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My financial abundance is not manifesting - what should I do?

Hi all,

Another manifesting abundance question.

So over the past year I've learned the basics of controlling my vibration and I've allowed many wanted changes in my life and Life is a real thrill these days. I can see the development of a lot of things that I’ve wanted at one point in my life.

Now I want to add to my experience more money, which will enhance (I believe) my experience in life. I can read off a list of things I would do with more money in my current life experience.

Now, I have done some vibrational work on my feeling towards money and I have noticed a change in my emotions towards it. When I need money or I'm running low some how things work out and I'm happy for that. I'm appreciative of that. However I'm at the point where I want to experience abundance in a new way. I'm experiencing abundance in so many other areas in my life right now and I'd like it to carry over to my bank account.

Some processes I've used on money and abundance include: EFT or tapping(carol Looks abundance book), focus blocks, "getting in to the vortex" meditations, and putting it on the back burner all together or as much as I could.

I know where I am on the emotional guidance scale and its right around #10- Frustrations/irritation/impatience (most consistently). I move from 12- Disappointment all the way up to 6 hopefulness peaking at 5- optimism when I'm really on a high.

What can I do to consistently vibrate in a way that allows me to allow money to come to me? I stopped doing focus blocks because I felt it wasn't helping because I was too focused on the problem. EFT, I felt I had gone as far as I could, I'm closer to the neutral point then I've ever been in my life.

Any advice will help. Thanks much.

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Chris 2

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Since you have experience with EFT already, I would recommend you investigate Robert G Smiths' Faster EFT.

I've found it to be one of the most insightful and rewarding courses I've studied for years although it is hugely long (and unnecessarily so, I think).

I finally finished working through all the basic training courses (40+ hours of videos!) a couple of weeks ago.

I feel it's still too early for me to try to explain simply how to integrate his ideas with some of my own regarding manifesting (he deals exclusively with solving emotional issues) but the results so far have been extremely impressive, even by my standards.

I mentioned a few of Robert Smith's ideas in this answer and the comments to it.

I still need to do a lot more testing and simplification of ideas but since you already understand the basic principles of manifesting and how to apply EFT to it already, I think you might be able to see the application of his ideas for yourself regarding your money (and other) issues.

If nothing else, his approach will completely transform your use of EFT and your approach to "cleaning up" emotional issues.


I felt I didn't really explain properly what Faster EFT was about in this answer, so I've now written a review of the training course here.


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Thanks! I'm going to read the review soon.

(25 May '11, 18:07) Chris 2

In this life experience...we tend to equate money with abundance and vice versa. I think if you get your mind to resonate with more abundance, you will create and attract more abundance (money).

One thing that helps me is to make a point of noticing the abundance around me. Spend a few minutes in the morning marveling at the amount of water molecules it takes for your shower (and all the people taking a shower right then). Wonder about the number of wheat grains in your cereal...and all the cereal being eaten for breakfast around the world..at that moment). As you log into the internet, think of how many people are online right now...around the world. On your way to work or school...note the amount of oxygen molecules being consumed by you (and everybody else). The number of grass and leaves. The amount of threads of cotton in your shirt. Go to bed at night thinking of the billions of stars out there.

As you train your "conscious" self to notice and appreciate abundance in your life and around you, it causes your mental vibration to resonate with abundance. You don't have to think specifically of more money, you just have to feel more abundant. How do you feel more abundant? By appreciating the abundance already around you. Once you turn your attention to abundance, the universe will bring you more to notice.


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Ahhhhh refreshing. Thank you!

(25 May '11, 23:45) you

thank you @Michael

(26 May '11, 14:05) streetsanto

thank you for your answer. I can see the abundance around me as i type this comment. :)

(27 May '11, 04:45) Chris 2

Great Chris ! lol

(27 May '11, 13:13) streetsanto
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I hope this helps. What you give comes back to you multiplied. If you volunteer and give your time, you will find yourself with opportunities to spend your time doing enjoyable things. If you give monetary stuff, you will find that monetary things come your way. The trick is to be unconditional (no expectation for immediate return) with your giving, knowing that you will receive at the most appropriate time that benefits the most spiritually.

It took me three years to convince my wife that we should donate some money (even though money was tight) to an organization and eventually it will come back to us multiplied. Finally she set up an auto payment for like $25 per month to the children's hospital. A month later she got an offer from a company with higher pay. I told her we should increase the donation, (and she did) funny thing happened, about a month later I got a promotion for more pay.

I don't understand how this all works, I only know that it does if you don't put any expectation of when, but know that it will come to you when the best time is right for you.

The moral of the story; give to others what you want to receive. And when the limo arrives you choose to get in or not.

One more thing, no matter how much you do vibrationally, you have to have the courage to change your physical actions. The courage to live differently from your normal life style. Your subsconscious will fight for normalcy because it is out of the ordinary which causes fear. Your mind will say, whoa, wait a minute, If I get more money, I will have to go out more often and I like staying home. I will have to see others with less and I don't want to put my self above them. Have the courage to know and act according to the type of person you want to be. That person who has morals, ethics, money, character and honest friends.

I ask, "What are you going to do different (besides vibrational work) to change? Go for it! Make it happen.


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nice answer RPuls..Thanks

(25 May '11, 06:53) Zee

I can only tell you how it works for me! Be persistent in working toward your desire, on every plane...the material plane and the spiritual. Be in the vortex as much as you can. But don't get in your own way by worrying about it or allowing it to take center stage in your life. It seems really helpful to let things drop after a meditation and not "try too hard". Only you know if you have been trying too hard or not, but for me, that never worked. I do my mental work, my physical work and then just have fun and let it go. It always works out and soon, I have my desired condition or something even better! Thinking about what more you can do might be counterproductive. Best wishes!


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LeeAnn 1

What talent do you have, or what service can you provide in exchange for the amount of money you want to attract? So, if you know how to use your talents, and gifts to attract and manifest what you want, then the sky is the limit!

Indeed you are the creator of nothing, and something, and you get to choose!


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Inactive User ♦♦

Thnx Vee. I just recently began a new hobby that i'm in love with and I can see the potential in earning money from this hobby. THnx

(27 May '11, 04:46) Chris 2

Stay focused, and you will do fine!

(28 May '11, 19:37) Inactive User ♦♦

Most of us have a very strong beliefs that we are not aware of that stop us being fulfilled and keep us in a life of self punishment. Often such beliefs are carried over from past lives which is why they are not so easy to locate as the things which originated in this lifetime. In fact the idea that we have chosen to punish ourselves can sound outright obsurd from our current perspective and the indignation that arises halts our search!

You can ask your higher self to show you what this belief is and allow it to guide you to your past self. You have to be very earnest in wanting to know. You will need much dedication, to truth, and trust in your own inner perceptions, in order to get through so much resistance and fear. Asking yourself questions like" why did I choose to be poor" will help you contact this past self who decided to be poor so you can have a little chat with it about your new decision to have lots of experiences and freedoms :-). There's a reason we couldn't previously remember past lives. So remember to ask for angelic protection and guidance when going to these inner places, or visualise a protective shield or pyramid . Your higher self or oversoul will just not take you there if you are unprotected, unless you will it very strongly. This is from my own experience. I hope my perspective helps. PS Money is not related to exchange in the way that many believe. The reason that tithing or donating works is that you have a money ceiling. If your money ceiling is £500 per month and you give away £50 pm, then you will experience a wage increase of £50pm to take you back to your ceiling. So yes, donating to charities is an excellent thing but it does not increase your own wealth. Some people do not believe that if they give money away that it will come back to them, so for them it would be a bad idea for as long as they hold this belief.


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