I'm familiar with the law of attraction and using positive affirmations. I've been doing it for a few years now. I've read many self-help and metaphysical books. I try to deny my senses to my circumstances but it seems the things I want still don't materialize. I'm not asking to be a billionaire by tomorrow, but I'm not asking for the closest parking spot either. I simply desire things that I'm sure it shouldn't take much time or resources to materialize, especially since the universe is making it happen.

I find others who are frustrated with their circumstances and I say positive things to them, things that I still have no direct experience with. I have no success stories of how my efforts have paid off. I can't even "go within" to find answers.

This is really more of a rant than asking for help because with all I've been though, I doubt that I can find a meaningful answer here. I apologize for saying that, but I'm just so frustrated with things not working out. However, I appreciate that you have read this far.

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Terrence, I noticed you tried to delete this question. Deleting it would also delete the answers that others have given you which is something we do not permit without obtaining the consent of all those who have answered you

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terrence stop that frustration it does not have to affect you. if something does not work out make it work find the problem and fix it. if you cannot fix it because it depends on someone else choice move on it is not your problem. experience and enjoy.

(12 Sep '11, 02:32) white tiger

Please remove the question. Thank you.

(17 Sep '11, 15:02) Terrence
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"I doubt that I can find a meaningful answer here.", This statement means that you already have the answer to your questions. What you say to yourself reveals your problem. Your powers are only listening to what you tell it inside your head. You don't believe in what you are trying to do. Your subconscious must have believability in your endeavors. Then you must act and respond to what you set up. How much time was devoted to the goals that you set for yourself. I would bet not much, because it requires a change in your habits. Most people believe they ARE their habits. So in essence you in conflict with yourself. You want change, but you don't want to change YOU. Make believe this world is dream. That means you can change anything in your dream. You are not stuck with how you see yourself in this dream, because you can change the dream to any result you desire. Now act accordingly to this dream and devote a small amount of time to your dream. That is who you really are. You are your dream.

Row, Row, Row YOUR boat, GENTLY, down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, LIFE is but a DREAM. Change the dream, you change your life.


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The Knights Alchemy

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(27 Aug '11, 20:59) ursixx

Loved this answer.

(29 Aug '11, 12:03) Paulina 1

From my own experience...

Knowing LOA is the key, but for me it did not work until I "forgot" it again.

Simply, because I was constantly thinking about it and forgot to enjoy life as it is. To find meaning in everything is great, but for me it meant questioning everything and even getting frustrated if something didn't go as I planned.

So, now on I just enjoy life. And yes, knowing LOA is the key, but overdoing could give you opposite results.

Think back, when you were a child...at least i got everything i ever wanted (I wasn't spoiled brat)....simply, because not getting it did not cross even my mind! I was so sure of things.


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Well said! Applying physical action-oriented "brute force" mindsets to the world of subtle non-physical vibrations is going to lead to disappointment :)

(27 Aug '11, 12:19) Stingray

The parking spot was easy ,one of the first things I accepted. And I am surrounded by abundance,just got work on the monetary side of it ;).
Be grateful for everything you have and know you will be grateful for all that is coming your way.
Have fun.
Feel the all that is right and good with you and within you.
Someone living on skid-row can just as easily get into the vortex as someone living in Beverly Hills.


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I can relate to your post. LOA was explained terribly in "The Secret" and through other gurus, and with all the expectation of it "to work", a lot of frustration is created.

You need to understand one thing only, and this is the answer you seek - LOA does not "work" sometimes or not. It is absolute, constantly active, matching the outer world to our thinking. What you give you attention to is what you create, and you must think of what you want rather than what you don't want, becuase otherwise you'll be creating more of what you don't want.

Right now from your post you seem very focused on the "this is not working" idea, and that must feel pretty bad. And if you're feeling bad, it is an indicator your are in the wrong direction...

In the book "Ask and it is Given", a process is suggested by Abraham called pivoting. Whenever you catch yourself feeling bad or thinking negative thoughts, just tell yourself - "OK, I know what I don't want - so what do I want?" and focus on the feeling of having that. Also read Stingray's "Manifesting experiment 2".

You are trying too hard. Just make it your goal to feel great and enjoy life, commit to guarding your mind from negativity, never allow yourself to dwell on negative thoughts! Immediately turn it around and start looking for even the slightest relief, any thought that will allow you to feel slightly better.

You are in a state of resistance now, you see, and what you resist persists. Start to feel good and you get into a state of allowing. From there, everything is possible.

Good luck.


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I so totally agree. But "Start to feel good"...is easily said than done. At least for me. I have found the same that instead of fighting the negative thought/feeling/emotion etc, just notice that is there, accept it. Once i have done it, I already feel good that i actually was able to recognize it. It is soooo easy to dwell upon negative...but it is not something you should fight about or feel bad about it. We ALL get depressed and mad and frustrated.

(29 Aug '11, 08:52) HeaElu

Simply ...be happy. don't worry.... be happy


answered 27 Aug '11, 05:52

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Fairy Princess

Hi guys,

Sorry to hear of your problems and I wish I had a magic wand to wave and make things better but all of us have problems sometimes. We are all human and positive thinking is great but all of us at times think negatively and feel guilty afterwards and think that maybe there is something wrong with us for thinking negatively. No there is nothing wrong with us! We are human after all and what you guys are going through so are millions of others. Please get the thought of being a failure out of your mind for that is not true. Personally I think you are trying much too hard and maybe that is what's keeping you from manifesting what you want. Relax and let go and just see what might happen.

Does manifesting work? Yes it does! Does it work all the time? Hell No, it doesn't. But when it does it is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So why does it sometimes work and sometimes doesn't work? Good question so I'm going to give an example and tell you how I figured out this magic ingredient that makes manifesting effortless.

A number of years ago one cold winters night at about 9 PM my husband phoned me from work sounding very sad as he lost his wedding ring. He was walking to the train station to get a train to Lisbon and felt something softly fall on his head. He thought it was a leaf as he was walking under foliage and brushed it away. His wedding ring flew right of his finger and even though he tried to find it he couldn't as he had to run for the train so he wouldn't be late for work. He asked me to meet him at the station early the next morning so we could both look for the ring.

This was round about the time that the Secret made its debut and as I red it and loved it I thought I might as well try and see if it works. I dressed warmly and put on a woolen cap and took a torch/flashlight with me so I could really look for the ring. Thank goodness Portugal is a pretty safe country so I felt brave enough to venture out at night.

I started practicing the secret formula immediately and walking to the station which is about 20 minutes away I was talking to myself pumping myself up with an imaginary phone conversion with my husband telling him that I found the ring. I sounded happy and full of wonder of it all. Of course I visualized the ring in my hand and actually felt the physicality of the ring in my hand. There was no feeling of doubt at all only feeling of happiness and imagining the ring in my hand.

The first time I walked the route nothing happened but I refused to give up and intensified my visualization and pep talk. Just as well there were no other people around as can you imagine what it would have looked like. People would have thought what's up with this crazy woman talking to herself. When I couldn't find the ring I took a bit of a breather and relaxed and told my guardian angel to please make sure my eye falls on the ring.

Well you could have blown me over with a feather when all of a sudden I saw something shining in the street and not on the sidewalk where I was searching. It was my husbands wedding ring and the feeling of euphoria I felt at that moment was unbelievable. Of course I had the exact phone conversation with my husband that I imagined and practiced while searching for the ring. He was ecstatic and that made me even more happy.

Well as you can see manifestation does work. What made it work? 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. You have to act. You have to strike the iron while it is hot. Action and a refusal to give up plus being in the right frame of mind made it happen for me. But even that wasn't the most important ingredient of all. So what was it? Love with a capital L that's what. I did what I did for love and out of love and over the years I have discovered that love draws all you want to you like magic. (read "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne and you will see what I mean.)

This is just one example and there are many like it that I have manifested over the years and some are absolutely amazing. Did I manifest all I wanted? Of course not for I have had countless failures but that didn't stop me from trying again. Money seems to be my sticky situation but than I know why for my belief system about money is sometimes erroneous. Sometimes I think money is wonderful and I love it and sometimes I think money corrupts and is the root to all evil and than again sometimes I think it is the root to all freedom so as you can see it is a conflicting belief system that I have to work through and I'm sure when I do it will be possible for me to manifest that too. Do you maybe have a conflicting subconscious belief system about what you are trying to manifest? That is one of the biggest problems when it comes to manifesting so please work on that and I'm sure you will see results.

The only thing I can say to those that are sometimes thinking negatively is so what. You are human and no one is happy or wonderful or positive all the time. Life has its ups and downs so please don't beat yourself up about being a normal human being. On the other hand don't stop being positive whenever possible and never stop expecting miracles for when you expect them they happen sooner or later.

Action speaks louder than words so it is important to act and do something about what you want to manifest. Even if it is a small thing you do, if you do it and expect things to happen it brings your dream that much closer. (Listen to that intuition of yours and act, act, act.)

Wishing all our manifestors all the blessings life can bestow and asking you to please don't give up but take a short rest and try again. Sometimes that short rest just might do it.

Love & Light to you all

(By the way the example I have used here is just one of the examples in my book "A Pocket Full Of Insights" by Angelina Light which is not published yet. That is what I'm working on manifesting now so all you guys out there please wish me luck)


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Paulina 1

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All those that want to manifest should do the "Master key system" available right here on Psi Tek. I'm sure that most of you have done it already and if not please do so for it will help you understand the workings of manifesting.

(27 Aug '11, 09:15) Paulina 1

I was just trying to find this book or author and realized you mean you are writing the book yourself under another name. Good luck with this wonderful venture Paulina. Jai tells me I should write a book many times from how I write on here. I have wrote a few in the past before I came here but never got around to doing anything other than saving them on my hard drive. Best Wishes! :-D

(27 Aug '11, 12:47) Wade Casaldi

Wade, Jai is right. Reread what you have written and do some work on it, do some reaserch and seek a publisher. Why not you have nothing to lose. Thanks for the coment.

(27 Aug '11, 15:13) Paulina 1

@PG boa resposta! but I would have to disagree that manifesting does work all the time .It is the we don't believe that we can manifest all the time. and thing we call time that changes our manifestations what we ask for now often changes later.

(27 Aug '11, 20:46) ursixx

I see you are familiar with the lingua Portuguesa. Thats great! Thanks for the comment. We are manifesting all the time wheather we know it or not and not allways for our good. Deliberate manifesting is easier when we feel good and our vibrations are high and is dificult when we are ill or feeling down for whatever reason as our vibration is lowered. You are right you have to believe you can manifest and belief plays a crucial role for without belief it's a no go.

(29 Aug '11, 12:10) Paulina 1

haha I wish I knew Portuguese ,my freind google does though ;)

(17 Sep '11, 19:44) ursixx
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Being the Change

While you can scream that you want change in your life until you’re blue in the face; until and unless you actually change, your Universe cannot show you the change that you say you desire as the new circumstances of your life. What this means is that you have to respond differently to the current circumstances in your life; even though those circumstances are not what you say you prefer.

For instance: you reach into your pocket to find that once again your wallet or purse contains US$10. This is the critical moment, how do you respond? Your old response may be something like: damn, I’m down to my last US$10 again, why can’t I get out of this mess? :( Your new response can be something like: wow, isn’t it fantastic that after all of my previous stress, worry and lack, the Universe has seen fit to make sure that I have some money in my wallet or purse! :)

Can you see the difference? Your old response is on the side of fear and lack, while your new response is one of gratitude and appreciation. You can be assured that whatever you pay attention to, your Universe has no choice other than to bring more of that to you. The inner always controls the outer, that’s just the physics of it and how it works.

You don’t need to take my word for it, I wouldn’t ask you to. Just become aware of your own response to any and every situation in your life and be the change that you wish to see. The bottom line is that once your attitude has really changed through the response you’re offering, then and only then will you see change in your external circumstances. Believe it :)


answered 28 Aug '11, 05:10

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All the answers on this post are really thoughtful and in depth, but Eddie this is the 'best' because it's practical and I've never heard application like this as you've posted just now. Trust

(29 Aug '11, 00:23) Nikulas

Thanks Nikulas, I'm glad it's helpful. I first heard it from Mahatma Ghandi and then Bashar, who goes deeply into it. Once you realize that you're at a crossroads in changing your reality, it can be challenging to respond differently, but you must do it :)

(29 Aug '11, 03:32) Eddie

Yes it could, but I know what you mean. It can be very hard to see a field of planted seeds waiting to be harvested when you keep just seeing in your mind a well of prosperity running dry.

When you see all your effort seemingly being for nothing. I believe this is the hurtle of faith we all have to cross at the same time as building and depending on that faith as that is it seems the only thing we have to show for ourselves.

It is a test of our patience.


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Wade Casaldi

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A new 'solution.' LOA goes down the river of getting things people want.

Well, what if you could enter a consciousness where there are no 'wants.'

Youtube Eckhart Tolle. He is pretty much a teacher that's going to give you a manual on enlightenment. In theory with LOA, whilst at a state of meditation you raise your vibrational frequency REALLY HIGH- meaning, your frequency beats excitement, enthusiasm and whatever you may label as happiness. Your vibrational frequcney becomes BETTER THAN THIS. And in the book 'the vortex', the authors explain that you get whatever you want just by being in high vibrations- appreciation is perhaps the closest one you can consciously get your ego to do.

Eckhart Tolle explains about being in the moment, the moment is NOW. Watch vids on him- you'll become at peace.



answered 29 Aug '11, 00:31

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Hey Terrence,

I resonate with what you are talking about and I've just answered another question the other day with the same state of mind http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/16779/these-are-the-end-times-of-the-material-world

Maybe it's synchronicity or coincidence, I don't know.

But I know what you mean by not expecting to find answers here.

What you might find is that it is "a test of faith", or "a fork in the road" and so on, but the truth is nobody knows what it is.

After my recent experiences, after I've been in the spiritual comunity for 4 years now, I'm starting to evaluate all the things that have happened to me and started seeing it from another perspective.

First I want to state that this spirituality and metaphysical information might all be true and that it is still a valid idea in my mind. But for some time now I'm considering that it might be just a hoax, a way to escape our daily life in search of some deeper truth that might not exist at all.

So I won't give you a straight answer for what it is that is happening to you. I want just to say that you are not alone in this.

Even most people that are here giving you "good advice" are the ones that are still HOPING that it is true, but they are not really sure. That's probably what faith is, right? Believing is seeing and not the other way around.

The thing is that we all want to be happy but we can't see it happening in front of our eyes. Maybe those who ignore every bit of information that we, as a collective, have now entered a form of mass dellusion, will be the ones who transcend the human experience in to a whole new level.

But I'm not really sure of that either. Where they might end up is alienating and escaping in to the realm of imaginatory life, trying to force something out-of-the ordinary to happen to them.

It happened to me and I know where that road leads.

So what I think that spiritual community should consider right now is a change of course. Maybe we should change our focus from the unseeen to the seen.

I know that what I'm saying might be that what I'm doing is "failing the test of faith". But if GOd is all powerful and all loving why should he care if I transcend or not? Isn't being a decent, loving and understanding human being enough for God to love me? Do I really need to believe that I'm "the chosen One" in order to please him?

I'm writing this because I don't see any of these discussions come up here on this site. It's all a matter of saying stuff that others have said and not sharing your life stories and insights you have gathered.

Sure, this comunity has helped me a lot to evolve, but maybe what it did really it has perpetuated a false view of the world.

I see people around who are not "spiritual" at all being happy. They live, work, cry and laugh as it is our predicament as human beings. Maybe transcending negativity is a form of depriving us from knowing ourselves, and by that knowing God as well.

It may also be that at this time, when "the end of time" IS NEAR, we are all put on the stand to choose our way of life. Will it be ordinary or extraordinary. But the fear of success in us is probably bigger than the fear of failure, because with failure we know what it tastes like, because we have experienced it so many times. And how to deal with success? In our society most people can't handle success, the stress of being looked upon all the time, escaping the attention of everyone.

Maybe that's our problem really? Maybe when we are at a treshold, like we are now, most people will back up and go back to our ordinary lifes because of the fear of success, because succeding means that you can create your own thoughts into the physical reality.

Well, how good are we at controlling them? I know I have a lot of negative thoughts that I wouldn't like seeing manifested.

I could go on and on about the paradoxes that we are facing, so let me get to the point.

My point is that I think I'm arriving at a point when I don't need to see anything extraordinary happen on this planet. Sure, I would be excited and happy if we all just started being better people, but if that won't happen than what? Be dissapointed for the rest of my life? Feeling that I didn't do enough to deserve "it"? I don't want that kind of life for myself.

I would rather sit back and enjoy the simple things in life, constantly questioning, which hopefully will one day lead me to knowing.

The more advanced people, calling themselves Masters, say their is a point of arrival so maybe those doubts that we are having are the final straw, the final test of courage.

And maybe not. Maybe it's all in our head and if we stick to it we will never be free. In fact we will be addicted to this kind of information to lift us up everytime we get down and dissapointed in our day-to-day life.

Trying to understand may be a good thing, but obsessing about it may lead us to madness.

And maybe madness is what we need to really be free. If so, I'm right on my way :)

For any other people reading this, just be honest and sincere with what you do and say. Share your doubts and failures as well as your succecces. That may help others who are not there yet to comfort them, to show them that every Master was once a pupil.

I wish everyone all the best and an acceptable life.


answered 27 Aug '11, 06:01

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Wildlife I admire your honesty and you get my upvote for being honest and sincerely wishing to help. Just remember all pupils are masters in the making and you are definately on your way to becoming one. Never say never. Love & Light

(27 Aug '11, 10:28) Paulina 1

Hey wildlife, check out the multiple chaotic nodes article in my answer to this question: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/16725/how-does-a-person-know-if-they-are-insane

(28 Aug '11, 02:44) Eddie

i hv not read any answers, just ur question... bt i wd like to addd... i just came across a fabulous saying today....
TRY AGAIN, NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES U HAVE FAILED... it it gave me a new sense of thrill n enthusiasm... at times our intentions r clear, bt still we dnt gt what we desire, coz we r doing the mannifestation process wrongly. i do not accuse u of being insincere, bt mistakes do happen. nomatter how many books u read, how many videos u watch, how many miraculous stories u hear, there is still smthn greater than all the external knowledge. n u need to listen to the soundless sound of ur heart, but without being intellectual. i wna share a personal example, at my workplace, there ws this girl who hated me. and i used to feel positive for her, mainly coz i thot that one day things will become smooth, afterall i dnt wnt to work feeling awkward. so i pro-actively tried to help her, to be there if she needed, thinking that she might gt over with what she is holding against me. now my intellectual part of me ws saying tht i ws right in being so nice to her. bt things went on worsening. she evn startd bak-biting me. it took me a time to realise that what ws doing thinking that it wd make things even, ws not really wot my heart sed. my intellect had convinced that i did so coz my heart sed so. bt that ws not true. in reality, i ws too submissive, n i dnt hav the courage to fight or ignore things. bt later i realised my hearts true calling. it told me to let go of things. actually what im telling u here is that many a times we feel we r right, coz of the ego n intellect, bt thats not always true. there is this practise called ANTARMOUNA ...(introspection... bt a submissive one),, this helps u listen to ur heart easily n instantly. this way u will always know what ur heart is saying.. always... life will become so easy with this.. u will always know what to do, what not to do, u will always have all the answers of everything... (for exmpl.. there r lots of questions wich ppl ask here on inward quest, so those answers u will have automatically wen u so desire..)... its a wonderful practice,,.... look for it.. preferably look for the writings on antarmouna by swami satyananda saraswati ... his writings r so kool n practical.. and apealing n simple.... do this, n u will know y ur manifestation exercises r not working, n what u shd do...


answered 28 Aug '11, 15:49

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abhishek mishra

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