that is off topic, and I am quite aware of the real mature of this on going issue of haters, and again I ask why do you care so much about what is off topic, when indeed there are many, many questions posted here that are off topic, and yet you answer them, indeed a double standard. Again I ask is it because my question was off topic, or is there another reason for this great out burst! It was a great pleasure learning from each of you. You finally got what you wanted,be happy and be fulfilled! This day too shall end.

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vee in this time where people are mix all over the world does it matter if one is jew or not? as for jesus if he was jew egyptien african or anny other race does it really matter? what matter is the teaching and example he set. do you not think so?


answered 22 Aug '11, 01:36

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Yes you are perfectly right. It makes no diferance what nationality Jesus was for he come to teach all of humanity. His teaching is important and not his nationality. Lets just say that while down here on earth Jesus was a very special man.

(23 Aug '11, 13:42) Paulina 1

@ white tiger: I appreciate your thoughts on this matter, and you have made a very valid point, but you will have to agree that there are people who are still talking about this subject matter, and it has become quite a debate for some. Personally, I love to get a second opinion. Great answer thank you.

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why does someone wants to know if he was jew? he was human and showed the way being a example is it not what matters? the jew did not accept him and killed him and made a grave sin. jesus even pleaded with the father: father forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.

(26 Aug '11, 02:10) white tiger
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Dear Vee,

According to Archie Bunker, Jesus was not a Jew.

He was the first Christian...He was only half-Jewish on his Mother's side...

Seriously...of course he was a Jew...and a Rabbi. He did hang out with other people, which is where this silliness starts.

Blessings, Jai


answered 21 Aug '11, 21:29

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Archie Bunker quite a character, don’t you think? Thank you.

(26 Aug '11, 01:43) Inactive User ♦♦

He was beyond nationality. He was God man. He was the pure expression of the Logos (Absolute Beingness).


answered 22 Aug '11, 01:27

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sleepy hedgehog

I agree, love your answer, thank you.

(26 Aug '11, 01:45) Inactive User ♦♦
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