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Note: When I composed this question, I was feeling pretty bad, as you are about to read. I thought about closing the question...but you guys have written such great answers-and nailed me well in the process-that I decided to eat a large piece of humble pie, and let this question stand. I am not usually so emotional, but lately, nothing about me seems usual! Thank you all in advance! Enjoy the question...

I am at a loss as to how to deal with some of our members.

I especially find it upsetting to be voted down just because I do not mince words and play games. In case if you are wondering if I am talking from real experience, I am. It just happened again today.

Even Inward Quest has its share of problem children, I guess...But that down vote was given to me simply because I did not play games, nor would I go along with ignoring a situation that seemed to me to be a path to destruction or worse (of course, this is just my opinion).

Why am I feeling so hurt when my motive was to help, and nothing more?

Vesuvius once recommended to me, "Don't feed the trolls!" Then why do we do it anyway? Why do we give points to obviously off-the-wall questions and answers?

I don't get this behavior at all.


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+1 for expressing your true feelings

(24 Aug '11, 07:59) Eddie

Thank you, Eddie. I was really, really hurt tonight, and it made me think. As a matter of fact, all the answers below are good and have made me think. Perhaps they will make others think, too. Thanks for the affirmation!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Aug '11, 08:04) Jaianniah

NP Jai, you deserve it :)

(24 Aug '11, 12:54) Eddie

Observation 1: a few days ago you said something like “men don’t normally answer my questions.” Here are 3 men answering and only men.

(24 Aug '11, 13:05) Eddie

Observation 2: all 3 of us answered within 5 mins of each other.

(24 Aug '11, 13:06) Eddie

Observation 3: the perspectives of Stingray & Wildlife resonate with me on many levels.

(24 Aug '11, 13:06) Eddie

Observation 4: each answer is similar, in the sense that they all point in a certain direction. Ask & it is given. You gotta love the synchronicity 8-)

(24 Aug '11, 13:06) Eddie

@Eddie - Yeah, I noticed the synchronicity too...very interesting :)

(24 Aug '11, 14:21) Stingray

Are you guys enjoying yourselves? This goes with my question about how men answer vs. women on IQ..just thought I'd point it out! LOL!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Aug '11, 14:49) Jaianniah

jai what is making you mad about people answering your question? and yes i am enjoying my self just hope that you can also enjoy your self with out getting mad. is it about the part that some women take for ever to get to the point? if so know that it is true some are like that. maybe it is a way women have found to approch subject slowly seing how the other person will react. and as i said some women clear up a fee other point along the way and keep it interesting. everything as positive and negative to it men and women why get mad for that? better to laugh then to cry! experience and enjoy.

(26 Aug '11, 04:14) white tiger

Bump ~ seems to be a recurring issue for you considering all the ?'s you asked on Meta accusing other members of being trolls, downvotes, criticizing or disagreeing with you & non-spiritual ?'s being asked in addition to the controversy on your recent "sentience" ? & lets not forget the rape ? where flow got the boot. Any-who - thought you & Wade & members who have been gone for awhile might get some benefit from reading the answers. Good Stuff!

(19 Dec '13, 18:57) ele

@ele I thought it was a bit harsh that Flowsurfer was booted out without much warning but presumably he could appeal to Simon's kind heart - ele, I don't think you can blame Jai for him being suspended! I get the impression that you are a lawyer - am I right? You have the right to remain silent of course.

(20 Dec '13, 09:20) Catherine

@Catherine I only have a couple min's & will address this further later. I apologize if my post was not clear & you or others are getting the wrong impression. First of all, I want to make something perfectly clear. @Jai NEVER called @flow a troll & I am NOT holding her responsible for @flow 's suspension. That was a cocreation. I played a part as did other members. I bumped this question for multiple reasons & Jai was NOT the only person I wanted to read this thread. ( 1 )

(20 Dec '13, 18:11) ele

( 2 ) I realize I was NOT clear & I wish you would stop thinking the worst of me or making assumptions which are not based on fact . I'm glad you brought up @flow . I haven't asked a question on Meta yet for 2 reasons which I will explain on Meta. Keep turned to Meta & as soon as I have time, I plan to ask a question there. In fact, I plan to make time ASAP. Right now, flow is NOT my main priority ~ but ~ as soon as humanly possible I will.

(20 Dec '13, 18:18) ele
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Why am I feeling so hurt when my motive was to help, and nothing more?

Because you care about having the approval of others. When you give that up, it won't bother you anymore what anyone else thinks about your opinion :)

I'm not sure I share the point of view you are expressing here, Jai.

Words like Problem Children and Trolls seem to be quite judgmental ones. Sure, there are people that come on here occasionally from time to time and launch general tirades of abuse just for the fun of it (and it's obvious when it happens) but I would never classify a genuine expression of opinion as being a problem.

What you consider as an off-the-wall answer might just be what someone else needs to hear :)

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answered 24 Aug '11, 07:55

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Good observation.

(24 Aug '11, 08:00) Eddie

You are right, of course! Boy, was I in a mood when I composed that question...thanks for the kick in the butt and for answering.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Aug '11, 11:35) Jaianniah

What a really great answer. Combine this with what said about trolls on another thread "In any case, I don't really care - your true intentions are your business. Most of the people on IQ are very genuine and supportive and will answer your questions sincerely even if they are intended to just "stir" people up." (13 Feb '12, 06:00)Stingray

~ the two combined ~ absolutely perfection ... and I'll continue to quote you.

(19 Dec '13, 18:37) ele

Quoting @Wade

"the more we believe in ourselves the less we seek approval from others. It is when we don't believe in our selves then seen approval and get none or disapproval that we get hurt." (16 Nov '09, 07:01)Wade Casaldi

There you go @Wade ~ There's your answer & confirms what SR said. Perhaps Jai needs to work on self love & her self esteem issues ...

(22 Dec '13, 13:43) ele
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Hello Jai, why do you even feel that you or anyone else needs to deal with any other member? If you or any community member does not like any particular question or answer because it doesn't resonate with you, you can simply choose to ignore it, can you not?

What controversy are you referring to anyway? Surely, we're merely a group of people asking and answering a variety of questions and answers to the best of our ability, no?

Re-read your question and be brutally honest with yourself and you will see that it is full of judgment.

You are feeling bad because someone else has performed an action which, in your estimation somehow makes you feel less than you did before. Look into the idea of who it is that feels bad and you'll be on the right track to moving beyond feelings of inferiority.

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answered 24 Aug '11, 07:56

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Your answer is very helpful. Thank you.>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Aug '11, 08:01) Jaianniah

Again, TY Eddie, for your kindness last night. +1 for your love!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Aug '11, 11:38) Jaianniah

Excellent advice. "why do you even feel that you or anyone else needs to deal with any other member? If you or any community member does not like any particular Q or A because it doesn't resonate with you, you can simply choose to ignore it, can you not?" Reminds me of the recent controversy here over a rape ? where a member got the boot. Funny, all but 1 of the 8 downvoters either answered the rape ? or commented. What's up with that? If you don't like a Q, why A it? stirring the pot ?

(19 Dec '13, 18:45) ele

Hey @Eddie Miss hearing from you. Not sure if you follow IQ; but I know you were fond of @flowsurfer He got suspended. He asked 1 ? that went south fast ~ mainly because ppl were hung up on the word rape & failed to actually read the ? The ? prob should have been closed after the discussion got heated, went in 10 dif directions & the language got strong. flow hails from a 3rd world country & I think this explains his outrage but does not excuse his strong language or

(19 Dec '13, 19:49) ele

... or harsh comments ... but that is NOT why he was suspended .... I've seen questions closed before for being disruptive & if I ever see this happening again, I'll ask a moderator to close the question especially when the user is not a new member & had never acted like this or used strong/harsh language prior to this last month. As you know, when a young person is depressed/suicidal there is a lot of rage underneath. Not an excuse ~ just saying.. Happy Holidays @Eddie

(19 Dec '13, 20:03) ele
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The first thing that came to my mind is stop "focussing" on it i.e. seeing this as an issue and start focussing on what you want: A supportive Inward Quest community.


answered 20 Dec '13, 15:53

Inner%20Beauty's gravatar image

Inner Beauty

Being a sensitive person myself, I can understand how you would be hurt. But remember, there are many many reasons you could receieve a down-vote.

  1. The person is having a bad day and is just feeling negative (for any reason.)
  2. Your tone wasn't properly conveyed....a common problem with written responses; they can be interpreted incorrectly very easily. (You can't see the person's face, their gestures or etc. Their meaning can be taken wrong)
  3. The person doesn't want to hear what you have to say, and no matter what you wrote it would be wrong.
  4. The person already has the correct response in their mind, and anything other than that will be a down-vote or considered incorrect.
  5. The person is feeling mean or vindictive.
  6. The person hits the wrong arrow and doesn't notice it. (as I once did)

I would not automatically assume ill intent, since some of the possible actions are not intended to be hurtful. And for the other possibilities, I would not care. I would chalk this up to "the other person's problem" and let it go. In the big scheme of things in this universe it is really nothing! "You are loved and all is well" ( from Abraham )

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answered 24 Aug '11, 18:23

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LeeAnn 1

TY, LeeAnn! TY very much. It helped.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Aug '11, 19:42) Jaianniah

Good Answer Once Again, Wise Lady. Don't play mind reader; it's a no win game. Don't assume is number 2 in the book The 4 agreements. No one knows for sure what someone else is thinking. You cannot control what other ppl think & trying to control what others write or how they vote makes you no better than Hitler or a dictator aka control freak.

(20 Dec '13, 01:22) ele

"trying to control what others write or how they vote makes you no better than Hitler or a dictator aka control freak." Yup, you got that right @ele!

(23 Dec '13, 12:03) Dollar Bill
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the simple answer is that some people do not understand or fathom you. and the more that you grow the more that you are set appart from other people. i tell you many will ear you but will not understand. it is not your fault. and many will judge you but if what they say is not in you then it is in them. do not judge or you will be judge with the same mesure. experience and enjoy.

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answered 24 Aug '11, 22:39

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white tiger


I like this post @white tiger. You have used the word "fathom" before and I see it as a double entendre, meaning "understand" and "depth". You have great depth, this may be why some people do not fathom you.

I find, as I change consciousnesses that people tend to move out of my expereience while others move in. I may occaisionally go back and "stir the pot", with some of the more trollish, -- when I am bored -- but most of the time am having fun with new uplifting experiences.

(21 Dec '13, 08:11) No Brainer

@no brainer experience and enjoy. there is a saying there is no more blind then some one that does not want to see. and some claim that they can see yet blind them self on what they do not want to see. it is their choice you are not responsible of it and I am not responsible of it.

(21 Dec '13, 11:18) white tiger

@white tiger Beautiful video - why would anyone not want to see? Or is it that we can get so caught up in ourselves (like the Priests) that we do not feel we need to seek the Light?

Is Pride the greatest stumbling block? Our pride?

(22 Dec '13, 13:03) Dollar Bill

@dollar bill if one is got up in is pride to serve is little self he does not want to hear and understand the truth. then he is blind to the truth seeking only is self praise. he cast mud stone ignore paint on is interior mirror he sin against himself and the one outside of him. he does not respect himself and other. and yet he will claim that he can see. and will say that the one in front of him on the outside is lying when in fact he is telling the truth. it is the same as your computer-

(22 Dec '13, 13:54) white tiger

screen if you cast stone mud or ignore paint on it can you see properly what is said and understand it in full truth? the screen with a stone is broken or divided, with mud it is dirty and you cannot see with ignore paint you are blind to it and do not even see it. if you understand this on the outside it is the same inside. am I telling the truth? or am I divided in my statement?

(22 Dec '13, 13:57) white tiger

@dollar bill also it is written in the bible. Therefore is judgment far from us, neither doth justice overtake us: we wait for light, but behold obscurity; for brightness, but we walk in darkness.

We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes: we stumble at noon day as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

(23 Dec '13, 10:32) white tiger

there for I say if a person share some light with you light your lamp and keep the glass(water) of the lamp clear, inside and outside so that you may properly see. if the light inside of the lamp is darkness how great is that darkness? to clean only the outside of the lamp to praise one self will not help you at all if the inside is full of darkness. there is light in a person of light and it shine on the whole world if not it is dark.

(23 Dec '13, 10:36) white tiger

Yes, @white tiger - I think that every person wants to evolve spiritually. The Light is there. Yet too many of use seem more outward focussed than cleaning the inside of the cup, the glass of the Lamp.

The statement "Those who will not see." Indicates that a person does not WANT to see. Does not want to evolve.

(23 Dec '13, 12:02) Dollar Bill
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Maybe it would help you if you would acknowledge that you don't have all the answers and that not everybody has to agree with what you believe to be true?

Maybe the feelings that you are akcnowledging while others disagree with you are YOUR feelings and that YOU are responsible for them.

If you think that acting "spiritual" makes you better than all the others that are still not seeking any higher truths, no matter if on this site or in your day-to-day life, than you might want to ask yourself why is that.

Taking a spiritual path, in my opinion, is for the purpose of freeing yourself from the need to impress or to be acknowledged by anyone as who you truly are. You just do it for you and noone else.

That's not about being selfish but about letting everyone choose their own way.

Just because you are an activ memeber on this forum doesn't give you any special rights to criticise others.

Sure, you can do it, you can talk about what you feel and why you feel this way, but it's your responsibility, as any other person, to realize that it is YOU that is causing all this mix-up in you.

If you want to blame others for how you feel, be my guest, but it's a dead end.

One spiritual teacher said once "If you're not pissing people off you're not doing a really good job."

What that means, in my opinion, is that by pissing others off we are letting them acknowledge and change things about themselves that they do not prefer instead of forcing anyone on the outside to change because YOU thing that's how it should be.

Or maybe not. Maybe you are right and I am wrong. Either way, hope this answer pisses someone off to the point they can downvote me :) That would be such an accomplishment!

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answered 24 Aug '11, 07:56

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Good observation.

(24 Aug '11, 08:00) Eddie

Humble pie being eaten at this moment! Great answer!>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Aug '11, 11:36) Jaianniah

"Just because you are an activ memeber on this forum doesn't give you any special rights to criticise others" Amen!

(19 Dec '13, 18:50) ele
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If you really come across a Troll (7r0££) the best thing to do is follow rule14 (Do not argue with trolls - it means that they win.) and that's also good advice for the trolls that come from within too.

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answered 24 Aug '11, 13:23

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There are all kinds of trolls @ursixx Some are totally harmless ~ some just like attention.. As long as they aren't mean ~ I don't have an issue..

(19 Dec '13, 18:53) ele

@ele .they all want attention. Who doesn't? Yes being mean is counterproductive. Helps no one. comes from a place of fear.

(21 Dec '13, 03:04) ursixx

lol I just read the title of this question. Who is always starting conflicts here? That is the classic def of a troll. Actually all trolls do not want attention ~ most just get off on causing conflict. Ppl who want attention are viewed as attention seekers & not normally trolls. Excuse my error..

(21 Dec '13, 04:33) ele
(21 Dec '13, 04:44) ele

@ele why do you judge Jai? You don't know her. I do know her. Is she making up all her illness? No but you will probably find some pathological liars link to answer me with. She has an immune efficacy disorder. We were just to the hospital again for MRSA, do you want to see pictures of the gaping hole under her arm? How about all her scars from her back, and knees surgery? It is traumatizing enough to me every time I have to take her to the hospital, then you post link that says she is a liar!

(21 Dec '13, 12:29) Wade Casaldi

@Wade There you go again ~ putting words in my mouth, jumping to conclusions & making harsh judgments. I did not say or imply Jai had Münchausen by Internet. When I realized I made an error when I said someone wanting attention on an internet forum is a troll, I went to my search engine & typed in "internet term for someone wanting attention" or something similar & came up with that along with several other terms. I thought it was interesting, so I posted a link. Thought others might (1)

(22 Dec '13, 13:28) ele

(2) find the article interesting also. Munchausen is a MH issue & is one type of a 'Factitious disorder'. I didn't get a chance to read the entire article till today. I have NO doubt Jai has surgical scars & I have NEVER said otherwise. I have NO doubt Jai has MRSA & I've NEVER said otherwise. I put MRSA in IQ's Google search bar & I see she made 9 posts about it. I didn't forget. It's quite common & there are many dif strains. My cousins mom had diabetes, got MRSA while in the

(22 Dec '13, 13:30) ele

(3) hospital, had to have her leg amputated & spent the rest of her days in the nursing home. It's especially serious when someone has diabetes because as you know, diabetics are slow to heal. I have absolutely NO doubt Jai has diabetes & I've NEVER said otherwise. My cousin's son who lives in FL is about my age, had a MRSA infection of the brain which was life threatening. He also had MRSA skin lesions on both hands & forearms. Ppl don't wear gloves in FL & ppl treated him like a leper

(22 Dec '13, 13:32) ele

(4) because MRSA is very infectious ~ contagious. He lost his livelihood due to MRSA. Both are EXTREME examples of MRSA. Even without signs, many ppl are carriers & do not know it. I'll provide a link to a simple article on MRSA for anyone who is interested.

I can also provide you with a link to what I actually said. Oh, for the record, I also believe her when she has MH

(22 Dec '13, 13:34) ele

(5) issues/illness. I'm NOT & NEITHER is anyone else on this forum responsible for either you or Jai's pain or suffering. I would appreciate it very much if you would stop making baseless accusations against me & please stop taking your frustrations out on me & other members of IQ. I can absolutely guarantee you this, believe it or NOT ~ there are members of IQ who have it worse than you & Jai. Nearly going into a diabetic coma is huge deal as is being homeless or not having enough to eat

(22 Dec '13, 13:38) ele

(6) or not having heat. Not being able to pay your rent or utilities is a big deal; but a downvote or disagreements or comments made on an internet forum simply are NOT. The other nite it was a comment I made over a month a go you wanted to rehash ~ what's next? I'm truly sorry to hear you are having such a rough time so close to Christmas. I sincerely hope the New Year will be brighter for the two of you. As I said, I'm looking forward to reading Jai's annual Christmas question.

(22 Dec '13, 13:40) ele
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What I have learned here is this very important thing and Jai you were very instrumental to this ah ha moment.

I am the only one responsible for my feelings.

I know that I have pushed your buttons on more than one occasion sometimes on purpose and sometimes not. And when when one of your comments gets to me I would be angry with you. Then I would also say something not nice or seem nice in the guise of being smart ass. As I go on I learned that it is all

ME. me me me me me me me me.

I am responsible for how I act and react and you were one of those gifts to me to learn this.

And for that I love you.

No I will not agree with some of your viewpoints but how I react to that is solely my responsibility.

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answered 25 Aug '11, 00:46

you's gravatar image



"No I will not agree with some of your viewpoints but how I react to that is solely my responsibility" Absolutely..........

(19 Dec '13, 18:51) ele

Dear Jai,

Welcome to the human world. We are all of us sensitive at times and hurt when others deliberately disagree with us. It is what makes us human and even more it is what makes us special. We who care what others think of us are the ones that care the most to help others. Even when we think we have learned and gone beyond others judgement of us there will be days that we will regress at times and let hurt in.

We shouldnt take downvotes personaly for our answeres will not allways resonate with all whome we try to help. We can only do what we do best to the best of our ability and if our best is good than so be it and if not and we get a downvote than so be it too.

The positive in a downvote is to take it as a lesson learned for this will make us more sensitive to the needs of others. We will have more empathy for our fellow travelers on this journey of life and we will be able to give them what they need in a more humane way.

Love & Light

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answered 25 Aug '11, 06:38

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Paulina 1

edited 20 Dec '13, 00:48

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

@Paulina 1 Edit fixed typo "journy."

Also +1 vote.

(20 Dec '13, 00:52) Wade Casaldi

Absolutely an up vote. Don't take things personally. I also know it's hard to do. Number 1 in the book The 4 agreements which is a great book..

(20 Dec '13, 01:22) ele

The knowlege of good and evil could be described as judging. Everything we see, hear, touch, taste, we judge it as either good or bad. When we can observe without judging, we can overcome. Jesus said to be offended for nothing. Don't let things bother you. It's your choice to label or not label good and bad. One of the things this means, is that we would have to give up caring what other people think about us. If we have past experiences that tell us that it matters, then we can do EFT to eliminate the emotional response. This is something I too am dealing with, not exactly, but similar. So, thank you for asking the question, so I can answer myself.

This does not mean to stop enjoying the beauty around us, that is not the good and bad I mean.

Here is a script for this one:

KCP: Even though I especially find it upsetting to be voted down just because I do not mince words and play games, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I am feeling so hurt when my motive was to help, and nothing more, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I am at a loss as to how to deal with some of our members, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

ToH: I am at a loss as to how to deal with some of our members.

EB: I especially find it upsetting to be voted down just because I do not mince words and play games.

CoE: It just happened again today.

UE: Even Inward Quest has its share of problem children, I guess...

UN: But that down vote was given to me simply because I did not play games, nor would I go along with ignoring a situation that seemed to me to be a path to destruction or worse Why am I feeling so hurt when my motive was to help, and nothing more?

Chin: Vesuvius once recommended to me, "Don't feed the trolls!"

CB:Then why do we do it anyway? Why do we give points to obviously off-the-wall questions and answers?

UA: I feel so frustrated when people judge me

Wrists: I feel like they aren't really hearing what I am saying.

KCP: I feel so discouraged when people downvote me

ToH: If only they would hear/understand what I am saying.

EB: If other people would stop feeding the trolls, maybe they would go away

SoE: I only wish other people would see that this person is a troll

UE: Other people should not be so tollerant of trolls

UN: They shouldn't have so many points, they are a troll

Chin: Trolls don't deserve any points

CB: Trolls should just go away and let us be spiritual here

UA: This is a site for spiritual growth after all

Wrists: Not trolls

KCP: they should get the downvotes, not me

Take a deep breath, drink some water

then tap in your positive response to how you want to feel using I choose and stuff like the other one.

Include your words- of course, this is just my opinion

I took your words and I took some of my feelings about trolls and added that and then exagerated it for EFT. I hope you don't take it wrong. I will refer back to this next time I feel frustrated by what I feel to be a troll. Blessings

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answered 24 Aug '11, 13:55

Fairy%20Princess's gravatar image

Fairy Princess

edited 24 Aug '11, 21:53

Thanks, Junie..a lot +1>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(24 Aug '11, 14:47) Jaianniah

@Fairy Princess "SoE: I only other people would see that this person is a troll" should the missing word be wish or hope? Either could be used but I think the meaning changes slightly in interpretation.

(24 Aug '11, 19:57) Wade Casaldi

LOL, oops! I only wish.

(24 Aug '11, 21:52) Fairy Princess

fixed, thanks Wade

(24 Aug '11, 21:53) Fairy Princess
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Why let the voting system stress you out? There are more important things in life, like helping others and sharing happiness with each other.


answered 21 Dec '13, 12:53

arpgme's gravatar image


Short, Sweet & to the Point & I absolutely agree. Helping others gets your mind off your own problems & makes you feel good too..

(22 Dec '13, 13:58) ele

Notice carefully that when ppl make statements about others, they are talking about themselves. Read their comments and posts substituting the name of the person making the post for the person they are making remarks about. You can gain some great insights.

This is just one of the reasons I often say that I am writing here, but really talking with myself.


answered 22 Dec '13, 13:12

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill

So you think Stingray is seeking approval? lol (I don't)

You have a point; but it's NOT an absolute & NOT in every case unless you are a narcissist & thinks the world revolves around you or you are your world. If you say it's so in your case ~ I won't argue ~ you would know better than me what your reasons are.

Insights ~ yes, for eg ~ @arpgme likes to help others, give back, loves sharing with loved ones & being happy & doesn't get stressed out over little things ...

(22 Dec '13, 14:33) ele

Excellent example, @ele. You prove my point! Thanks!!!

(22 Dec '13, 16:08) Dollar Bill


It seems to me that the Universe or Source likes to present us with situations in which we invest energy.

Source is an "Energy Hound!" It sees where we invest energy in the endless smorgesbord it presents and gives us more similar situitaions. If we invest energy and focus in what we consider "controversy" Source gives us more of those situations.

Source is divinely indifferent to what we consider "good" and "Bad". It just IS!

You just get back what you put out. It is that simple.

Perhaps this Law, is so simple that we overlook it?


answered 21 Dec '13, 08:27

No%20Brainer's gravatar image

No Brainer


@no brainer what if I tell you that source is even wiser then this. he just look at you grow as given you the puzzle that you have asked to experience to grow and you assemble it and when you do not have the right picture it comes back again and again until you get it right. where is the waste of energy? you reap what you sow after all. so if you use the time imparted to you wisely where is the waste of energy?

(21 Dec '13, 11:28) white tiger

Well said, @white tiger - as we learned in school, "over and over until you get it right".

(22 Dec '13, 12:51) Dollar Bill
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