In view that, from time to time, some IQ members have required some kind of energetic assistance, I propose a strategy to deal with this kind of need. Some of you can suggest visualization techniques, healing sessions or any effective methods to help.

We could:

a) Decide on a time, every x days, weeks or months, in which members of IQ send energy to those in need.

b) Wait until someone request help.

c) Others

What are your thoughts?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

My view is that when you get involved with people's personal issues, you are then focused on their issues and what you can offer them energetically is contradicted - and the power of it is thereby greatly diminished.

For example, if someone says they have an illness and you wish to help them then the knowledge that you have that they have an illness is an obstacle in itself - you will have contradicted energy yourself about it. There may still be (and probably will be) an effect from sending them energy but it is so much less than it could be.

Even if you think you are only seeing them as well and sending energy, you are doing it because you know they are unwell. It falls into the category of noticing you don't have what you want...unless you are careful, you are simply enhancing the vibration of lack of wellness.

I know myself from my own experiences with IQ over the past few years that there is a considerable reservoir of pure, positive energy emanating from the site and when I sincerely participate in it (usually by writing answers), I can feel it strongly flowing through me...that's one of the main reasons why I use writing answers here as an vortex alignment trick. I'm sure it's the same for others even if they can't consciously sense the energy flow.

So my suggestion for a "healing" approach has always been - and will continue to be - to just send energy to IQ itself with the intent that it gets distributed to whoever wants it and not to get involved with where it goes to...I leave that up to each individual who taps into it by participating in the site or vibrationally attunes to the site by reading and contemplating the thoughts that have been posted.

I doubt there's many people who read or participate in IQ who don't feel uplifted from doing so...and, to me, that's that group energy ( Egregore ) at work.


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@Stingray-Thank you. I think this is a very important point you make here. We want to give the vibration that All is well right NOW. Is this correct? I Look upon the issues I mold in the Focus blocks as just an excuse to get back in the Vortex.Would this be the best approach? Thanks:)

(20 Sep '12, 06:19) Satori

@Satori - Best and most powerful method of all is to "heal" from within the Vortex. But not everyone is able to do that on demand (yet) so, at least, not focusing on the "issue" directly will help. Of course, once you are in The Vortex, you realize that no-one and nothing actually needs healing at all...all really is well with everyone...they are just choosing their own experiences for their own reasons. But there's many who are not ready (or even willing) to hear that message just yet :)

(20 Sep '12, 06:31) Stingray

@stingray.., awesome answer ..stingray, i feel lucky tht i can conect with u through this site.

(20 Sep '12, 07:42) supergirl

@Stingray- Thank you for the reply. Heal from the Vortex. That makes things much clearer:)  I wonder how much we choose to experience before we come here? :)

(20 Sep '12, 08:12) Satori

@supergirl - You're welcome

@Satori - "how much we choose to experience before we come" - I'd say "not much" because there is no fate. But I do think we set up themes of exploration for ourselves which provide a context for experiences we're interested in exploring. For example, when I go on vacation to a foreign country, I don't plan much except booking a flight and a hotel. I then just turn up and see what there is to experience when I get there. I think it's similar with our Higher...

(20 Sep '12, 08:42) Stingray

@Satori - ...Selves. If I decided upon a vacation climbing Mount Everest, I would be setting myself up for a certain broad set of experiences versus a different broad set of experiences if I choose to vacation lying around on, say, Copacabana Beach in sunny Rio. Regardless of my freewill (which always exists in every moment), my choice of vacation is setting a context for the kinds of things that I will explore when I get there.

(20 Sep '12, 08:46) Stingray

@Stingray - "But there's many who are not ready (or even willing) to hear that message just yet :)". I don't like to admit it, but to be honest I do see that I am one of these - well, willing, but not able. :) I am willing because I believe you, and I believe you because I trust you, but I just don't get it. A recent breakthrough for me was to realize that this is how I feel...

(20 Sep '12, 09:30) Grace

... and that I can live happier with it if I accept that fact....for now. However, as I am always shooting for the highest, best, and most healthy approach to life I can possibly grasp, knowing that, and trusting you, this still bothers me. What to do when you know you must have a concept wrong, but feel so strongly another way? :/

(20 Sep '12, 09:31) Grace

@Stingray- Thank you. Great analogy. That makes it easier to understand:)

(20 Sep '12, 11:30) Satori

@Grace - The idea that "All Is Well" is not something that I think is really ever graspable from outside the Vortex. Outside the Vortex, it appears that the world is full of problems and people are suffering. Inside the Vortex, you realize it's just a ride: I don't think it's something you are going to be convinced about from reading words on a computer screen, I think it comes about as an inner "knowing" as you feel better and better in your life

(20 Sep '12, 18:23) Stingray

Thank you, @Stingray. I guess I will just have to learn to be patient with myself. I will grow into those shoes, as you say, as I get to feeling better and better. :) Thanks for the wise words and encouragement. And the cool clip! I'm loving that guy.

(20 Sep '12, 22:54) Grace

The brilliant Bill Hicks:)

(21 Sep '12, 05:26) Satori

@Satori - Yes! I'd love to see him in person, I have to check it out. :)

(21 Sep '12, 08:58) Grace

Awwww crap. Im 10 years too late. :(

(21 Sep '12, 09:02) Grace

@Stingray A neighbour experiencing symptoms of neurological disease talked me through the whole thing. I tried to reassure him by saying that the body is self healing but that seemed to irritate. I find I want to help by sending good vibes. I wondered if just sending good vibes (like we did with Lozenge's dad) would enable the person to start to believe in their own ability to heal. Or is that just irritating to someone who doesn't share my beliefs?

(21 Sep '12, 09:07) Catherine

@Grace - Actually, you're nearly 20 years too late, he died in 1994. Sadly, I only "discovered" Bill Hicks a few days after he died when I saw a tribute programme on TV...the one where that clip comes from...but have been a fan ever since. He's one of those unusual entertainers that became more popular after he died than when he was alive.

(21 Sep '12, 09:08) Stingray

@Catherine - Ultimately, it's up to the individual whether they want to accept help or not so it's always good to have them at least open to the idea. You could try sending "good vibes" and see what happens - it can only be of benefit if done sincerely. I've detailed some of my own experiences with non-asked-for absent healing here: Can we send our energy remotely to other people?

(21 Sep '12, 09:21) Stingray

@Stingray - It seems that when someone is a deep thinker, we don't really credit it til after their gone - I've always wondered why that may be. I want to be careful to appreciate everyone, and have as much to do with good folks as I can while I can!

(21 Sep '12, 09:32) Grace

@Grace - "when someone is a deep thinker, we don't really credit it til after their gone" - Abraham say it's resistance-related. During their physically-focused life, their own strong desire (with strong resistance) keeps them "hidden" but after they withdraw physical focus ("die"), the resistance vanishes and the strong desire expresses itself in the physical world

(21 Sep '12, 09:54) Stingray

@Stingray - Sorry to bug, but I am not catching on... It seems that strong desire would make a person shine all the brighter - how would it work to keep them "hidden" while they are alive?

(21 Sep '12, 10:46) Grace

@Grace - It's the strong desire that manifests what they were trying to achieve's that strong resistance that keeps them hidden...and usually kills them earlier :) And if you have a strong desire, it really doesn't take much resistance at all to take it's toll on you.

(21 Sep '12, 10:56) Stingray

@Stingray - Oh, I see what you mean. Yes, I can imagine a sort of brilliant "tortured soul" type. So that's why they always seem to die young!

(21 Sep '12, 10:59) Grace

@Grace - You got it :)

(21 Sep '12, 11:00) Stingray

@Stingray very interesting piece about your remote healing - thanks for that. I'll try some remote healing - my first attempt using your method.

(21 Sep '12, 11:42) Catherine
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The information and time n love we put in helps us all. whatever other way we choose to do it is just an added bonus. Thank u my friend for ur great question and thank u stingray for the great answer.

love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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