This question is deeper than the title-LOA says that you are responsible for your life. Every thought you think will give you an outcome. I have injured my foot- my question is, did I attract this via negative and bad thinking? Or rather, is this simply a necessary 'lesson' of some sort so I can become more spiritual?

asked 24 Aug '11, 14:39

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Yes, you 100% attracted it into your reality otherwise it could not have manifested.

But I know people get upset about broad statements like that - because most people only like taking credit for the good things that happen to them in life :) - so here are some clarifications...

  • Just because you attracted it doesn't mean you consciously wanted it. It just means you were a vibrational match to it. A mugger and the one who is mugged are perfect vibrational matches. It doesn't mean the one who is mugged was necessarily thinking about being mugged consciously. They could have been dominantly focused on other subjects in their life that matched the feeling of being mugged. (See the next point)

  • Just because you attracted an injured foot doesn't mean you were thinking specifically negatively about having an injured foot. If you want to know what lies behind the injury, ask yourself how the injured foot makes you feel. Then ask yourself what else in your life makes you feel that way right now? Further information here.

  • Just because you attracted an injured foot doesn't mean you did anything wrong. It just means that what the broader you has expanded into, the physical you has yet to catch up with so there is possibly a mismatch in energy flows - which you experience as negative emotion. Now, of course, the injured foot may, for example, enable you to get out of doing something you didn't want to do in which case you may actually experience positive emotion. "Good" and "Bad" labels placed on manifestations are always human-made and can change on a whim. See here for information about how diseases/illnesses/accidents are just an imbalance in energy flow

  • Just because you attracted an injured foot doesn't mean you have a lesson to learn - there are never any lessons to learn...ever! - but that doesn't mean you may not be wanting that experience for yourself at some level...but let's be clear about this, you can just as easily have that experience as something positive if you are open to it and willing to "go with the flow" of your Broader Self. There's never any need for any experience to be a painful one.

There's a few random thoughts for you. If I've missed any objections, let me know and I'll add them in :)

Hopefully, it might be a bit clearer that our lives are truly 100 percent reflections of our dominant thoughts.

No exceptions, ever :)


answered 24 Aug '11, 15:08

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Awesome feedback!

(24 Aug '11, 16:26) figure8shape

awesome randomness

(24 Aug '11, 16:53) ursixx

Stingray= the supportive dad I never had. Thankyou so much.

(24 Aug '11, 23:34) Nikulas

Thanks - glad it was useful for you

(25 Aug '11, 09:22) Stingray
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or you may just need to be more careful where and when you step down with that foot,
could one possibly be trying something your body was not at that time prepared for,
and your foot got hurt
so, maybe a lesson learned


answered 25 Aug '11, 01:12

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Hopefully an experience learned/felt

(25 Aug '11, 10:10) ursixx
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