Let's say I am in a nice mood and feeling wonderful. And I would love for something or some special meeting or event to take place. And the chances appear for these manifestations.

Now the question is, were these manifestations divinely designed for us?

Or, will these manifestations be beneficial for me in the future?

How can we know that something or some event would be good or bad for us in the future?

Are there chances that the thing we want to manifest will be beneficial for us in the future?

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I agree with both statements from Michaela & Asklepios. (They were the only answers when I added this one).

Let me see if I can complicate this (or simplify) a little more.

I believe there is a "this side" and a "that side" that we constantly and simultaneously exist in. one side we connect with our mind & experience it as consciousness. The other side we connect with our five senses & call it reality.

From what I understand, these two sides are the same thing, but with a twist. On the mind side I believe we are connecting to the "divine" component of creation. On this mind side, we are also experiencing the multidimensional & timeless nature of creation. So you can say that the true nature of creation is much better understood through the mind. Though I don't think we get the real picture. If we did, it would be called Enlightenment.

The body side is the result side of this equation. The body side reflects or "manifests" the side that is "preferred" or "given attention to" on the mind side.

The twist in this I believe is the delay that takes place between when you give attention to something in the mind side and for that experience to translate into an experience on the body side. So within this delay you have plenty of time to test and experience within your consciousness with your imagination and decide if you want to participate in the result.

The mind test basically is an emotion feedback. By testing a particular experience in your consciousness you can immediately experience the emotion that will accompany that experience if it was to actually manifest in reality.

So if you think of something you are afraid of you will immediately experience the emotion of fear. This is the emotion that will accompany the experience that will manifest if you continuously give attention to that "fear" event. So basically everything that you worry about will happen to you as long as you worry about it.

Conversely if you given attention to an exciting joyous event the emotion feedback will give you the "flavor of joy" that will accompany the manifestation that will result from continuously giving attention to that "vision of joy"

So you don't manifest something only when you are in a "Nice mood feeling wonderful". You manifest something in every mood you are in if you continuously give attention to something in that mood, regardless of what the mood is.

Fortunately there is a delay & you can test the experience just in your consciousness for how it would feel if it were to manifest. By the result you get from this test you can choose to let it go, and consciously and deliberately choose to no longer give attention to the thing, because you have decided that you didn’t enjoy the effect it produced in your imagination.

Your own consciousness is the product of the divine. It is not exactly the creator but asks & receives from the creator. It is "alive" because of its relationship with the creator or the divine.

I think the relationship with our consciousness and the creator is the same as the relationship between the light bulb and electricity. The light bulb is "alive" with light because electricity flows through it. But, with free will, the bulb is free to deny the existence of electricity while being "alive" because of it.

The divine flows through us but is not us. We are not the divine but we are alive with the divine. Within this relationship with the divine we ask and receive with every thought, every belief, every obsession, every fear, every worry, and yes every joy as well.

well, at least, this is how I see it.


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You have no way of knowing that until the future arrives. But why worry about that? If it feels good right 'Now', that's really all that matters.If there is some benefit to be had from the manifestation in the future , you'll know that when the future arrives, or maybe some equally beneficial manifestation will show up then.

As for the manifestations being divinely designed for us I would have to say that our desire in conjunction with Universal Mind creates everything, so yes they are divinely designed.


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"The divine flows through us but is not us. We are not the divine but we are alive with the divine. Within this relationship with the divine we ask and receive with every thought, every belief, every obsession, every fear, every worry, and yes every joy as well." Wow traveler that was a keeper! I hope unknown yahoo came back and reads that one.


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yes brother ,beautiful answers,.thanks a lot to all.

(08 Feb '10, 08:03) user-483 (yahoo)

Though I do not know the details about the way this process happens, your whole life is a manifestation of your will you had before incarnation. Your fate is designed to help you evolve spiritually. Any obstacles that happen are to learn from, therefore they are benefical. They are no obstacles that human cannot get past through; if they were like that, they had not been put on our path by Divine Providence.


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