According to the Emotional Guidance Scale, a scale of your emotions would look something like this:

  1. Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation
  2. Passion
  3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
  4. Positive Expectation/Belief
  5. Optimism
  6. Hopefulness
  7. Contentment
  8. Boredom
  9. Pessimism
  10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
  11. “Overwhelment”
  12. Disappointment
  13. Doubt
  14. Worry
  15. Blame
  16. Discouragement
  17. Anger
  18. Revenge
  19. Hatred/Rage
  20. Jealousy
  21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
  22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

But there have been times, while, being busy doing something I like or I use to enjoy, and usually feeling like 3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness or 7. Contentment, I am not 'Feeling Good', not 'Feeling Bad'. I feel 'Nothing', I could call it 'Neutral'. I know it's not Boredom, 'cause boredom is restlessness about what to do next, and I am doing something! And nothing on the list below Boredom either. I seem to be totally disconnected from feeling and being acting mechanically.

I'd like to know: Why does this happen? What's the explanation for it?, and What can I do to regain some Feeling?

Thank you!


asked 08 Jul '10, 15:13

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@Vesuvius, I think this is a different question to the previous one because this one is about a particular subject that was previously enjoyed, rather than for life in general

(08 Jul '10, 19:42) Stingray

@Bridget - would you say it is a sensation of just being in the now without feeling, or something different?

(08 Jul '10, 19:47) Stingray

@Stingray: Exactly so. Being in the now without feeling. It happens occasionally. I'll put some examples: I start fiddling with my tarot cards. I always enjoy that. NOTHING. I call my dog, Ruby. I stroke her. My fingers feel she is soft, my eyes can see she is cute (to me), but I don't feel LOVE! I change again. I play loud music. My ears can hear, but I am not humming nor singing along. I don't feel JOY! I feel EMPTY. Doing things mechanically, you see? When I feel Bad I know how to turn that feeling into Good, most of the times, but when I am devoid of feeling, I don't know...

(09 Jul '10, 15:18) BridgetJones09
1 to turn that into SOME feeling, anything! Boredom, frustration or anger would do! Fortunately it happens to me now and then, but I'd like to know why or what I should do. I appologize for the poor is so difficult to put feelings into words! I really appreciate your trying to help me. :) BJ09

(09 Jul '10, 15:24) BridgetJones09

I love this question you're asking @BridgetJones09, well worth meditating :)

(14 Aug '15, 02:39) jaz
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What you are describing sounds like ambivalence.

"Ambivalence" is not on the scale, but I would put it between Contentment and Boredom, being closer to boredom than contentment.

If you are feeling ambivalent about something that you used to enjoy, it typically means that you are not growing anymore in that activity. You need something that challenges you more. Have you learned all you can from this activity?

Psychological research has shown that, in order to get the maximum performance from people, they must be at a balanced level of psychological arousal; not too little and not too much.

alt text

Your arousal level is determined by the "degree of difficulty" of the task you are engaging in. Too little arousal, and boredom results. Too much arousal, and anxiety results. The activities where we are most fulfilled (and where we are most productive) put us in an arousal state somewhere in the middle of the graph. This area is where flow takes place.

To achieve balance, you need to be challenged, but not too much and not too little. Activities which once put you in the middle of the graph no longer do so, because you have become acclimated to them, and they no longer offer you a challenge or new learning.

So you can either make the existing activity more challenging (perhaps by committing to learning a new level of skill), or pick a new activity to replace it.


answered 08 Jul '10, 20:21

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edited 08 Jul '10, 20:40

@Vesuvius: "Ambivalence" is not on the scale, but I would put it between Contentment and Boredom, being closer to boredom than contentment. If you are feeling ambivalent about something that you used to enjoy, it typically means that you are not growing anymore in that activity. You need something that challenges you more." I agree with your definition of ambivalence, but I am not sure that that's what I am feeling. It's not about things I used to enjoy, but that I still enjoy, except at those times. Please read my comments to @Stingray above and tell me if you think it's still same.

(12 Jul '10, 14:01) BridgetJones09

Thanks, Vesuvius!!! 1st links looks VERY interesting & requires a careful reading. It might help me & some ppl I know too! 2nd link is just the key of what I am feeling, I guess. I've been grieving my father (passed away 6 month ago), and I might be covering negative feelings to surface. Taken from 2nd link: Myths and Facts About Grief. MYTH: The pain will go away faster if you ignore it. FACT: Trying to ignore your pain or keep it from surfacing will only make it worse in the long run. For real healing it is necessary to face your grief and actively deal with it.

(13 Jul '10, 15:02) BridgetJones09
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I think your bored.Boredom is a condition characterized by perception of one's environment as dull, tedious, and lacking in stimulation.

When I ask my kids "what you doin?" and I get a "Nuthin"
I know they are bored and need to be activated or motivated.So something you used to enjoy means you don't like it anymore = dislike If I was doing something I disliked I would be bored.At that point it's a good time to get up and have a cup of what you do enjoy



answered 08 Jul '10, 20:22

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When I would experience this myself I looked at it from the perspective of ''recharging my batteries'' and I'd just ride it out. I believe this is part of the process of expansion [those bouts of un-interest] and that it's time to change focus towards something [different] or better, but you can't force it, you must allow it. A good remedy I've found is to just focus and appreciate the good things in your life now, it has pulled me out of the funk of feeling nothing, and before long I'm motivated to do things that interest [inspire] me. I wouldn't worry about feeling this way, just relax, you're higher self is expanding and you'll soon align to that expanded version of yourself.


answered 16 Aug '15, 12:29

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@Kreatr Great answer. I keep finding that when I have the feeling of stagnation or boredom, it tends to push a person toward impatience and actively trying to find something interesting, etc. But the only real solution is to allow it to happen until it changes... but of course it doesn't feel natural to say "I'm going to do nothing" in that frame of mind, you get the fears of consequences of inaction. It's almost like a phase where you have to learn to allow or you'll reverse course?

(16 Aug '15, 14:45) corduroypower

Yes indeed! allow, allow! we're always moving forward, towards the things we want, and despite the feeling of stagnation, it's only temporary so it's best not to give the inaction any meaning [judgment] as it will gently pass on it's own, and you'll come out on the other side more invigorated and inspired, taking actions in a higher [frequency] energy, expanding!

(16 Aug '15, 18:08) Kreatr

In the past I thought that when I lost complete interest in everything it meant that I had to work harder [energetically] to regain my interest in what I wanted to create, but I was spinning my wheels so to speak. Nowadays I know that it's just a part of the process of growth/expansion, so I'll just allow it, then after some time I'll come back refreshed and eager to act on inspirations that feel better than ever!

(16 Aug '15, 18:24) Kreatr
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Hi Bridget, I had a similar experience recently but after thinking it through I realized that I had disconnected myself because I was not getting a response that I wanted. I think you need to explore what is really going on with yourself and be honest about it. What I also find is that when I disconnect myself from a powerful emotion, then it seems that I disconnect myself from the Universe and I start feeling really empty. So I realize how important it is to deal with my issues. Good luck to you.


answered 09 Jul '10, 00:03

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Feeling nothing is akin to wholeness, it's a stable state that feels so ordinary and it's also the place where manifestations come easiest

Often it's considered that low dull vibes are bad and that high exhilarating vibes are good but in practice these are temporary states, after having been high it's natural to go low and vice versa just like a swinging pendulum that slowly comes to a halt. The highs and lows are heavily charged with emotion which clouds awareness, the closer to the middle the greater the awareness.

The middle is stablility and a place of feeling ordinarily happy in all circumstances whatever is going on around, where resistances are relieved, it's a place where what is desired inspires feelings of wholeness and plenitude rather than over-excitement and the place where there's least resistance to their realization.


answered 15 Aug '15, 14:23

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Yeah, I know what you mean. It's like you're sitting there, doing something you should love doing but it just feels so unfulfilling. You'd probably have to provide more context to your Q but, hey...

HERE'S WHAT I'VE FOUND: The reason you feel that disconnect from joy, passion, enthusiasm is because you're not letting yourself experience life with emotion. Your emotional body is totally disconnected and the reason you're not feeling good, probably drab and depressed and lousy, is because you've neglected that emotional part of yourself.

Right now, I would guess you're mostly operating from your mind and don't let yourself "feel" anything. So, why would you FEEL the good stuff when you're not willing to let ANY "feeling stuff" in? I'm going through the same scenario, by the way, so this might be me projecting but maybe not?

If you have supportive people around you, just let yourself feel BJ09!



answered 11 Nov '15, 16:25

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Luke Wonders

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