to attract anything including money do you put it into your subconcious mind? how do I do this?

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Elmarie Fagan

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The processes of Abraham, if applied on a daily basis, will help you train the subconscious habit of allowing money into your life (Stingary's "manifesting experiment 2" is a good post to look at regarding this).

You have to reach to a position where you are not resisting money (or in other words - feeling good about the subject), and do it enough times so it is accepted as a "default" state about money. This is where repetetiveness and discipline are important.

I suggest you read the book "Ask and it is Given" and first get to understand how this whole mechanism really works, it will motivate you to put in the required effort and will give you tools to know you are on track.

Good luck.


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Abundance (including money) is energy,get the natural energy flowing freely within yourself and all the rest will follow. Here is a method that i sometimes use...the cornucopia, a perfect symbol of gratitude for all that we have and all that we wish to share, it is the Horn of Plenty Symbol of Abundance.

here is the picture that i send with the message, just the picture, not the text...

and here is the text...

"To put the energy into motion just read quietly and slowly to yourself...

the angels are pouring a cornucopia of prosperity upon me and my life, and ask that i open my arms to receive...some treasures will come in the form of brilliant ideas and others as opportunities...with great love the angels will work with me to realize my highest dreams and bring miracles into my life

Pass this message on to at least six friends or family and good things will shortly come into your life."

The above explication shows one of the methods that i enjoy using and is in no way an invitation to create a chain letter using IQ.


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blubird two

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I do not think that passing along chain letters is exactly what IQ is for-however, the rest of your answer is great, so +1 as long as you edit out the line about passing along the chain.....

(23 Aug '11, 10:19) Jaianniah

@Jaianniah-i have edited my answer to make it me the bit about passing the message along is an essential part of the operation, it creates an increased energy flow... :)

(24 Aug '11, 03:26) blubird two

the easiest way of any manifestation is self-hypnosis. its actually easy. pleasurable. no conscious effort involved (other than what ur sub-conscious tell u). law of attraction is one thing, and the practices ppl do to manifest is just a way to manifest, bt that itself is nt the law of attraction. now when u hav consciously taken the charge to DO smthn (manifest smthn), it becomes tuff. plus there is no feeling of surrender in it. wen u sow a sead, no matter hhow fertile u make the soil, how much water u give, how hard u work on it, there is always a need to surrender to smthn that is beyond our control. and it takes its own time. wen i sed to use self hypnosis, i dnt deny the use of visualization and the conventionnal LOA practices. but let the subconscious choose for u n tell u what u need to do. just put the intent in the sub-con thru simple suggestions, WITHOUT any effort to feel, and the sub-conscious will bring everything u desire to u. i told u not to feel, coz at times our feelings act as the greatest hindrance. so if u wnt money passionately, n u visualize it, feel the abundance, r passionate, it is quite normal to become tooooo involved n attached n passionate with it. this may even bring anxiety, which will never let u manifest money. why im telling u this is ive experienced this. m trying to manifest smthn, n i did it wid emotions, bt i realised that i ws too eager for it. and wen i did self hypnosis of it, the 1st thing that happened in the very session is that the annxiety went away. coz the subconscious knows that it is unnwecessary. but but doing everything in the conscious realm, we may use extra emotions which furthur hamper the process. we have come across ppl who were once very poor, bt later became very rich, bt along with the richness, they became anti-social, arrogant, self-centered. etc. Y does this happen.? coz they were working too hard, and were putting too much mental effort. they felt tht they should stay away from ppl to work more, must be quite bold n assertive. bt thse qualities when not focusd on properly n perfectly, or wen done tooo passionately cd b replaced with feelings of hatred against society, arrogance. this is y i feel self hypnosis is the best n the surest way, coz then u will only do what u really need to do, and willl only have the most perfect emotions.


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abhishek mishra

Hi Abhishek, could you please suggest some simple techniques for self hypnosis? I have not been exposed to hypnosos at all. It would really be helpful if you could provide me a link or something. Thanks

(08 Nov '11, 14:43) Sourabh
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